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At night, alone in darkness deep The millers daughter begins to weep  Make what appears worthless, priceless 
8 hours 24 min ago
men has challenged god  the divine energy assembled in the eyes of the creator
8 hours 37 min ago
Once it was a winter dreary Light was weak, my bones were weary Thirteen summers passed and counting
8 hours 49 min ago
Evil we are? They say,  for the good to shine we must be bad and not sublime.
8 hours 50 min ago
I heard the sweetest melody From way high up in the clouds.
9 hours 53 min ago
Her bloody red hood hid her face from the hungry onlookers of men.
10 hours 14 min ago
Once upon a time Red took a stroll. She saw birds, flowers,and trees OH MY. As she was walking she realized something,
10 hours 31 min ago
My mom always said to me, "It's time to grow up. You aren't a kid,"
10 hours 32 min ago
People call it America, I call it mass hysteria,  'Aint no one even last for long before they all start burrying ya, 
10 hours 34 min ago
When I was little, my grandpa called me “princess”  
10 hours 47 min ago