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where does it end? all this violence and hatred and yet we pretend that this is acceptable;
1 day 23 hours ago
On February 14, 2018, 17 people died. From a man. With a gun.
1 day 23 hours ago
Life. given to all taken from so many. People young and old, leaving with stories yet to be told.
2 days 20 hours ago
Shots fired Lives lost Defeated and tired At what cost Hard to move Long we stand As we prove
2 days 22 hours ago
I'm okay. I promise. No, I'm not letting it get to me. I know you're gone.
2 days 23 hours ago
  As the sun peeks over the hill at the crack of dawn, Mother and child rise to meet the new day.
1 week 4 days ago
We’ve stated concerns about the fears of violence in our halls, then waited silently as we burn.
1 week 4 days ago
you see, music is the key to world peace. instead of all these youngsters dying on the streets 
1 week 5 days ago
Hey there Adolescent! Is life not making Sense? Any sense? Are you trying, 
1 week 5 days ago
My first kill I was five years old A fruit fly landed in my book And I snapped it closed  
1 week 6 days ago