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Latest Poems

I'd like some pie please... What?... GIVE ME PIE OR YOU DIE! All I want is pie. Sir I understand pie is in such high demand Sorry to be...
Driving up the mountain just to see the sunrise I saw something that really caught my eye  I saw the trees that stand proudly in the summer
Sticky sweet jolly rancher kisses I realize that I´m going to miss this  We say our goodbyes and I pull away But something really urged me...
Do not tell me Do not tell me to go to sleep That is was just a nightmare Do not tell me
Jump, fall, land, splat.Who ever said that? Not the twisted face he sees,though it drove him to his knees.
I miss him, him, her, them. I have lost myself mentally, Giving to everyone. It's easier than facing my mistakes. Giving to others is more...