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As a swirling adoration spilled over her eyes, a river that cried over teacups,Mirásol looked at the sun.With rebellious tresses that ran
19 hours 20 min ago
19 hours 46 min ago
LOST MY WAY   Oh, how this dark state of mine Has taken me deeper in time,
19 hours 48 min ago
if the furniture weathers enough tears it will rust not glow and what is the worth of a human life condensed to its pulp
20 hours 9 min ago
Rapunzel waited Up in her tower For a man to come And give her a flower.   But what if she didn't
20 hours 25 min ago
It was to stand, Hansel and Gretels family was poor Their children consistently cost them more
20 hours 31 min ago
My soul dangles in the four corners of love a feeling that's filled my head with an infestation of glee
20 hours 51 min ago
The mask by jeanine b   I am happy when I can hear the birds sing to welcome the sun back from its sleep
21 hours 26 min ago
MY OWN WRITTEN PAGES OF ME   I have been Pretending that you were on my side
21 hours 59 min ago
GOLDEN AUTUMN LEAVES   Golden leaves fall from the sad looking trees
22 hours 2 min ago