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Rabbit hole,   Oh rabbit hole       Where do you go?         Will you take me away?
9 hours 22 min ago
This world's an icy tundra A land of snow and wind Swirling frost bites And harrowing nights
9 hours 26 min ago
I'm a puppet with no life Not a twitch, not an expression. I lay lifeless as the strings
9 hours 30 min ago
  You push everyone away, Because noone will stay anyway, So Whats the point?
9 hours 35 min ago
Some nights I lay restless As the wind, a common commuter, Having his travels through the trees
9 hours 37 min ago
Its my last goodbye  I swear i tried Iv got regrets I dont know how to forget But i swear i tried
9 hours 39 min ago
  Im not okay, No matter how much i try to deny it, I try so hard to keep my feelings at bay,
9 hours 42 min ago
My footprints and fatal errors in the past are drowning me. Killing me with such guilt and preventing my breaths.
9 hours 43 min ago
Feeling that hurts so bad, Feeling that makes you smile, Who taught you to feel this way? Maybe it's sign of time
10 hours 3 min ago
Life has someone to offer; sooner or later Someone to cherish with, With whom your fate is mutual
10 hours 10 min ago