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Do you remember when it’d be just you and me? When we’d go do something just the two of us?
16 hours 54 min ago
Money does so grow on trees, The branches that protrude from
16 hours 57 min ago
a tiny seed was dropped out from a farmer's bag onto the fertile soil in time roots would spring up
17 hours 16 min ago
Strong Independent Brave Undefeated All words I sought to correctly describe myself
17 hours 20 min ago
Once upon a time I was sleeping peacefully in my bed of flowers I awoke to the unwanted touch
17 hours 41 min ago
A small hand grips a larger one. A boy aged five years looks up at his smiling father.
18 hours 41 min ago
Shifting Lifting Kiss-ing Hands hands hands Endless
18 hours 45 min ago
The other day I decided to think It was not an easy Or simple thing
18 hours 48 min ago
One day gone. And not even that. I miss you already. My throat is sore, From having to make up for my lungs
19 hours 3 min ago
sometimes its hard to face the truth isn't it? One moment ur at an all time high but suddenly
19 hours 49 min ago