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"Oh say can you see...," We're living in a land that is still not free. They kill sons of our mothers No "Sons of Liberty" Can stop the deaths of our brothers,
I walk across the hollow deck       placing my hand           on the railing               of the bow and I gaze       across the sea.   I close my eyes  and breath one
All the fun is just past the golden gatesAlong the crowded pathAfter the souvenir shops Behind the mouse statueBefore the fun ridesWith many excited peopleIn the packed centerFor group picturesAround the large, white castle With many enjoyable cha
Uninspired Unwelcome America has never been great I banged my head against walls To get out of school Because I couldn’t face my abusers anymore
 <p>Where flames of crimson </p> <p> Once graciously licked our homes </p>  <p> Springs forth a new hope </p>
Comb through your luscious, red hair, And find me lying amidst those tongues of fire, Betwixt the very sand and sky— I could just cry, For in due time, I’ll fall for human physiognomy,
Sweet Summer nights, Spent with you by the lake at your side, You have an enigmatic smile, Whose white teeth reflect against the dark night sky.   I have a cherry colored vendetta,
What happened to the time when people made it a point to say hi and happiness didn't come from a buy and children were seen playing outside Life wasn’t about me me me but rather a time of love and simplicity
How can we say we live in the land of the free while the homes of the brave are being taken away            How can we ignore the illness and poverty suffered so immensely
This rain It's been falling for centuries Blessing his son And cursing land This rain has been there for generations Blessing this son And still cursing that land
I'm writing this one And dedicating it to you. All I have, just for you. This keeps baffling me I mean when? when? When will I, be able to compensate, all your efforts to make me?
standing at the mirror and i look like a shell of myself skin stretched over bone, barely hanging on, but so am i dark circles reflecting dark corners of my mind that attack me at night like monsters playing hide and go seek impossible to catch i
I see the world With it's fury and pain. It fights every move we make, Pushes against us until we break And then some. I see the world In all it's passion and glory
We all are in a warzone, And the enemy is closing in, Surrounding us with armies, But we aren't done with him. This is war, and it's not fun, But the battle's just begun,
The bristles swayed softly in the breeze. While the canvas was so bare, her mind was running free. There it is! A spark! She reached out to grab it and pull it close. On this new adventure she would embark.
Baby, I will always love you like no other. Though words can't capture these feelings, the few I have come from the deepest parts of me. Like a loving bear, I will cross the oceans for you.
Madness? The fog hung low, but their spirits were twirling above, absorbed in a type of relation that could only be described as complete.
White hoods Confederate flags Burning crosses Callin’ us “fags” Vicious and violent Even if they can’t reach us. But we don’t stand a chance If those who could help don’t show up,
Sometimes you just gotta let things burn. Sometimes, you just gotta let the world burn. Then, you know, something may rise.   
I’m tired of everything Tired of not being able to sleep Living through hardships that put a man in the ground so deep; Losing everything he thought of in the matter of days
when I was little I used to dream of being married and living Happily ever after, a Queen that sits on her throne with Pride glittering in sparkling daylight, shining blue, pink, silver, and golden
America? Known as a nation reborn, Through war and tragedy we still uplift our hopes. We take each other by the hand urging them to hold on, There are the men that choose to face each other causing hate and struggle.
Dear America, I miss our sunlit days and endless lawns, The way dusk lit up our concrete suburb. We held hands in the perfumed grass that night.
  I told u I was fine All I need is a glass of water To take some pills I never knew u cared Your eyes were blank with blackness That was all I needed 
As the first snowflake falls All you can do is recall The precious times you have seen Moreover, think of the most wonderful time being The time when you walk freely Sitting alone peacefully
That feeling you get when they touch you, A sensation from another entity with the same intentions as you. A memory formed of promise and love, A gift of indulgence sent from above.
That four corner flag, see it fly
Decayed, despaired, destroyed after years of abuse at the claws of a monster, a broken state of mind reinforced by a broken state of being, unable to prosper. Spoken in Satan’s charming tongue,
"More, more." They say, "More, more." These voices won't stop This emptiness won't be filled enough "More, more." These voices continue to say, "More, more." More of what? More friends.
