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Deuteronomy 31:21 
7 hours 42 min ago
James 3:16 
7 hours 48 min ago
SEPARATION ~Linus   Here they go again All these fights won't ever end
8 hours 2 min ago
How exciting you are! Like a bundle of light that has just discovered a keyhole Keep sneaking…
8 hours 16 min ago
Oh America the Great? The skies  forsaken by hatred's  racial waves. Where is God
10 hours 21 min ago
The president wants change by force Bring change with action and choice Obama brought choice to our country
11 hours 1 min ago
Regards to oxygen, I need to catch my breath Whats the point of breathing, when life only ends in death
11 hours 27 min ago
11 hours 34 min ago
Bestfriend’s? Ha, that’s what you said.
11 hours 55 min ago
11 hours 58 min ago