Today's Tomorrow

I write to incite righteousness in those who don't even have the right to write so I will just,
Kick poetical justice, leave them restless and show the opposition not to test this
Then I can scratch a few things off my checklist
And know just for a second what it's like to bask in the excellence or experience the true meaning of what a blessing is
Weaving mental sustenance into my vernacular, stitching erudition in between the threads of my diction
So I guess it's an addiction or the essence of a mission
I gets my prefrontal to work overtime without the use of pills
And even managed to trap Usain Bolt inside of my hamster's wheel
The man's appeal, depends entirely on his stanza skills
Why else do you think I feel the evil bouncing off my chest just like the Man of Steel?
The Mickey Cohen of moving metaphors asking too many questions now that's what the lead is for
Slap a pound sign and as a many 2's behind it as you need to until you understand that it's picture is lethal
Striving for perfection and arriving at a lesson is best when described as a message
That is why I itemize and scribe what's on my mind for protection of the future generation
The abusive sinners take him, so close to the edge that Grandmaster Flash can offer consolation
And though my fellow 90's babies often drive me crazy
We are potentially standing on the cusp of greatness
Investing in the youth is the best business venture
Because i'll need someone to bite off what I can't chew when I'm packing dentures
So that's why i'm trying to cheque from this shit after I quit like a pension
Sit back, bathe in the history and chill out wherever my vista be
Writing more freedom than Swank and P. Dempsey
M.C , Hammer can't even touch this well constructed manuscript
I intend to handle this instead of turning tail or yelling abandon ship
My neurological anatomy represents the physical manifestation of a masterpiece
So i'll casually flex my limbic then imprint something that'll burn into your flesh like incense
Kindred souls can relate to it
But to those of you who feel left outside of the station this
One is for you and until you feel in the loop I got some work to do
There is still room left in the circle too
Come on down and join the party
I write Today's Tomorrow and i'm just getting started


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for sharing this poem
feels like a verse in a rap song
thank you for advocating the importance of why one should write
great job and keep writing


Thanks man, I really appreciate it.


Working on something now. Stay tuned and thanks again for your support, I have a few more poems since this one. Please be sure to check them out if you haven't already.


About two lines in I fell in love with this poem. I think you're really talented and I thank you for brightening my day with your words :)


You're very welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read it. :)


Totally love this!  I'm PP Staff - can we faeture it on our social media?  





Yes you may! I'd really like that!


Awesome!  Thanks so much.  I'm going to feature it on our Facebook page tomorrow :)


Lol that was awesome 


AH-mazing. Love this peice. I picked up the beat right away. Like blood pumping through my veins.