To the Racist

Oh my, Oh my

Am African,African American,

Gotta hide before I get a bullet, Oh my


So what if am black?

The Lord created ma skin dark

Beautifully, am a darkee.

Or wait! Should I say a  nigger

Since thats what you prefer.

Because once upon a time, once upon a time

My Ancestors got in line,

Leaving all they had behind

Stripped of their minds

Freedom of choice chained, whipped utterly dispossessed,

Suffed into ships like some goods with no seats but the ground,

ready to go cold turkey on a journey of life....and death because obviously

not all survived to reach the tides of slavery and succumb to you, ancient and modern KKK

undercover brother.

And now centuries later,

after we fought to breathe,

After Selma to Montgomery,

How old was Trayvon again?

Yea, right, we can't forget:

seventeen, when BOOM!

That bullet hit him

And are you still gonna tell me Michael Brown

didn't put his hands in the air?

He did, but did you care

BOOM raised to six  on

the black teenager. You

really got issues.

"By any means necessary" Malcolm said

and you called him a terrorist.

Cliche yourself please, and look in the mirror,

see that which you call him look back at ya

I wonder what it is you really expect

Is it respect? From the very people who died in your hands just so they could survive.

You must have lost it, must be the side effects of so many bullets and triggers

ending black lives even if does not hit them

because you might have hit one but so many felt it ripping



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