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Cobra, tree, warrior too There's so many poses that I could do   A stressful day, a busy mind,
8 hours 9 min ago
red pink red pink unrealistic expectations
8 hours 11 min ago
Goodmorning Amygala, my dear friend Sometimes I loathe the time we spend  
8 hours 12 min ago
You all think I'm evil and ugly and old but here is my story I think you should know
8 hours 13 min ago
Use your  Voice.  Not a  Gun.  Education is the best opportunity my poverty-ridden eyes have seen. 
8 hours 30 min ago
Every so often at night, as  I lay in my bed Alone, the voices
8 hours 47 min ago
Every song I listen to, Reminds me of you. Why is this so challenging for me to do?
8 hours 48 min ago
 Constant aches, constant pains.  Oh sweet peppermint candy canes. year after year, wishing on that bright, old star Wondering how you ar
8 hours 50 min ago
The ones that sit alone, in the back, that are quiet
8 hours 52 min ago
I don’t really know   Where I need to go.   And I don’t really care.
8 hours 54 min ago