This house is made of eggshells As far as I can see, shards, everywhere, littering the ground, waiting to stun and snap and break into even more tiny bits just waiting... waiting to dig and find their mark.  
Our hearts have been carved with silver spoons Slice, slice, carve away as they laugh, the goons They cheese as they prosper, increasing our power Meanwhile their smiles fail to hide their glower  
Just yesterday I stood among some people in the square, Old Glory waved above us on a fireman’s ladder there. She had been hoisted to remind us all of where we are,
I walk along the Mississippi shore  wondering more and more why the gulf is ever so murky and the sand so dirty  for years I saw over time why its tides don't shine It reminds me of the masses
Man, why does life got to be like this? Locking the car every time I cruise in the whip Quicker than Trayvon Martin got hit Swifter than Eric Garner got choked out in the streets by the pigs 
When dawn arrives, the sun will rise, and the light will shine so bright, trying to greet the fleeting night.   It leaks gold in most places, and fills eery dark spaces,
Oh, say, can you see, blinded by the tear gas By the dawn's early light, shining through our body bags as we lay on the street, hitting our 3 hour mark What so proudly we hailed
As one we are Americans Individually we shape America We bleed red We feel blue And our white bones break under similar burdens  
All I see is people running Mothers and kids screaming every time a gun go off Bombs dropping like they’re basketballs out of a hoop The fire scent of gun smoke everywhere
Sometimes flawed, sometimes perfect we all know that we are worth it. In the end we lend a helping hand And help each other in need all the while  the world rejoices, with me. You, and all of us. 
There are cracks in this cement, some big, some small. Some more noticeable than others. These cracks, caused by erosion. Worn away by the very thing it dreads.
I just love to eat! 'Tis quite a joy beyond compare, To eat so many different kinds of food From every known and unknown part of the world, Ice cream with chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and a cherry,
The emptiness which filled the vacuum of space, Stood lonely and without anything to do, So God decided to create something worthwhile. He spoke into being a divinely brilliant light,
It lives inside, searching for warmth Lurking, slithering, hiding - a presence to many yet a stranger to All Alone in the shadows, it fears for its life, Searching, Searching, Searching, desperately seeking a way out - 
Should I be afraid to walk outside because underneath my clothes is a black man inside?  Who is the child underneath the white sheets being gun down while playing with his toy in the streets?   A mother is crying, down on her knees, for her child'
Should I be afraid to walk outside because underneath my clothes is a black man inside?  Who is the child underneath the white sheets being gun down while playing with his toy in the streets?   A mother is crying, down on her knees, for her child'
You tell me holding hands isn't your thing. My stomach starts to rise through my arteries up my lungs until our hands drop.
Downtown, there’s this intersection where the same man would stand and sell newspapers every day, smiling.   He would wave at me every afternoon,
Her mother always joked, "Mija eres hecha en México pero producida en los Estados Unidos."Darling you were made in Mexico but produced in America.It was a family joke.But not quite a laugh when you learn the truth behind this story.A preg
Everyday I wear a smile I go out into the sun and I shine right along with it I'm loud and exciting, like a one man circus I joke and I laugh with my friends I have fun and I enjoy myself, just like everyone else
Africans, Mexicans, Indians, Eskimos, Ricans,  Indians, Chinese, Anglos and so much more..... Thats America to me. Not the corrupt streets hat lock a man 
Locked in my dreams I saw you disappear Helpless and scared I didn't know what to do I walked in the rain In desperation to wash away the pain But it was all in vain Because i didn't gain
With you by my side I feel strong and never backslide You are over there and i am over here So faraway yet so near The pain and agony we endure eveyday Brings love and harmony in every single way
Someone asked me who am I to be, I told them I don't know but you will see. They say what do you fear, I say nothing stopping I fear losing. They say what's your passion,
I think the first time I noticed that love tears us apart Was when I finally experienced it first hand It can be a beautiful thing with all those newborn feelings and fluttering stomachs
loving one who loves another can break you in half as you wither I wither away when he smiles at her everyday   I am in love with his eyes brown and warm he may speak lies
There are dreams you cannot dream, There are songs you cannot possibly sing.   Days of angels, Nights of ravens, you will never kiss, For that hearts you will not know, Nor see.
