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Latest Poems

There are red rose petals on the bed. But they do not symbolize romance. They symbolize the blood that runs Through my veins.  
IMPROPERLY GIVEN! {A SAD STORY} Precious was a lady who was used to being given she demanded clothes, she was given, she demanded money,
life is but a moment
Believe in me darling, for i am your sanity A piece of tranquality in a world full of ability The hope of a nation to become one
_________________ The Lesson___________________________You were nowhereThen you were born, and you came here
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New, President New Change Donald Trump is not a Scum, he did not become a president to have some fun. He is a man of faith,yet also...
My American Dream
My country, ‘tis of thee Dead land of liberty. Of thee I sing; “Where is the equality?” Land where my culture died On every mountainside