How One Must Heal

How one must heal

A muffled presence still resounds with vibrato

Why should I get up anymore?


How one must get by

Bare minimum met for more disillusioned distractions

My body is yours.


Why aren’t you happy?

I’m just getting by.


Do you love him? Do you love anyone? Do you love anything?


Yes. I do.


How does one communicate?

Inescapable, the grasps of society, god I hate that word. Society.

But I don’t want to be alone.


So you give your lifeless body?

I only exist, I’m not here to do anything.

I am not anyone.


Why can’t you just listen to what I’m saying?

I do. I understand.

But you cannot change me.


However I can




How one must heal:

One must accept. Do not become bitter.


How one must get by:

Exceed and surpass expectations. Getting by is too



Are you happy now?

I’m getting warm, I’m doing more. It remains



Did you love him? Do you love anyone? Do you love anything?

No, I didn’t. Yes, I do. I have loved so much and not even known.



How does one communicate?

Directly, precisely, honestly, tell them

They Matter.


So you mend your damaged soul?

I wrapped myself in a quilt made with a patch from

Each of my loved ones.


Are you listening to what they’re saying?

Finding value in the positive is unequivocal.


I am not




But I am not




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