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Being the last leaf on the tree, I feel alone. The wind whispering softy to me telling me to give up and fall. 
5 hours 30 min ago
Life is a long and bumpy road, We each carry out trouble like a heavy load,
5 hours 36 min ago
We care more about Last words Than First impressions
5 hours 58 min ago
The Rain   There's something in the rain, i can feel it dripping
6 hours 44 min ago
One wave.  Another wave.  Then another one. Waves rolled continuously down her face. 
6 hours 59 min ago
he woke up at four in the morning every single day.  he cooked his lunch, packed it, 
7 hours 3 min ago
Jonathan Brown is super hyped up. Starving since the day of last. To gulp 20 pizzas at a go must.  
7 hours 44 min ago
Covered By His Hands Someone help me I’m covered by his hands 2 years old and being touch by this man Please hear me out if you can I kno
7 hours 47 min ago
Friend... you've been there by my side through thick and thin but now, you blame me you brought I cried for you
8 hours 1 min ago
Why does this keep happening? The sounds of bullets in the air Why does this keep happening?
8 hours 44 min ago