Many Voices, No Ears

Ask yourself, "Why do I feel Guilty?" 

Ask yourself, "Why do I give up so easily?"

If you don't have the answers, you're in a loop of regret.


It's a regular day in school.

He gets closer and closer to where all eyes are looking,

no eyes are seeing, the pain that is being done to a human being.

He see's fear in the victim's eyes. His eyes meet.

(victims POV)

He thinks. "why am I so alone?"  The eyes that look at him, disgusts him. 

He tries to pull away from the bully. He fails. This is not his first time, 

he makes sure in his right mind, this will be his last time. His eyes meet.

If this poem is serious, it's because you have been bullied at least one time in your

life. You're all guilty of being a bystander!.









Soul Poems

First poem, Hope You all like it.