Meaning Of Friendship

*looks at each other then looks at therapist*

TG: We have a problem

Kain: She says she's my friend but is always the one to pick up a knife and stab me in the back.

Thinking whatever she tells the next won’t come back home to me as if I’m its nest

Tg: She

Nik: .. makes being her friend hard to do because she constantly keeps giving me stink attitudes.

She tells me she’s there for me but is always the first one in line to lower me while I rise.

Tg: Never

Kain: ...have I ever treated you wrong!

Nik: *looks kain slowly* Says the one who denies me in front of my eyes because I’m irrelevant to everyone

Kain: She constantly remind me of how painful it was for her to be my friend

Nik: *Laughs* Stop all these lies, you don’t even know the meaning of friendship

Tg: Just

Kain:...because I did you wrong a couple of times does not mean I’m not there to the very end.

Nik: Ofc you’re gonna be there to the end, I’m going to need someone to gloat on how much I succeeded more than she can

Kain: *Looks me up and down*

You succeeded alright.

Succeed for turning my other friends against me

Succeed for throwing me under the bus

Succeed for sabotaging me from achieving my dreams

And succeed for being the..



Nik: It’s just everytime I need you bail on me at the worst possible time.

A friend who fails to be there when you really need them is..

Tg: ..a friend of crime..

Kain: Is something I’m not

Especially when you continuously keep pushing me away to go hide under your rock.

I’m there for you, but you can’t seem to open your eyes and see how much I’m there to get you through

Nik: I never push you away. You sat there and watch my life go astray

Kain: And what about when I needed you?

Would knock on your door, & you wouldn’t answer even when you knew!

Knew that it was me that really needed you.

*Pauses & thinks* I don’t even think we should--

Nik: Be friends anymore?


Kain: This is going nowhere. We should stop. You know I’m always gonna be there for you.

Nik: Whats a friendship without a couple fights or two?

Kain: Good friends are like don’t always see it.

Tg: But you know they’re there.


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