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Love is all we need... But you only get it if you agree To all the bias and all the lies
14 hours 19 min ago
O' say can you see This is not the land of the brave Nor land of the free
14 hours 21 min ago
It happened on a precious day,Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day,A round fired so mystical and astray
14 hours 29 min ago
I can barely hear out of my right ear, Spring only makes me sick. I am more afraid of dying now
14 hours 31 min ago
Is it a bird?  Or is it a plane?     It’s… It’s… It’s…    
14 hours 41 min ago
Pink hair never suited me I can't fit that delicacy And frolicking with candy  I can't captivate pretty  
14 hours 56 min ago
Nice_Strong Black Woman
Her presence cannot be denied,She stands tall and strong with pride;You cannot overlook her magnitude,
15 hours 3 min ago
My country is physically exhausted  My country is mentally exhausted  My country is emotionally exhausted 
15 hours 13 min ago
  In simple terms, the country that I once loved
15 hours 19 min ago
Raise a glass to the men Who wrote that we shall have the right to bear arms for now
15 hours 20 min ago