We're looking to find the top emerging poets (17 and younger) of 2017. Will you make the list?

Tell us in a poem what the term "healthy relationship" means to you for your chance to win $1k for school.


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Latest Poems

When I first met him, I was on cloud 9. He saved me from myself, he changed my constant insecurities to confidence.
I love you because you are the sweetest guy I ever met. I love you because you are always with a smile on your face. I love you because you...
As the fog lifts, the clouds drift to reveal a milky moon Illuminating the night sky, kissing a broken town good night I raise my eyes to...
You Are the hope around my neck. The pendant on my chest rests on the Padlock to my blood that Stained
Her hair falls gently against her back, Her smile curves perfectly, Her eyes emeralds, She is beauty-
Too big, too small, too rigid, too tall who makes the rules and who keeps the score why should i grow, only to be told to shrink why should...
  We have trembled against men, We have feared the rise of men Yet we continue to shout We shout our rights,