My Choice

"Who's side are you on"

they all asked me,

as if I had a clue.

"Well who will you vote for

in November,

the red team or the blue?"


"I am not sure,

I have never voted

in an election before.

I never thought

my opinion mattered.

I am only 24."


"Well you must vote red.

It only makes sense.

Our country is in need

of a new leader

who can be trusted

with everything and succeed."


"Are you kidding?

You must be joking

to think that team can be trusted.

They are uneducated rednecks

and inbred beings.

I am utterly disgusted."


"The red team is racist

against all things

other than their white supremacy.

They care for themselves

and only themselves.

How is that democracy?"


"Well the blue team are liars,

keep secrets from us

and sweep their mistakes under rugs.

They erase the past,

put smiles on their face

and hand out fake free hugs."


"But we see past all of it.

We are not blind

to their shady corruption.

Don't you remember

the email scandal

that could have sent the U.S in to destruction?"


"I'm voting for Trump."


"I'm voting for Hillary."


"But why, what are you reasons?

All I've heard is arguing and fighting

from both sides

throughout all four seasons."


"Trump is for America,

Hillary is not.

That's all you need to know."


"No, Hillary is.

Trump is not.

Like he said, that's all you need to know."


"But which team is pro choice

on matters like life

and the right to bear arms?

Which team will control immigration

and make sure illegls do not take

jobs away from people working on our farms?"


"Which team is accepting of all people

from all backgronds

of race, religion, and sexual preference?

Which team is not

afraid of change

and embraces everyone's difference?"


Not one of them could tell me

the answers I searched for

on which team holds these views.

Their biased reasons came from

Social Media

or something they watched on the news.


I never shared my opinion

nor my beliefs

before this election started.

I kept to myself

and watched from the sidelines

while others went and voted.


I've come to realize

it is important

to know all of the facts

so you vote for the team

you believe

will have everyone's backs.


So I did my research,

read the candidate's platforms,

and watched a lot of debates last year.

In conclusion,

I finally voted

and overcame my fear.



This poem is about: 
My country