Crowded pathways, cameras rolling, court's ruling, Do they know I'm just a child? School is school, does it matter if I'm black or white. I bleed the same color, Why does it matter if my skin is brown?
In contemporary belief. A archer went to a shaman for relief. A answer to ease fear of thoughts. Finding his way home, the trail of war became too much.
A year is colors is something that can blur around you It starts off in the cold winter months, with blues and grays, and whites before it moves to the dusty brown and pale greens of spring
One day I want to find a world Far away from this one With impossible cliffs High above the clouds With a terrain of impossible soil
There's a plague of insanity among us Is it blind ignorance or just the blatantly ignorant? A whole new land of despair and those with golden bars shall survive.
      I have a pain so mysterious that I can not name it;
I simply visualize a place in'harmony...on my way home from work. But these torns have grown over my'path, constantly... stepping into climax!
Undue:I can't undue this discoloration of my Pigmentation.Undue the prehistoric times that has many untold stories on repeat...rewind.Undue my words of sorrow dream for hope for tomorrow.Undue these chains like the crack they pumped in our veins.U
Bullying seems only to me to be The single thing that’s keeping me from you, but not you from me You laugh at me, you push and shove, I run home crying, to pray to the man above Ask him to help, in any way he could
A personal piñata To bring to a breaking point As the piñata cracks Hands grab and the shell is left empty Grades Emotions Love It is snatched from the broken halves Hard work is pointless Piñata are replaceable  M.M
Chained to the ground, accept it Live it Chin to your chest Tears stream down your face You count your days till emancipation   Hope in your heart, deny it Escape it Head up high eyes to the sky Chains rattle as you struggle You count your days ti
His name was Agape. He had a fascinating mind. It was dark but when beams of light would shine through the broken glass that had sunk deeper and deeper into his skull over the years, it was beautiful.
When a girl cuts her pink ribbons off her hair    she is given the chance of freedom, adulthood, and the chance to save her innocent soul   it is her choice to 
I stood bare foot up first words whisper, to adapt I must adopt. An image no more a minority to the wide spread hatred we call war.
I see wisdom
I can see the grass grow higher -Oh how must this life come easy To grow as the wind blows -If only it was as swift to rest in peace
When you jokingly say “ohmygod I hate you!” And I say laughing “I hate me too so it’s all good” You may be joking, but I’m not  
in the middle of night under the light of the moonlight facing a car light made me hold myself tight   memories of you suddenly rush into my mind the voice of you
I have always had trouble looking at the "big picture"Not that I couldn't imagine a big picture frame But i couldn't see what filled it
Buried was his presence in the warmth of the smoke, And burning his head, in the flames of sickness, His brain ashing out fervor of choke, His bones, underneath, melting of weakness.  
Early morning The sun is still rising The fields are still blanketed With spider's webs That the morning sunlight Shine directly through Glistening like diamonds Heavy with kisses of dew
Roses & Violets By: Brianna Jackson Roses are red Violets are blue I am African American What would you do?
Even though tomorrow is uncertain I still march forward with hope and passion Though I might be down I still look forward with a mighty fire burning inside I march forward because the future holds the keys to great doors
Meeting people left and right Holding on to who I am so tight   I walk into her class “She’s so mean. She’s so cruel” “Children’s tears, that’s her fuel” I ignored what they would say
It comes around every year but January 2016 was one like no other. I had new goals, new experiences, higher expectations and I was ready to go further.   My first semester of college was already in the books
Eric Swearingen                                                        EARLY MORNING FOG   Walking to school in the morning, A day in fall where the fog devoured the streets
  I was a latent volcano with lust to erupt only I didn’t know it, the sides of my mouth curling upwards in grotesque clown grins
The rays of light scatter throughout the room As I take a deep breath I feel the light It slices my cold pale skin I sit there On the floor
In my vision I see Children on swing sets Laughing with joy Chasing each other on turf   In my vision I see A little boy who falters
To tell a story of the famed Knight Hawk Listen whilst I remember, recall Ready not yourself for a tale of sweet For he was never such a declious trait Knight Hawk began as a boy of late
There are green trees but buildings right beside them  There is wind but buildings blocking it  There are birds but buildings taking away their homes  Without the buildings there would be  A forest 
As I crawled on my skinless knees,  On your un devoted grounds of love. I wasn't ready Your aim was steady, Possessed by the intensive curiosity of life.
