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Because I love you “Suddenly,, in my milky heart I have written a unexpected dream,to write a poem about something with kneeling my heart
15 hours 54 min ago
Love. Love is four letters One syllable
17 hours 23 min ago
"It's because I love you" they say, When they want things to go their way. It's the lies they tell to make me believe,
17 hours 25 min ago
I have come to realize that I am indeed alive. I may not be living but I am alive, breathing, thinking, and feeling.
17 hours 35 min ago
Because I love you, I let you change me bit ny bit. Because I love you, the past I never forget,-
17 hours 41 min ago
Do you ever feel like you don't belong   Because you're not in a group or a click
17 hours 54 min ago
four years later  and I still fill September with fever dreams of you
17 hours 56 min ago
“I love you bunches!” is always on the tip of your tongue“I love you lots!” drips from my lips lik
18 hours 7 min ago
Utilize those tools wisely For they are a precious gift Moments will come and go
18 hours 17 min ago
Before I go I just want you to know I will miss you so much
18 hours 21 min ago