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Excitement! Pure, genuine, no other word for it- Excitement, Powerful and all-consuming joy.  
14 hours 40 min ago
Am in the middle of the chat, And she's in the empty space in my heart, Promising never to depart. But oooh,
14 hours 50 min ago
In all of Aphrodite's reign, nothing more could bring her fury, a mortal child on Earth that goes by the name of Psyche, who has been rum
14 hours 56 min ago
sometimes all i can do is stare hard at your empty chest at the space where his name is supposed to be inked forever
15 hours 4 min ago
Sparkling Array Of Elegance
15 hours 9 min ago
Summer is coming I'm going to wear my off the shoulder dress today since it so hot but don't let your bra strap be seen cause apparently
15 hours 10 min ago
Once Upon a Time In a castle on a hill Lived a princess of nursery rhyme Who changed her life with an iron will
15 hours 19 min ago
He came to town one dreary night Bringing with him a stunning light. He played his pipe for all around
16 hours 1 min ago
His hands are cold strings of light Mesmerized eyes with dark ash at sunrise Kisses that take more than give
16 hours 5 min ago
Feelings Fade and Memories Stick. plot twist they never went away,
16 hours 10 min ago