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Love, life, lust of the blossom Infinite guesses marks the facts Cognitive arteries branching again
2 hours 5 min ago
1. How am I different? Am I changèd now? 2. Most certainly, within this year, but how?
2 hours 9 min ago
Love. Love has shaped me more than anything this past year. Love has helped me to become the young woman I am today.
2 hours 19 min ago
One year, huh? Three hundred and sixty five days
2 hours 21 min ago
My world was small, but you showed me   Wings built to carry all that I am. Are you aware of my changring heart?
2 hours 27 min ago
within this last hour, i see myself from eyes not my own
2 hours 33 min ago
I'm consumed with darkness I don't ever leave my house It's like I'm trapped in a nightmare
2 hours 45 min ago
I finally discovered the perfect balance of whiskey shots and your sweet ghost.  
2 hours 52 min ago
A subtle rebirth
I am free of this year past, I have scrubbed myself clean, December the last Marked my last day of wean.
2 hours 54 min ago
I see myself in the mirror I see fears and a red stain
2 hours 56 min ago