Oh what a year can do

Looking in a mirror I see myself a year ago from today,

Different Hair, different nail color, different clothes

Different everything

So much happens in a year

Different people impacting my life day by day

Different load of school work

Different everything

So much happens in a year


A year can teach you a lot 

Who you love 

Who you hate

Who you are


Many love ones have been lost

We remember them everyday

Day by day 

minute by minute

Second by second


Every year you get a year older

Great day to celebrate being alive

Huge life descions are made every year

Where i go to college 

Getting my license 

Theres a first for everything


This year we get a new president

oh boy oh boy 

lots of politics everywhere you go

Donald Trump controlling our future

Lets hope he does great

Always ready to make our country better 


Now, i look at myself in the mirror and wonder what this year has in hold 

Oh amazing how I have blossomed in a year

to a bigger and better person

Making everyone proud 

Lets hope for another great year as the earth goes round and round

Creating 365 days of pure happiness