There is A Sunflower, Yellow, Bright, and Bitter.   The colossal wave in the horizon Smashed The border lines of Morality.   The Right and The Wrong  Battle The life ahead. 
The Clockwork of Change   Gears are grinding and springs are creaking, as copper teeth clash into fiery sparks. Numbers stand in
As each day rolls around, It brings up some facts, quite profound  The day before yesterday; Clouds glide over bold black sky  Even the stars , at long last die, They then fall from the sky.
My skin. Look at my skin. What am I? I am a mixed girl in a obscure world. When I would play on the playground. Small, this high, my wide eyes didn’t yet recognize the lies.
I talk to you from far away While you wait far away You are a distant thought Yet an intense memory You are always there
I’m laughing, smiling, Dancing like I own the world at age seven. Stars handpicked like strawberries for only my eyes to eat Nothing could tear me down.  
Time is an illusion drenched in space. Unyeilding. Unending. It stares you in the face. Look away and it does not. For if it did you would vanish without a trace.
I wish I had a photographic memory so that my mind could take snapshots  of the vividness before me the collections of saturated thoughts are ever present   I recollect the luminous glow of the heavens
As she contacted my eyes, her words lost their purpose and gravity, becoming dulcet echoes, gradually drowning in the mellow sea of my subconscious reality.
To be, to be a tree There are many trees, trees are tall and trees are small  There are many trees that are smaller than others miles and miles they grow  Dose any one ask, how do you get there?
This is a poem about a poor boy, who does not do; but starring at the roof.  In the year 2016 he only goes to school, for fun and one day he saw one disable guy,
The light screams in my eyes, as I stand on the stage. Today was the day, for it was Graduation day. With a lump of stone lodged in my throat, I take my first step stridding past the podiam.  
I've been everywhere, Although my body ain't been here or there My mind has traveled everywhere. I lived on the South Side for nine years And the North Side for eight, But that really ain't right. 
My father stumbles in Feet tripping over- Heel toe, heel toe At a quarter to 2 -Am, of course   My mother is asleep in her bed
From the first moment I saw you, I fell for you more and more with  every wave... Until one day the tide turned, and the waters got rough... You left me out there to drown, you watched me struggle...
A door A door with chips in the paint, reminded me much of 2016. A year full of dread, for me, that is. The knob shined as bright as a newborn star, representing the new year that was yet to come.
As seasons change, so too, do I. As the five yields to the six, a bell tolls, Somewhere, for no one but for me. I digress.  
Poco a poco you stole my heart As Kelis once sang, Before you, my whole life was acapella I found myself tone deaf, Singing hymns in hopes that I would soon find
I remember the days we spent together, Filled with laughter and endless adventure. I remember all the years that passed, Bringing us closer with each rising sun.
There was a shooting star So it had to be fate That I would let you fuck me   Romanticism isn't dead John Mulaney, a walk in nature, 
Passing seasons never falter Ink inscribed skin ever after Heart ache a burning volcano I hear a bird's song of sorrow How can I rise from this abyss When all I want is to remiss The torturous emotions
F-A-T-H-E-R I wish I could define this term I wish I knew what it was like to have one I wish I could save up my money and buy one I don't even know what I would do with one
"Wake Up Neo. "The Matrix has you."   Digital Mind Control. Green codes align with the receptors of our brain.
Give me a year  I'll exploit it.  I will gladly take advantage.  I will stretch  and squeeze it  and slow down  and freeze it  as much as I can manage.  A year is a precious gift 
The morning after I killed myself, I woke up.   I made myself waffles with the waffle iron I convinced my mother to buy when I was twelve, with a side of fruit I bought at a road side produce stand. 
