Too Late

As she looks up she sees

somebody she can't stand to be

As she looks down she knows

how far she's willing to go

To hide from the  pain

and all the madness going threw her brain

As she sheds that one tear

she's brought to terrible fear

As she clenches her fist

she looks down and watches as the dark red blood drips from her wrist

The pain is stronger then she can bare

she starts to go off in a steady stare

She takes a hard fall to the ground

feeling the whole world was shaking all around

As she lays back she remembers all the words they said

the ones that made her feel so worthless, lifeless, and dead

As she takes her final breath

she thinks bout all that has brought her to this painful regretful death

She wishes she can go back and change her mistakes

Now shes gone and there all so sorry, but its all just a little to late


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Wow that poem is amazing because of th emotion.