The Ocean Dream

Blue. Gray. White.
The great waves rolling.
Sea foam spitting across the rails.
The water is boiling and bubbling in a mess of green and teal.
Captain and crew alike are fighting to gain control.
The wheel is spinning out.
The sails are thrashing in the wind.
You hear the wail of the breeze as it wants to tip you over.
The screams and cries of sailors.
As they wash into the sea.
The sky is no longer gray
But a dark night time black.
No stars to lead the way.
Just a smothering sheet of cloud.
Nothing you can do, but stand and watch the scene.
Wait until it's over then say good bye to friends.
You watch as the ship comes across the peak.
Then vaults into the black abyss of waiting rocks and sand.
Next comes a wave as high as the stars,
That should have been out that night.
You watch as slowly the crest falls down and tumbles toward your doom.
A smile spreads across your face as you wait for death to come.
Then you hear a clanging bell
Telling you that morning has come around.