So rare like the blue moon with a once in a lifetime experienceso is the moment i first set my eyes on youlike an aurora in the the horizon Releasing a song of light and night and half lightO dimmed glory babbling under the span,I knew your name b
I- am who I- am I am thunder- and I am lightning- I crackle, pop, and sizzle. Nothing can phase me You insult me I bear it- You- hate me I- don't give- A damn! You see me now, I- still don't give-
When I was thirteen, I knew exactly who  I was going to marry. He would be tall, and strong, with black hair  and even blacker eyes. He would be my protector.
The clock ticks and ticks and ticks.Another year has passed.A new one has arrived,But the only difference is in me.Oh, how I have changed. I've grown tired,so tired.And my future stares me down. 
Green, lush grass, humble in its tone Bleeding skies, sunrise, the sun wakes up and moans Brown trees, green leaves, warm breeze, it's here The perfect day, to wash away, all stress, anxiety, and fear
2016 was the place to be, as it was such a great year for a future musical career, My band won 6th place to a regional display, the highest place the school had ever lay,
You taught me how to walk and you taught me how to talk You loved me when I didn't love myself, you taught me how to keep my head up  You taught me how to be me, but it just wasn't good enough. 
I am from a place where you hear a helicopter and police siren every single night.
Time, such a mysterious component of  life,  yet a necessary and unstoppable force that, we must live with, growing older and with distant memories.   The past, a mere memory, of things long since passed.
White pillows, beeping, a rush of fluids in my arm.  Oblivion. It is the dawning of a new year, but I am stranded In this room, awaiting the sentence, the doom, the judgment.   They put me down and replaced me.
Well, this past year hasn't been much of a nightmare for me, but it hasn't been easy.
The Pearl stuck inside rose Beauty is such a fine word to describe oneself But am I the pearl stuck to love for my health, See I am the pearl that no one seems to understand
There are cracks in the sidewalk that represent my life;A broken home;A broken family;Needing something to mold to.I've become the flower sprouting throughThat people tend to walk upon.
Hola, Bonjour, Ciao, Guten Tag these are different ways to just say hello. It's marvelous and eye opening how languages have an impact on our lives. Without them we wouldn't have different
Sereneness. I can feel the warm sun beating down on my face. I take a deep breath of the clean lake air. My paddleboard rocks gently to the comforting waves.
Death is the separation of body and soul, But wherever you go, the angels will still sing.  Why? Because God gave angels free will. And once upon a time an angel was captured by a demon inside,
Sometimes you get scared he'll replace you with someone better. You know he lies and fill up your head, But you want to stay for the better. People say he ain't gone never change, But you want to think otherwise.
When we crossed paths, There was already a connection You caress me with your voice and penetrated me with your words You aroused me with your knowledge and made me throbbed with your touch
Being naïve is a gift   It is as if you are asleep, with the peaceful sheep   But you are to be awakened from this  
Our mother is angry. She rattles in her sleep. There's a burning spirit among her. Her children, taking the heat.
I couldn’t tell you what I thought at the beginning of this year Every word people said were just words that… Bounced off my ear   I graduated high school with a 4.0 Easy for me, everyone expected me to
I could write a poem that no onecould tell was for you. It would be about sparkly purpleeyeshadow brushed onto sensitive eyelids,Lucky by Britney Spears being replayedand the foul smell of burning hair
All my lifeI have never owned my own suitcase.   Every family trip or vacation I borrowed from my mother or even my father, in order to stow my belongings for the road ahead.  
Oh how the winds have changed all wind blows with the curviture of the earth but not all whip and burst in the same directions   Some winds dash throgh the trees and encourage leaves to dance
Riding on the back of a motorcycle Tress all around Mud splashing on my bare feet A feeling of excitement tingling through my body  
Her voice came frm Faraway; a distant place that nothing: water, air,  not even land could reach. Her voice was deep and broodin,  and it made the Sky fall apart at Its seams,
I spend the 2016 new year in the room that your smile would light like the fireworks outside, the room is dark now. Just thinking that a few weeks ago it was december.
  Buried in a plate of lettuce, I look up. Buried in a plate of lettuce, I see Memories of chicken nuggets dipped in ranch Memories of thick, greasy pizza
BLACK LOVE I watched her... watched her as she slowly undressed.Supple Nubian Queen.My eyes rejoiced at her beauty,as she approached my sexuality. Our lips met. Wet, red hot lips.Our hips met.
