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Dear lover,  You know what I amYet you offerd me your handThat means you want me to trust youOr was your quest of revenge starting in my
6 hours 33 min ago
  Last night, I saw a shooting star It told me “Be exactly who you are”
6 hours 46 min ago
You grew out your beard; the one I told you never to keep, You cut your hair; the hair that I would put my fingers through,
6 hours 48 min ago
There’s a house adored by flora But completely abandoned by fauna
6 hours 49 min ago
Remember when we used to talk? We used to be happy. Can we just walk? You're becoming very snappy.  
7 hours 1 min ago
You leave a trail of fire in everything you do And i’d give up all the oxygen I will ever breathe
7 hours 6 min ago
ouch! My first thought when it broke skin. A slight pain than it all went dark. She cought me.
7 hours 8 min ago
Mirror mirror is this true We live the lives our parents do dark circles around our eyes Its seems we are tried
7 hours 41 min ago
Will you hold my hand tonight As tightly as you can I'm a flight risk And I'm ready to take off
7 hours 57 min ago
You saved me from this life of pain You saved me from myself. I cannot thank you love enough
8 hours 22 min ago