i don't need to be famously known when i say 

if God is not in the forefront of a nation that's falling

we're going to fall right in the gates of hades

we have to go back to loving each

love your neighbor as you love yourself

stop removing Jesus in the front line

prayers have been gone from places  ( schools, jobs for example ) that need Him daily

people have become desensitize because of what they are been surrounded by

the smartest trick the devil did was make people think he didn't exist

he found his platform in social media

the tragedies back in the days when social media was absent

where we didn't find out what happen until a week later

we'll know about it 5 seconds instantly

and move to the next one, and the next one

wider freeways are made to mobilize driving

but narrower viewpoints that intoxicates thinking

there are bigger sports stadiums, but smaller attention spans

there are taller buildings, but shorter tempers

spending on things we haven't earn to impress people of whom we don't like nor care for

one would think that technology brings people closer from far away

where in all actuality, technology takes people far away from those that are close to you

while you may have 5,000,000 followers on facebook like groupies

but almost half of folks still feel lonely in general

because they have everything else but Jesus

He may not have 1,000,000 followers on twitter

all He had was 12 disciples spreading the good news about His prophecy which lead to believers truly following Him

the parodox is that while we have more degrees, we have no common sense

less book smarts, but more judgemental assassinations

more experts with no solutions

Reverend Martin Luther King once quoted that we have guided missiles

but misguided men

i find it perplexing, yet compelling that someone can say hi to a celebrity

merely based on a movie one star in

but we struggle to engage in meaningful conversation to someone next to you

in church, on the train or a city bus

it's amazing that CEOs are affluent in making millions of dollars

and yet 1 out of 4 CEOs struggle with depression

you read it on the papers about another rich person committing suicide because they weren't happy

people are thriving off paradox

words that spew out of their mouths as if they sound intelligent

unraveling their true identity and they are nothing more than a lion with no teeth

how can you bite on something if you don't have teeth

paradox misleads folks that media is exciting, politics is educating, television is invigorating

paradox feeds people to believing this is the way of life

we try to clean the air, but our souls have been polluted with gossip, and hatred

a cake is split in half, but not prejudice where we're still being one sided

people strive to make more money, but less effort with our morals

how do we faciliate change

how do we scrutinize paradox

like an ipod, press play to hear something right now

hit the left arrow button to listen to the beginning

hit the right arrow button to listen to the end

bring awareness to life that embodies light where no one will live in darkness

ramifications of how one word can create contention

where slandering is unnecesary, an argument that didn't need to happen

or speaking to someone differently than the way you normally speak to your friends

or changing your whole demeanor to someone different than you

we all come from different walks of life

our walks may be different, but we need to walk in the same direction

where do we go?

to the One who create us

The Lord said in 1 Corinthians 12:27 "Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it"

that's wisdom, not from man, but His only begotten Son who took on human flesh

and died for our sins

that's not paradox, that's the truth

if i'm lying, read John 3:16

and tell me if what you read is paradox









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I think you did a really good job dissecting this top on social Media , I have been thinking to myself lately how We are exposed to this awful instant imaginery world were females in particular are gloryfying themselves shamelessly With little clothing and improper attention. These days its not just staying away from toxic sites like porn But the very fact that if you go in the search engine bar on instagram that you can scroll down and see someone half naked and other time over a period of time our brain stores those images,even when we arent enganing and particpating in it its so exposed and open that its hard not to come across such issue. And its saddening. Among other things that you pointed out but i feel its this instant gradifacation that this generation is endulging in that makes matter so much more toxic ...the youth ..thier unhappy and searching to belong and these feelings of connections arent real unity 


people strive to make more money, but less effort with our morals

how do we faciliate change..


By example like christ he led by example ..

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Hey sis
Thank you for the luv and support
the devil found his platform in social media
People are seeking instant gratification and if they don't have what they want, they'll indulge their own desires by any means necessary.
This poem is about love, acceptance, and exposing paradox
Thank you for your kind words
God bless you


Such a remarkable poem, and so well done! Especially with "The smartest trick the devil did was make people believe he didn't exist" is so powerful! Beautifully said!

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Thank you for the luv and support
It's so real of the oppression we're up against everyday
God/Jesus teaches us to withstand it by love and understanding
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An inspiring epic wow. Great message and freeverse style. So true that without God and religion we will always feel lonely like u said. Thumbs up.


I'm a new poet here but I've been writing for other sites for ages and they have enjoyed so I would like your thoughts on my latest poem too. 

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Thank you for the luv and support
This poem is genuinely authentic
I speak from the heart in honoring God ,Jesus & Holy spirit
It's putting people on notice
I'll check out your work

Continue to read my work and comment/support
God bless you