"Just a second," the typical reassuring lie I spoke aloud I stopped more frequently than I had been walking. At first they would wait for me, But after a while it was simply no use to wait for another person
My love for him grew As I held my hand in his, With nicotine touch.   His strong arms held me And fingertips grazed my chin
I was a filter Taking in the darkness and unable to let go All light would pass through I tried to grasp at its intense unknowable beauty Because I knew it was precious and needed
     I'm not quite sure what it was, or when for that matter, but I began to bloom, so slow that it was not easily visible, and so foreign that it was almost unrecognizable.  I began to see stars and galaxies when I looked in my own eyes and I beg
I love you I replied. I wanted his future with mine. His carefully guided wisdom. His whole-hearted embrace. Imagine a life without.
Life is but a single day on a beachA series of wavescrashing, splashinga sun sinking just beyond our touchit goes black, we're toldit comes back, we're toldbut still we're here just a day
I see the lights flashing before my eyes They say my fight is up I am gone   I see nothing but white and big silver gates that say, "Gates of Heaven" I panicked no matter what I said no one would hear me
I used to be like that Erykah Badu song, Bag Lady I carried all of my luggage on my shoulders. My tall frame hung over loosely, Lacking confidence. My woes were gigantic boulders on my chest.
Heartbreaks come in many ways Family, boyfriend/girlfriend, or even just a friend Although mine falls under one of those categories, Mind differs a slight bit. Some call it sexist, some believe it's a true miracle
Seems like forever A boy with a Peter Pan face Walked into my life   A split across the people The candidates speak on TV A passion is born   Feel the Bern I’d shout
careless yet care ridden your lips dripping with honey so sweet you’re rotten to the core me, innocent innocence
Past was known for positives or negatives Past was known for intelligence and talent Past had rivals and relationships
I was the type, that held on, expecting the worst, unable to release myself, from what I presumed was safe. I would hid in the shadows, waiting to be cleansed by the rain, but,
Sunshine as unreachable as the future, Yet we all still reach for the sun. A future predicting to bask in the warmth Makes everyone seem to forget the distance.  
Self Destruction by Nestor G. Mendoza Looking back at my childish ways, lord knows of my devilish days.
Who am I? 
Like a wave crashing on the shoreIt came in increments, swallowing me whole.I tried to lift myself up, again, and again,And again,Yet the waves kept pushing me down.Help, I called, save me, save me, save...I was growing faint and weary,Delusional
You see, sending it takes multiple forms.  It means doing something out of the norm. It could mean Pulling into a fatty barrell or moshpits with a dozen warewulfs. All you need to do is go ham,
    You didn't have me in stiches at hello, but you had me in stiches not too long ago. This is a love story fraught with grief, Cause I'm caught up bewteen you two,  my first love and you.
I passed a test, but it wasn't a test I would want to pass. What do I do? Tell someone my mind is saying, but another part of me says keep it to myself. I just want to cry, but that won't make it better.
Promised Land   it was midnight on a windswept friday, early july, when i realized that my entire nation was a hand-me-down, a last-minute
As the sky began to fall into a dark blue,  the only thing on my mind was you All I could do was sit in reminiscent, even though I knew I shouldn't  Your soul was crushed by the harsh words that were said,
A letter to mi abuela,   I love you. Even if you hate that I say it in English sometimes, it still carries the rich rivers of tamarindo & mango juice. Your favorite.
My body furls under the pressure.My mind is absent and bosy aches with the concoctions of :sarrow and disappointmentstress and uncertaintytopped wtih :
I started 2016 scared and laughing I pulled the string of a noisemaker in the quiet of my room
Sheesh how the time goes by Before we were slaves being whipped day by day Now we can sue our current master for discrimination We can expand our knowledge through easily accessible education
I remember january like it was yesterday Joy sprouted within as hope of a great year penetrated my veins I was warmed not by clothing but by the fire inside me  
Some dream in color. Of their wishes, Their first love. Seeing fortune and serenity And a God above.   Others dream of darkness. Their phobias. And pain.
