Election Day


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Our Cinderella Story Was Coming To An End

I Told Myself, Trying Not To Cry.

A Day I Knew Was Coming, 

But Did Not Think Would Happen.

For Some, It Was A Day That Would Be The Worst Day Of Their Lives.

For Some, It Was A Day That Would Be The Best Day Of Their Lives.

At Work That Night, We Were More Busy Than Normal.

I Walk To The Back, Not A Word From Anyone.

Everyone's Eyes Glued To The TV. 



Occaisionally, I Walk Out And Pick Up Scrambled Dishes.

I Would Look To The TV's.

Nobody Is Cheering.

Nobody Is Booing. 

Just Watching. 

By The End Of The Night, We Knew What Was Going To Be About.

I Rushed To Get Home To Get The Final Results.

It's 11:27 PM. I Immediately Turn On The News. 

Hillary Has Called Donald Trump To Congratulate Him On His Victory. 

I Am Crying.


I Am Afraid. 

As I Look On Facebook, As I'm Posting My Frustrations, I Begin To Realize...

I Begin To Realize That, I May Never See My Best Friend Again.

I Call Him. I Tell Him That I Love Him. 

He Fears Deportation, Because He Is Hispanic And Does Have The Right Documents.

 I Call My Friend Who Just Moved To This Country From Pakistan.

She Tells Me She Fears For Her Life. 

She Tells Me She Is Afraid To Wear Her Hijab Tomorrow.

I Then Realize, 

Our Cinderella Story Was Coming To An End.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country