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11 hours 22 sec ago
11 hours 41 sec ago
T[ER]auma - pronounced (tier-rama)   captain O of the radio: Everyone has some trauma they're dealing with
11 hours 22 min ago
11 hours 35 min ago
Every day is an island Intact when not interrupted Relishing in isolation With blissful ignorance of the ill.
12 hours 31 min ago
Quiero hablar contigo Pero se que te pongas ocupado Y ojala que todo este bien Para que puedas subir en mi carro
12 hours 41 min ago
Hello. Oh..uh..You wanted to talk? Oh ok.. I like puppies. And food, Books. Cats.
13 hours 24 min ago
Impossibilities, They rule over me; Like the inconsistency… That this will continue to rhyme.   
14 hours 18 min ago
When all the poles close down, and humanity makes a stand, man or women makes no difference,
14 hours 26 min ago
They say that Home is where the heart is.  That may be well and good,  But truth be told, As I grow old,
14 hours 44 min ago