I remember when I was younger. I remember the cool breeze that greeted my face after a long day of running around in the summer heat. I remember my mother. 
The attack of a great fiend, As everything comes to an end, Black smoke fills the sky, Tears fill swollen eyes, Innocence disappears, Through the walls death peers, Fire burns at all costs,
The fear of being lost in a world, when you feel like you're fighting alone. The people you thought cared, fight against you. You thought you knew yourself, but don't recognize the person in the mirror.
Grieving does not even begin To sum up the pain I know you feel. The exuberance you felt inside your heart Was ripped from you without a thought. Without a feel... Without remorse...
2016 wasn't a rollercoaster, or a carousel, or a blind leap off of a cliff like they everyone says. This year was an ocean. The year I was born, we started the drive.
For being able to walk outside and look at the constellations, I am thankful. I spend hours outside tracing the stars with my fingertips, creating combinations astronomers haven't even thought of yet.
My Year in Poetry: The Politics of an Individual Morgan Tatum   I The Holocaust. And that’s not even the half of it.
When I think about the person I was a year ago, redemption comes to mind Because you see the past I only cared about protecting myself, Never put any bodies’ feelings before his, Even times when I was wrong
 I got this killa up inside of me I can't talk to my mother so I talk to my diary These bullies wont back off at school because they think they rule
See with arms wide, there is the moon, with light coming by your side, there is the moon 
Death comes calling me “Surrender little girl” in my sleep he echoed I do not respond back, Though life is too short He creeped into my life with these terrible things: Bullies, threats, and sexual assaults
From birth I've wanted to own them all beautiful things run my hands cracked, reddened over their edges consume them with green eyes fully endlessly  
  Love is being disowned from your family, and deciding not to be a measly child support check. Love is dropping everything and gathering the troops
I want to be goodI don't you to be goodI am trying to srive in lifeAlthough you are goneYour spirit still cast onI will smile I will continue to wait onI will smile I sleep till crack of dawnI will smileThese years has changed meBeing strong then
It’s a sad day when seeing the ones you love happy doesn’t make you happy anymore.   The feeling of perpetual loneliness slowly consuming you as you continue to search for a love that you’ll never find.  
Katrina DeKett Papered Love Poem   999. 1 more and peace.  Half over half, color side up.  1 more and peace.
My walls were built up so high and one day they were just…gone. The thoughts rolling around my head had no words to them. I forgot how to put my emotion down. I showed myself off like I had my world put together.
  When I was little, I used to love to sing. All the time in the house, there would be a tune in my mouth. Singing in the church is where I got my start.
My father once asked me Druhi, who do you want to be?  
Here I am today to tell you how much you shaped my life I am here laying under the shimmering stars looking back at the time you told me you’d always be there
What is it like to have the person that formed your arms, legs, and mind, that held you as you inhaled that first shaky breath and became you.
I lean on my shovel and survey the field after harvest. Way back in Spring, I had set out to clear the field of blackberries. At first I snipped them down, I trimmed the whole field.
The countdown states 699 days.It has been 699 days since he died,since I recieved a phone call.
I knew I needed it It was like a drug  I craved it with every ounce of my being. I didn't mean to hurt anyone I'm sorry if I got in the way How could I know that one little taste would hurt?
Bloodless   If in designation we find substance, We are neither truly rich nor poor.   I know what you see when you look at me. At least I fear as you.
A dance of ivory Marble stands frozen before me, and it snatches my scarce Attention to show a simple but detailed Woman with an attractive but scarcely Clad man.  
For the color of my skin should not define me It should not set a basis for stereotypes I should be able to walk confidently in the skin God made for me I should be able to walk down the street and not get shot
My life is like a Hepburn Rose. Unknown and just as pink as innocence itself. I never understood how life could go from easy to difficult. I couldn’t take the purple bruising pain.
I truly believe that every human on this Earth is born with a desire to save the world, and somewhere along the way, we realize that this world does not want to be saved.
It was when I laid my head on my backpack looking up at the frost bitten night exploding with bits of lost diamonds over velvet black that I saw it   It was when I wore my polkadot rain boots
I. January to June - In Sickness and Health She.She was my bravery,a touch to my soulconsoling the acheof being rejectedwithout the truth everbeing told.
