I am a Sinner. Born a Quitter. Pictures, of me up on the tv screen is how id like it to be. I used to follow gods path of righteousness, but now im sick of the Peace. Why. Why is a Guy trying so hard to fight the Right intentions. 

When in his mind hes gotta have the right Motivation. Detention was where i spent most of my days. In the dark abyss of my mind, im finally going insane. What i mean by Finally, is because i used to judge.  Used to judge those who were trying hard enough to be someone. I wasnt. I was only a little dude who was Packin the Weed Bowl. Listening to drake , hoping he Means he gonna give us Free Smoke. But that wasnt the case was it. I followed the wrong path and now im fuckin my cousin. A literary vision, to show you my precision getting up into your Fiction of creativity. My negativity made me who i am today, just Hating. So yes, i did hurt her. I mean my Mother. Because she made a Born-Quitter. Loved a Sinner. 

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My family
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