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Latest Poems

The chains on my hands have cried for years.Wishing they could be unlocked like the others,outside running free like the others.These...
I smirk as I sit on a throne of fallen bodies. Below me everything is fighting to save themselves. My throne rises higher as the body count...
Sleep has deserted me leaving me dazed I need a light to guide me home I’ve lost my vision, I’ve gone blind My sanity has wandered off, I...
Is our love real or fake? All I wanted was to communicate. But you thought that was lame. And decided to ditch me for the game.
Footprints on the sands of time glow with birthmark each glittering step unshaken and challenging not by yielding to temptation but thirst...
The sun rises in gleeful suspense enamored jewels expel new life tomorrows vary...deranged scars stare back through cracked mirrors