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We will ride the Wave of Hope. As we count to one-hundred and eighty, Headscarves ten with Haggard men.
14 hours 45 min ago
There is a fly buzzing around my head right now. The sound it's making is all I can focus on while I write this.
15 hours 17 min ago
I look out on a gushing Ocean,
18 hours 17 min ago
America Land of the free home of the brave now the brave are weak and the free are enslaved
19 hours 56 min ago
you carved your initials in my broken bones you collected the shattered glass from my lungs 
20 hours 4 min ago
  Faces facing forward, Focus Fixated on the Flag. God Bless America,
20 hours 8 min ago
we were just two kids forced to grow up fast mine liked to drink and his were broke  raising five kids
20 hours 14 min ago
Listen Up! Listen Up! It’s presentation time It’s Teaching Time It’s Time to sit down Indian-style cross your legs
20 hours 25 min ago
He wondered what is life trapped in the unknown? Waking up to a beautiful morning, all sounds monotone
20 hours 39 min ago
When I read this prompt one word hit me, education when you asked for what problems we have as a nation,
21 hours 19 min ago