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Latest Poems

I’m Little Red, and this is my story.   Mama said be careful, For there could be dangerous people Lurking in the woods. “Grandma’s house...
Beyond name A wild passion, that couldn’t be tamed, A relation, that couldn’t be named, A stout man, and a lonely dame,
"So this is love..."   The thought echoes off the caverns of my mind,as cold and empty as the darkened motel room in whichI am grateful I...
Dead! My son is dead! My one and only son! I did all I could, but it wasn't enough, Oh! That I could black out the sun!  
I love you like I love a Sunny Saturday I love you like a fat kid loves cake I love you like I love a sweet sundae What a perfect couple we...
People say once uopn a... to start a story why because it allows us to wonder while wondering do you dream a dream? do you become someone...
Father’s hands are cracked and worn, gnarled knuckles lined deep with ancient earth and old blood. We are long grasses in the low fields