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I've been looking for a place to plant my life. Maybe at a shop, or ship or bar? But not on a farm.
15 hours 11 min ago
 There's nothing else to get me through the day,Than smothering my lips over your cute face,
15 hours 14 min ago
When it clicks...   Maybe we will see how.. over analyzing  a situation has the power to cause us to miss, the importance of the simplici
15 hours 24 min ago
I love you like I love air. Sometimes I don't think about it. But I find you there at moments I need you most.
15 hours 30 min ago
I wonder how my mother felt, when she found out we lived in Hell; invisible until we saw the true plan devised.
15 hours 44 min ago
  For the men who cried and died on 9-ll, whose son was only seven,
15 hours 53 min ago
Work your butt off,  They all say, No one cares about the struggles. Oh, you will make it,
15 hours 56 min ago
I want to be Batman Rich and fight crime I want to be Bruce Lee
16 hours 12 min ago
I was raised by Tenacious and goal-oriented Leading by example Striving to exceed expectations
16 hours 17 min ago
I have eaten lead my last three meals. My face flush My hands quake
16 hours 23 min ago