I am

I am what you see

I am something everyone should be

I am a lover not a fighter

I try to be unique and shine brighter

I am someone who does not see the difference between to age, gender, or race

If no one was like me war would be all over the place

I hear words that I’ve never even thought that someone so mean we ever use

I feel for the people that have been judged for diversity and refused 

We may all be different color, or fat, or skinny, or short, or even tall

All I see is a humane that has the same rights I have above all

I just wish some wouldn’t judge a book by its cover

Then no one would be a lover or even discovered

There is people out there that were born into poverty and don’t have any money for clothes or food

Yet some people flaunt what they have and can be so rude

Even though peace is what most of us want a lot of us are over powered by hate

Some people are brought up to think that way and not able to choose their own fate

Then there are some who just join the crowd to be cool

When really they just end up looking like a fool

We should all be open minded and realize what our ancestors would say and think

Hopefully we are able to be more like them and become in sync

They would say they didn’t travel far and wide to be judged, tortured, and hated

This should all make us really irritated


Ci Mone

nice !