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Rise above negativity

Thu, 01/12/2017 - 04:59 -- Bmayo18

Rise above the negativity in this cold world / how can a young boy last on his own in this cold world/ raised by the streets so he taught to never fold/ live for the streets and you lose ya soul or freedom / damn that's the life given to the hood / but it's time for change because all I hear is doubt/ he's nothing he's nothing build a prison  get em' out/ it's more to life the hood can't see / and dreams was shot before 18/ because the people with sliver spoons said we was a bunch of niggas/ never fear  no man if he bleed too / same water same air that I breathe too/ never see the good in the media pressed to share the worst / they love to hear about another brother in the hearse/ that's put forth to the hood.

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My community
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