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I thought you're the one Who will make my heart beat as one Until that time has come
8 hours 30 min ago
it was like gold never growing old so we were told that was how we saw it too it was what we heard of it glittering and gleaming like lig
9 hours 14 min ago
all went to greed with all they had greed made them know it was not enough.
10 hours 18 min ago
So you are Death a scavenger of breatha vulture for pleasurePreying on life's treasure 
11 hours 7 min ago
Even when I may feel down, I know your always around. You don't live far,becuase you live in the same town.
11 hours 30 min ago
Once Upon a Time, young Mohamed dropped a dime He kept on walking then a thought came to his mind
11 hours 31 min ago
love is an eclipse scolded by the moon dancing in the sun conflicted by none
11 hours 31 min ago
11 hours 41 min ago
  It's worse to think about it. Knowing there is a better way, Yet continuing not to improve.  
14 hours 8 min ago
Thinking that she is invincable She dances in the Jaws of  Death She picks plack from the creature's teeth
14 hours 30 min ago