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Latest Poems

  Instead of giving me a necklace Made up of his hands   We sit in his Grand Cherokee
Dear Man,   I should be calling you by a different name.  I didn’t understand why others and I were not the same. 
Dear Handy Man, To the boy that broke my heart but fix its all at the same time. The beginning was nothing but young love. Catching each...
To my past selves: My pissed off selves, and silent selves; Those selves that sold their richness for a desperate dose of something that...
Dear dreams of mine,   You are as fickle as the changing seasons, Why won’t you do as I reason?
Dear Raven, The naked mole-rat intentions that rashesthe film of your eyes nudges the clay whichcrumbles in a whisper, spotting a flutter,...
I hated you I did You were loud and boisterous  you wanted to be beautiful you wanted to be liked