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you sit in darkness, alone, scared, and one day a single light
5 hours 52 min ago
Love, love , love  Love to me means you’ll do any & everything for someone.
5 hours 53 min ago
It is the premise of every romantic comedy, the high-pitched conversations of high school girls,
5 hours 55 min ago
In me We brought a little twig high up, Do you remember? You wake the bodies wonderful day Abandoned chaircreated with your buttock;Waite
6 hours 6 min ago
Bang!  Creeeaaaaakkk... Whoosh.Air.Flies.From.Wood. Footsteps stalk a china-paved hallway.
6 hours 10 min ago
They way your eyes crease when you smile And how your smile curves,
6 hours 13 min ago
Because I love you, he said, As he went through my emails. Because I love you, he whispered,
6 hours 16 min ago
I thought I needed you but now I don’t know what to do. Letting go sounds like the best choice. 
6 hours 22 min ago
He protects her like an infant, she respects him no different; There is limitless love and tenderness,
6 hours 24 min ago
When I saw the way the stars shined in your eyes I thought it was love
6 hours 25 min ago