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The New Me

The New Me.....

All through my life I got criticized. I was always told i wasnt pretty, i was never gonna make it in college. I was told im stupid and dumb, being told that really hurt my self esteem. I thought i was all of those things. Even my "friends" said that to me. My mom wasnt supportive she was stuck in her ways of me staying home and watching my little sister. I grew into a depression, always sleeping, barely eating, just a sad person overrall i even tried to kill myself. Eventually i went to college after everybody told me i wasnt going i was learning at Tennessee State University. I  went college with my so called "friends". Im from Michigan so those were the only two people i knew. Eventually we got into a huge fight now they bully me, even when i dont do anything they still bothered me. As i made new friends i grew to love them like a family. They motivated me and supported me. They helped me get my self esteem up. They helped me realized my worth. They helped me find the new me.....

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