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Tell me what you think :  Don't lock yourself up and turn so coldRise your head high , learn to be boldBethink yourself you're a mold of
53 min 43 sec ago
ten... nine…
2 hours 12 sec ago
A year ago, I was your world and you were mine.  The other day I thought everything was fine.
3 hours 34 min ago
Old soul Young bones Turmoil and pure insanity-
3 hours 40 min ago
I didn’t blink for an entire year. I taped my eyelids to my brows and suffered so that
5 hours 43 min ago
Inside me is a sadness so large it feels like it fills me.
6 hours 9 min ago
A year of self-discovery A year filled with smiles and cries One unlike any other
16 hours 58 min ago
I remember the first time you did it The first time you made me feel like my body was no longer my own I remember the first, second, and
17 hours 43 sec ago
sarted from a seed planted on new year’s day
17 hours 17 min ago
sarted from a seed planted on new year’s day
17 hours 19 min ago