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once upon a generation in my tower long locks it mirrors my contempt  and my view is limited 
13 hours 4 min ago
Memories of your brothers fallen, Memories of your comrades calling, The smoke rising high in the sky,
13 hours 23 min ago
Jack and Jill went up the hill because brother John had a bucket to fill John followed up the hill
13 hours 35 min ago
It seemed like just another day That December morn in Newtown Holiday plans were being made
13 hours 50 min ago
Ready! Aim! Fire! Nigeria is ready! Nigeria can Aim! But is Nigeria ready to FIRE?
14 hours 58 min ago
Don't know the difference between friends and foes Because one time you are together and close
15 hours 37 min ago
Well, I squeak and I switched when I saw them coming, They are about to bruise me again, And they caught up with me,
15 hours 53 min ago
I've got a word for everybody, Ain't nobody's gon call me 'buddy'
16 hours 3 min ago
Job 35:7-8 
16 hours 7 min ago
Job 35:6
16 hours 18 min ago