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Jasmine Cothern 1037 Red Robin Ln. Chattanooga, TN 37421   November 22, 2017  
5 hours 40 min ago
Remember those planes, Going so fast? Remember those towers, Going down with a blast?  
5 hours 51 min ago
When I was growing up, I had believed that addiction came only in the form of swallowing pills or drowning yourself in liquor.
6 hours 3 min ago
Dear 2017, I'm still waiting for you To send me a nice boy
6 hours 21 min ago
New life, new me. That’s how it’s gonna be, I was a sinner, lost at sea
6 hours 54 min ago
Dear Family
7 hours 25 min ago
7 hours 28 min ago
The Tides Stood Still   You, You are the type of person I can’t let go of
7 hours 37 min ago
In 2016, I was in my own world. A place where I don't feel crazy, misunderstood, or just old.
7 hours 39 min ago
Dear Black,  Do you hate yourself as much as "they" do?  Are you aware that people are killed on account of you? 
7 hours 54 min ago