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I’ve got tight fabric pants and bright blue shoes A book in my hand and music playing loudly
9 hours 37 min ago
She paints a pretty picture, But the story has a twist. Her paintbrush is a razor,
9 hours 39 min ago
Sometimes my heart doesn't fit in my  mouth Instead, meaningless words tumble out
9 hours 40 min ago
My smile spreads like the red tint on ripening apples Softly, slowly, then all at once
9 hours 41 min ago
  Instead of giving me a necklace Made up of his hands  
9 hours 42 min ago
It is an old, wet photograph A photo carefully blotted dry–– although its colors had already bled
9 hours 43 min ago
You say there is a God, I ask you where You say you must believe
9 hours 50 min ago
I cried today. Not because anything was wrong, simply because crying is an easy way to express all my emotions at one time.
10 hours 6 min ago
I once had this teacherwho had put a sticky note on the inside of my notebookfor that class. The inside of each cover was fullof quotes, 
10 hours 11 min ago
I'm scared that there's so much time and not enough all in one second. Time is so many things in one.
10 hours 21 min ago