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Everyday, Every night it haunts me The feeling, the urge, the need To feel the pain, to hide away
50 min 12 sec ago
What is most important is not that you open the door to every building that we enter, nor is it that you drop all that you’re d
52 min 42 sec ago
Because you love me, You want to manufacture your own version of me under the guise of “improvement.”
1 hour 17 min ago
Because I love you, I won't be mad that you ate the last bite. 
1 hour 19 min ago
What is love? How do you know you love someone? How do you know they are right for you?
1 hour 33 min ago
I trust in you, in hopes of you relying on me. I disclose everything to you, in hopes of you being open with me.
1 hour 43 min ago
My heart is paper thin, So thin I can't hear it flutter, Your eyes, Like shards of glass,
2 hours 1 min ago
Cheering me on when I fell down in the middle of the field Telling me to keep going during the mile run
2 hours 6 min ago
I skipped dance practice when you were sick. Did you know?
2 hours 15 min ago
We have all said it. Three words who are always together.
2 hours 16 min ago