Cycle of Life

Wed, 06/12/2013 - 23:12 -- Ray5245


United States
41° 31' 50.1996" N, 74° 3' 12.6468" W

They claimed they saw the small thing with four legs,
Like plant, it absorbs from its environment,
It fell and wondered as its stares at tree of life,

Journeys have past and it is now walking with two grown legs,
Like bird, it flys and drinks from its environment,
It understands and questions the jungle of life,

Longer, stronger, its legs climb over territory trees,
Like animal, it hunts from its environment,
It fights, it takes, it THRIVES from kingdom of life,

Soon will moonlight shines as it grows and shows three legs,
Like metal, it will rust from its environment,
It will adapt and teach as cycle of life begins again.

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