Ice Cream Disaster

Today was the most happiest day of my life. I got ice cream. It was plain Vanilla. I was estatic and filled with joy knowing I can show it off and have it there with me. I guess the ice cream in my freezer was a bit mad, as I didn't choose it. But hey, this one is a pretty good one. I'm carrying it around me and enjoying every moment I spend with it because I want it to last. My love was the sprinkles that were spread around it so delicitly. But one day things changed. It felt as if I kept licking it, more and more ice cream appeared. I never asked for this much. This was too much for me to handle. I wasn't ready. That day, it dropped to the ground. That was the end of that ice cream.

Time has passed and I got myself a new ice cream. It was Chocolate Chip. It was different than the first one, with two scoops. I enjoyed this one, but the ice cream in the freezer was jealous, and tried to tell me that's not the right flavor to pick. I never listened though. I made sure that nothing or nobody ever ruined things between us. But things got involved as I kept licking it, it seems the ice cream started dripping on me. I wasn't as happy anymore. I was frustrated, broken a bit, sad. I didn't want it to control me, to take over me, to touch me that way. Ice cream doesn't belong on my body.

But of course this cycle continued until one day, stopped after the third scoop. The ice cream that I've known for longer, the ice cream that's been waiting in the freezer for me. My favorite type, Rocky Road. All this time I've been trying to find better flavors and I've forgotten about the one that's been there since the beginning. So I got a new ice cream that day. And this one's a keeper.

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