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i don't need to be famously known when i say  if God is not in the forefront of a nation that's falling we're going to fall right in the...
Let me tell you a story, And allow me some of your time, As well as some of your heart.   Let me tell you a story about a girl named Snow...
Classic fairytales are like garbage   They reek of rotten apples   Pungently infiltrating the nostrils
I love you so much baby, if ever I was in trouble only you can save me, I would go straight to you if that happened
we all know about the gays and trans these poor abused people scattered about the land however what we all forget is people like the...
Dating Today, Its all about who cares most but shows it less, Its all about confusing each others minds by using simple media such as...
Depression, you're so strong, you leave such a great impression. PLEASE!  Leave me alone!