Binding Love

It's been days since I've been trapped

in a cold, damp cell.

I swapped places with my father.

I told him to flee

away from this castle,

and leave the Beast to me.


The beast comes frequently to ask me to dinner,

but I refuse,

and he yells in his anger.

His servants came and decided to move me 

to an isolated, homely room.


Again I was asked to dinner,

but this time I said yes,

and the Beast nodded his head.

His servants came and dressed me

in a gaudy, elegant dress.


The Beast asks me to do things with him,

and I have to say yes;

he looks pleased to my answers and moves closer.

His servants tell me I'm growing attached

and my hollow love is the best.


A mob comes to claim the Beast's heart

and the Huntsman in charge wants my heart.

The Beast fights to protect the false love.

His servants watch nervously

and listen to my innocently, sinful pleas.


The Huntsman fell from the castle

and the Beast lies on the cold floor.

My father comes forward and hugs me tightly.

I tell him to flee,

with everyone with him,

For I have tamed the beast with the shackles of my freedom.