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Latest Poems

I'm shaking and quaking I don't know what to do. I hear the steps coming closer, which mean I'm closer to more abuse. They hit,they smack,
Wake me from the dream That life is all it seems- That I deserve comfort- Because any place you insert Inside the blank space here: _______,
my bible tells me in the book of Ecclesiastes that when a man leaves his family, he marries his wife under God
I am Dean Cage. Abandoned by Lady Justice, I am Dean Cage. Her cry of rape took center stage.
Jefferson was no man of equality spitting lines about freedom and individuality while holding the chains
What A Land we walk through We gun through, we cut through We charge through the land we have.  What A Land we cultivate
We live in a society where defiance of authority is insubordinate. Where the human race individualism comes correlative. To perform an...