Please God


Please God,

As I sit and sigh,

The tears just form from under my eyes.

I bite my lip in hopes that this pain

Will only suit me better in hopes for a gain.

Please God,

No money, no education, no way out

My boyfriend dumped me, but I can’t sit and pout.

Because God you see,

This life I’ve lived has been all about me

My choices, my consequences

Why can’t you just let me be?

It comes to the point where my bitterness

Just fathoms inside of me and I start to doubt

I can’t see this life I’m living, help me I’m in a drought.

Why do I only call upon you when I want fun?

It doesn’t matter, what has happened is done

What do you do now when you have not won?

I ask you God for forgiveness.


My finances are building up, my esteem is so low

I just want this misery to float so I can just go...

Go above the rooftops, higher then the trees

All I really want is my college degree.

That second chance to prove I can do it

I can show the world, just let me prove it

They’ve all given up hope

But I can’t just sit and mope

So please God, if you can hear me

Please set me free.

Guide that inspired this poem: 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this poem feels like a cry for choices you made

god forgives

as human beings, we all make mistakes

its about learning and moving forward

always love yourself-believe in yourself

let no one take it from you

amazing poem-keep writing and allow your inspiration to grow

build off this poem



Four years later, I'm in such a better spot .. stopped writing but stumbled upon this and inspired to keep going!! Hope you're still writing!!


What's dry will flood

And then run dry

And the cycle continues

Long after we die


God is our constant 

He is no cycle

His will for our lives

Is larger than Michael


Or whatever his name is

That made you cry

I only used that name

To fill the rhyme


Remember God's there

Your never alone

He'll pull you from your pile

Of sticks and stones


Pray for Guidance

Pray for Peace

I pray you have the strength

To pray at least


He's always there

Take my word

Even when you don't hear him

I guarantee that you're heard



i love this poem! i'm going through some tough times myself right now, so i really felt and appreciated the deep emotion.


Wow this really brought tears to my eyes. I can truly relate. I wish you the best you have a good heart which means good things will come your way. Keep your head up :)


good shit


These feelings you describe in the poem are so true...and so pertinent. I can totally relate to this poem! I cry to God like this when I am going through tough times as are strong for writing this poem!




I can relate to things not going right and being so hurt. With time you find your way and start unraveling the purpose God has for you. It's your own journey.


I hope God gives you your answers soon. I'm sure you'll find them. Just keep your chin up and your eyes open. Things will get better :)