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i write you a letter, in a clear hand, to tell you that i am no longer willing
6 hours 27 min ago
I have gotten better at disguising Bullshit yes I said shit this poem ain't pretty letting my petty
7 hours 10 min ago
Once upon a time a child slept,A prince to be exact. He dreamt of adventure and victoryOf friendship and love
7 hours 19 min ago
Every girl is a woman every woman a pond In my pond of solitude I become but a frog  
8 hours 34 min ago
Does it feel the same when I'm gone As it does when you leave? Do you feel your bones aching?
8 hours 37 min ago
"October 21st, 1975.
8 hours 48 min ago
I sat up in bed, Alone, except for you in my head, And myself in my dream, My thoughts, turning green.
8 hours 55 min ago
The hunter didn't kill Snow White,   although he gave her quite a fright.   "It's no matter," he said,
9 hours 15 min ago
Once upon a time there lived a kind, charming merman named Ariello
9 hours 20 min ago
I went out into the world to become whole, To find that part of myself that had been detached from my soul.
9 hours 21 min ago