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What happens when the leaf flies away does its love for the tree decay or does it not feel anything and stray?
12 hours 32 min ago
12 hours 35 min ago
I've wished on many stars and my wishes never came true But I learned that wishes can when my wish gave me you
12 hours 42 min ago
For you have heard the story of Cinderella told,  but don't be fooled, the true story is about to unfold.   
12 hours 43 min ago
Looking around at our foundation, wondering how we messed up our nation. It's crimes are at their primes.
12 hours 45 min ago
Ariel wanted more she dreaded being a washed up old bore. The clever mermaid dreamed of being human
12 hours 46 min ago
She's the midsummer's flowers, The prolonged day's hours. My reason for an immortal diet
12 hours 53 min ago
"Why am I so feared?"  I ponder this ages. I ponder this for years.  I am the "Evil Queen," they say. 
12 hours 53 min ago
Thankfull of who I am, greatfull of who I was, yet, what I was is not who I am, and who I am is not who I was,
12 hours 59 min ago
I imagined a life before my own with you. It was a sweet dream that felt like a glimpse of what was supposed to happen.
13 hours 2 min ago