I lay in a bed of rose flowers. The thorns pricked My thighs blood trickled down My sides Into the forever decaying soil Pricked fingers crimson gushing I was named after a rose
My name is Emitt Scott and I am 48 years old. I am currently suffering with a disease that is familiar to a lot of people and the disease that I'm suffering with is HIV AIDS.   
You love to lieWhy does love die
Diseases that have changed the life of so many They are just HUMANS Be treated as Humans 
Why did I get so offended when someone talked about cancer or aids 
  It can be given to you It can be passed on  There’s no way to avoid it  As long as you move along
Life so Unpredictable
10101: my home.   A place of beauty, nature, tranquility,   serene.   And yet here we are.   Victims.   Homelessness, poverty, pride, HIV   AIDS.  
Dear father dear brother there's somthing wrong    It's not fair  I need care I'm just not strong    Dear father dear brother I don't have long  
We all want to be happy. Fall in love, get married.  We all want that fairy tale ending.   We fail to see the evil in the poeple we say we love. Because we don't know what love is. Or the damage it does.


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