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Loving God, 
10 hours 55 min ago
They call me "Homeless" but don't care to ask my name.I prefer "Street Dweller" 'cause the streets are my home.
11 hours 17 min ago
Wonder rib of manWorthy HumanBeautifully made, that's the woman!   
11 hours 30 min ago
  Jethro Mark Da’ar (POET WORK)
11 hours 33 min ago
I am a Human well at least that's what you see me as,  But in the inside I am a Bull that is brave 
11 hours 37 min ago
  Jethro Mark Da’ar (POET WORK)
11 hours 51 min ago
Titus 3:11 
12 hours 53 min ago
Romans 6:22 
13 hours 4 min ago
1 Corinthians 10:13 
13 hours 17 min ago
I have always wanted to be the best..I have always wanted not to be like the rest
13 hours 19 min ago