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Use Poets.org and the Academy of American Poets

You already know the legendary American poets-- Frost, Dickinson, Poe, etc. These elites are read and respected by poets everywhere, and students know their work inside and out. But what about the poets who have yet to become legendary? The greats whose work is still in progress? That's where the Academy of American Poets (Poets.org) comes in. The Academy specializes in offering resources for both teachers and students to foster an appreciation for contemporary American poets. Keep reading for tips about how to use their site to suit your interests:

  1. A poem a day keeps the writer's block away. What better way to start your morning, wind down from a long day, or become inspired that with a poem each day? Poets.org's unique Poem-a-Day daily digital poem series features over 200 new, previously unpublished poems by today's most talented poets. You'll get a different contemporary poem delivered to you each day of the year (you might even discover your new favorite poet!) Bonus: authors provide exclusive commentary along with their poems, making Poem-a-Day a personal, immersive experience for readers.
  2. The celebrities you really want to read about. Poets.org offers American Poets Magazine, dubbed, "a journal that provides a panorama of the contemporary poetic landscape, featuring writing by America's most talented poets." This bi-annual magazine reaches far beyond just poetry and focuses on thought-provoking articles, essays, and interviews. American Poets Magazine is perfect for those who wish to learn more about the world of poetry as a whole, including publishing, writing techniques, and poetry themes.
  3. Teachers, this one's for you. As educators you work tirelessly, and these resources are here to reward you for helping students to become more knowledgeable writers (by taking some of the load off). Comprehensive lesson plans aligning with the Common Core and reviewed by Poets.org's Educator in Residence are geared towards developing skills of perception and imagination rather than rote memorization. Become inspired by essays on teaching poetry and help your students better understand the writing styles of individual poets by exploring extensive reading guides. Your students will thank you for checking these out, trust us.
  4. Students, go claim your prizes. Like PowerPoetry, Poets.org knows just how tough how school is, and that paying for tuition can be even more difficult. That's why they offer awards between $1,000 to $25,000 to poets demonstrating artistic excellence. In additional financial support, all poets who receive an Academy of American Poets Prize are given visibility, including promotion on social media and features in American Poets Magazine.
  5. Everyone's Favorite Time of the Year. Inaugurated over 20 years ago by the Academy of American Poets, April has become National Poetry Month (a.k.a. the largest poetry celebration in the world). Participants include schools, publishers, libraries, booksellers, and poets all celebrating poetry's vital place in our culture. Of course we celebrate poetry year-round, but April is an extra special time to take part in poetry-themed events and National Poetry Month exclusive activities like Poem in Your Pocket Day.
  6. PowerPoetry. Don't forget to tell us how you've used the resources from Poets.org and the Academy of American Poets. Even better, write us a poem based on something new you learned or a contemporary poet you just discovered.

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