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Bored of being spoon-fed— Despair. I was wasting my youth, And I was aware. Gloomy, gloomy, gloomy,
18 hours 29 min ago
Just say "thanks"
In the moments of understanding or not   Listing the moment from being blind
18 hours 39 min ago
Muffled cry Frustrated screams All are things of 2016
18 hours 40 min ago
They said a woman like me could never prosper, I started the university only eating shrimp and pasta,
18 hours 40 min ago
  With every year that passes I realize I stand out among the masses
18 hours 41 min ago
Keep looking forward. To triumphs, to challenges, to learning experiences.
18 hours 42 min ago
I’m not good with feelings
18 hours 43 min ago
Another win,another celebration The men looking for their championships That's inspiration.
18 hours 45 min ago
You crushed my ribs, And with my bones You made yourself A home
18 hours 54 min ago
I find it displeasing that as you grow up  
18 hours 55 min ago