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3 months 3 hours ago
i have a disclaimer before i tell you anything else all of this is 100% true, all the gory details
3 months 15 hours ago
Are You Counting Everyday?  The hours, minutes, seconds and every breath you take?
3 months 15 hours ago
If I had one more day with you, I'd ask about your life. I'd learn so many things,
3 months 16 hours ago
They wear masks and capes And wear them with pride Because when a demon escapes
3 months 18 hours ago
Fleeting Was the year of tremendous adjustment. The end of an era, Makes room for new excitement.
3 months 20 hours ago
Tell me what you think :  Don't lock yourself up and turn so coldRise your head high , learn to be boldBethink yourself you're a mold of
3 months 21 hours ago
A year ago, I was your world and you were mine.  The other day I thought everything was fine.
3 months 1 day ago
Old soul Young bones Turmoil and pure insanity-
3 months 1 day ago
I didn’t blink for an entire year. I taped my eyelids to my brows and suffered so that
3 months 1 day ago