What does forever really mean?

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 11:33 -- jmm14

Forever , forever is what girls always say.  But then they always let you get away. Always listening to what their friends say. And then regret the day they let you get away. Don't slip cause another nigga might push up on it is what you always say. and then wonder why I feel a type of way. Claiming that you're that your the best thing I ever had. and how other dudes would be happy with you. But they just don't know what I had to go through   Baby you made me get this way, so I'm finna just walk away, And never come back. Don't call my phone or text me . cause  I'm trying to find someone for me. Who actually likes me for me. And wont try to change me, We just really have good chemistry.