I Don't Care?

I dont care?! 

You're telling me the student that always particpates

The student that turns in their work on time and sometimes before the due date that YOU 

forgert half of the time

The student who has to do all the work when you put the class in groups to "work together"

When half of the class is sleep or texting or walking in and out of the class


Undersestimate is the verb that you just carried out 

However I may tell you that I am the last one to ever be considered under that expression

I breathe and live for the highest education that I can receive

But it's teachers like you and the one down that hall that could give 2 flips if we pass or not

You just want your pay check!

To be honest, you don't make that much money in any manner

The garbage man makes more money a year than you.

So next time you even ponder on the thought that I don't care about my education

Try to remeber who you are orally articulating your assasine thoughts to 

Because it will be corrected. 

By the student who "doesn't care"