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I’ve seen your American movies The ones starring the blond haired boy with a dog for a friend
13 hours 26 min ago
caring its the trait its basically empathy
13 hours 34 min ago
  My heart is naked and very alone; people always judge me because they think their better than I am,
13 hours 39 min ago
Loving is not sinful   It is a passion that burns with desire
13 hours 45 min ago
Thousands of faces the smog blurs empty stomachs moan which soot coated hands cover
14 hours 58 sec ago
 The form of words, that are sung out whilst the dance, of the sweet harmony.  Flows through the wind, like the dance of flames, like the
14 hours 7 min ago
Dear first language, I have written to you today to announce a list of grievances you have committed against me
14 hours 44 min ago
gangnam pul ssalong minyeo yeyag 0l0 ← 5829 ← 0852 gangnam yagujang ㎗ seonleung pul salong ㎤ gangnam pul sallong g yeogsam pul ssalong ㎸
15 hours 6 min ago
Hi, hello and goodbye It’s what i tell her everyday She comes out once in awhile
15 hours 52 min ago
You see it but don’t notice it You hold it but don’t feel it
15 hours 58 min ago