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You asked me if I remembered  the kid you once were.  Instantly my mind flooded with memories.
1 week 15 hours ago
The moment we met you were infatuated. You were delusional with affection.
1 week 17 hours ago
dear love when i began, so did you i felt you for the sky for my mother dandelions 
1 week 18 hours ago
Girl, here we are together Loving one another deeply We lift ourselves upward And build each other completely
1 week 19 hours ago
Dear Reality,
1 week 20 hours ago
Funny Funny how people scream and shout, opinions that were not asked for.  
1 week 20 hours ago
November 1st, 2016   Dear the Man, Challenge me here, my dungeon of sorrow
1 week 21 hours ago
Dear Lord,  
1 week 22 hours ago
some days it feels like nothings gonna go as it should some days im too anxious to do the things i love the most
1 week 1 day ago
Feels like silk wrapped around you in the tighrst embrace Taste sccharine like honey dripping from your lips
1 week 1 day ago