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How do you know it’s too much when it’s too much? how do you? six months since it all started
19 hours 30 min ago
The mix -er.
 There seems to be
 No common fix-er And the problem keeps multiplying
19 hours 32 min ago
Guitar is a gift, Was a gift. Playing until my fingers were red, Eating mayonnaise on bread.  
19 hours 33 min ago
In one ear and Out the other Listening skills, They lack Have to ask one another A question that
19 hours 33 min ago
Rejected Isolation Hurting more than it should Why did I get so attached? Please let me be
19 hours 34 min ago
I hope you know this simple fact, And if you don’t by now, I’m gonna say I’m sorry for you,
19 hours 34 min ago
Loud noises Shouldn’t be as annoying And constantly trying Denying the fact That I would rather be crying
19 hours 35 min ago
Giving,   It’s more than just living,   It’s a random act,   Not just a simple fact.
19 hours 36 min ago
I like to think I was born in the wrong era,   I think sometimes it quite unfair, or,  
19 hours 37 min ago
Girl in the mirror Why do you frown? Do you not see Exactly what I see Smart Kind 
19 hours 42 min ago