Divergence of The Twain

I was born in two pieces

Red and Gold

Our colors mixed in the wind when we held hands

And colors flew when we hurled words at each other

like vocally loaded bullets 

She would tell me

"I'm going to sister divorce you!"

But in the evening

Our secrets floated into each other's ears

Like butterflies

I could stare into her ocean eyes

and see my own soul reflected in them

Our bodies fit together like a puzzle

Like back when the womb shielded us

from the cold touch of time

Our lives began with each other

But we weren't made for each other

And someday

Life will wield a silver scalpel

And our Siamese heart will be split 

and  the arteries that hold the steady stream of  the golden blood of sisterhood

shared tears, catching fireflies, laughter, bike rides, family trips,

the memories of our childhood will have to be cauterized, and will flow no more

When she finds herself in novel pursuits

While I try to find myself in writing the novel of my life 

and I will have to live without my lionhearted other half

When that time comes, I, lonely, will sit in my red rose-petaled chair, 

Wishing to float on gilded butterfly wings once more. 



This poem is about: 
My family