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Homelessness, anarchy, terrorism
This is reality.
Wars, drugs, abortions
This is reality.
Global warming, corruption, debt
This is reality.
AIDS, alcohol, smoking
This is reality.
Abuse, neglect, deforestation
This is reality.
Pollution, nuclear warfare, racism
This is reality.
Sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance
This is reality.
Gangs, prisons, prostitution
This is reality.
Slavery, divorce, pride
This is reality.
Now it is up to the dreamers
For it is only when you let go of reality
That the world can become



Your right and as a poet you are a visionary, a prophet, keep writing and show people just what can happen when you let go of this norm and change the world. i wish you luck unless i beat you to it ;3


You've taken the idea of "whatever we can believe and conceive, we can achieve" to an extreme and I love it. Being a visionary definitely requires courage and leadership qualities. Thank you for spreading this message! :)


Now I write too, and this is true, but it's just negative aspects being stated, and frankly they are like common knowledge.




Nice . I see im not the only one sleep


Dreamers are the ones to change the world. All of us, poets, authors, photographers, painters, EVERYONE needs to let go of this cruel reality and DREAM BIG!!!!!!!! We make our own reality!

Jan Wienen

Reality plus illusion breeds opportunity