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A solemn choice for Monarchs blend beneath the barren sod I reflect the notion of death in its timely plight
1 day 8 hours ago
Love: You can't shut it out, like the crashing of a wave, Once it starts there is no stopping it
1 day 8 hours ago
  Miss in, your infinite jest              your classic fury              your talking seeds  
1 day 11 hours ago
Before I existed She was Dear to you and yours. Then you found me
1 day 22 hours ago
Though there is a madness in your heart Inflicting unseen wounds inside of you You are the light in my eyes
2 days 53 min ago
Sifting through the corners of my life, I find my grief And sorrow, is as great as my blessings and joys.
2 days 4 hours ago
Can You Hear Me...
2 days 6 hours ago
the pain inside threatens the honesty we hide behind four walls burrowed pews with sawed off shot guns
3 days 3 hours ago
Sits beside his window, his red-rimed eyes Unseeing In his mind are sunsets and rainbows,
3 days 7 hours ago
Once upon a time A girl loved a boy. A bewitching boy. A boy she had never met
3 days 7 hours ago