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Shackled Dreams


United States
32° 41' 20.4036" N, 97° 37' 59.2068" W
Buffalo Flats
Melbourne Road
South Africa
United States
32° 41' 20.4036" N, 97° 37' 59.2068" W
Your fear freezes your ability to see my dreams
Your fear keeps me trapped and unhappy
Your fear is determined for me to follow the masses
Your fear is soul crushing
Your fear is controlling a free spirit
Your fear won't let up, it won't allow me to pursue my dreams I see just over the edge of the horizon
I can almost reach but ur shackles respond with a deafening noise
I feel it, yearn for it, my soul remembers and yours thrives off amnesia and propaganda
I'm not the perfect daughter my thoughts wander off the edge, my eyes wild with fire and belief, free spirited in nature
I beg do not dim my fire, I beg release me, have faith 
My soul will not allow me to wander aimlessly trust in your God as I do
I walk by blind faith that you proclaim to have
Do not cry from your heart for me I am yours, I come from you 
I beg do not limit me by society's limits your daughter has so much wonderment to show you
Give her a chance, let her shine, I beg try to understand her soul