This year was frightening

The prospect of

Me, going to college

What a change, right?

Me, who could barely wake up before 11

Me, who eats a Hot Pocket and cereal at noon

Is becoming an adult.


This year, I learned so many things

a variety of topics, ranging from

Just how many new friends I could make

Making music off a data interface

And how to get over having a penis in your face


I learned just how many Americans will vote for a bully

How late I can stay up

(and sleep in)

and I have seen people


Wonderful, gorgeous, insanely talented people

Shaping their futures by the incredible work that they do every day

Because they are passionate about it.


And me? With the OCD, the insecurities, and yet, the triumphant success

Only hopes to create more triumphant success

Because that was then

And this is now.

This poem is about: 
My community