The road lies barren, I alone travel. The sky cracks and moans, The trees stubbornly resist the wind, I forge ahead   Another flash, This one had hit it's mark.  Trees burst,
make me, unmake me, unwind me like ribbon, bury me with all that has died before— half decayed children and barely formed youths all me, all not   let petals suture
Faces of those around me, Each has a different story, A beginning, middle, and end, And a perfectly integrated plot. Yet, I am declared Faceless.   They don't see a story, They don't see a face,
I wish I was still afraid of the dark.   that I didn’t know what rests in swirling cloaks of black, that I didn’t remember where the hard hip of the kitchen counter was, or the swinging dress in the doorway.
2016 Leap year The year to finally achieve my goals BOOM Trapped in darkness Your safety net and rock just got diagnosed He has cancer You fall in a hole He will recover. CALL 911
Day one Thin black mist Floating like clouds Quiet little thoughts Singing sultry melodies Malicious lying mirrors Distorting initial images Shiny silver razor Tempting shaky fingers
there is a house on 8th street with low ceilings and kitchen cabinets painted lavender
Days go fast Time does too Where do I stand? How about you? Not one the same, but equal On only one terrain Time goes fast Won't stand still Hurts like hell Left behind, all alone
July   I remembered I felt No purpose Surrounded by a neglected glance,                                                           
The thunder cracked shaking the earth,And deepening the oppressive feeling which surounds my soul.Here I labor trapped within the prison of my mindA labyrinth, sinuous and dark, folding in on itself again and again.
Shaping My Own View Imagery is very important asset in my life. Lyrically I can openly be expressive without words and that has been my safe place for years. Did you know colors represents different words?
We both don't think the same Yet we still are the same Same skin Organs Blood Yet our mind shifted and split into two of us   A color deep as the bottom of the sea
Everyday we walk through the boulevards of life sore footed. I and my infant friends scavenge with dogs, digging deep into  rubble with our hands covered with crimson badana.
The sun rises over The choppy atlantic. Hot yellow beams Cut through the cold. Dried broken branches reach high up into the
It started with her. The chemotherapy was abortive and it didn’t repair the damage to her lungs. It seemed absurd to waste time analyzing, every word I came across,
She is happy, she is sad. She is excited, she is afraid. She is confident, she is scared. She is loved, she is alone.  
Gentrification gettin’ into this nation;Historically segregation, Killin’ kids, lit in flames and;Rioting makes it hasten, and racists make the hatred;It’s wicked and dangerous, we livin’ in hades;
She's from the hometown of astronauts and I'm just the neighbor of a launch pad her eye color should have its own name because they're more beautiful than anything I've ever seen the screen between you and me 
A Brooklyn bus is always the same, Bubblegum under seats,  Crossed legs blonde in front of you
My heart beats the same as ever My eyes see just as poorly My nose works just as well Yet I am different   When I roll out of bed late
You always found writing as a form of comfort, and that is something that we still share in common.   Nothing is more cathartic than intertwining ink and paper into a beautiful ballad
The blood, sweat and tears she lay,  as she smiles from day to day. Sweet as flowers of a rose, Bitter than a lemon that grows. Clear as the blue skies and birds that flew, but little did she knew.
Angel Eyes In the array of the boisterous crowd, There sits an angel with ocean blue eyes, She seems to be a blessing in disguise,
Quickly fell I down the pit of despair But at the bottom, I saw a light. At the end of this tunnel of storms, as I found, The new day brought peace and delight.   Why at first did it seem like a pit?
From January to February I hit a new low in life Everything was bothering me All I thought about was the cold blade of a knife   From March to May
What hangs from my eyes as I look down? A crystal pendulum spinning  in the sunlights rays.   Maybe it spins in fear of something new being on the other side of it by the time
Watermelon unsettles an empty stomach  Strawberry mouths, clean nails stained pink  Pressed against strangers pasty palms  They all pale in comparison to yours
    I want you to form your lips to speak my name Looking straight through my soul
Act I. The curtain opens on an empty stage Naked, suggestively waiting for come what May. Actors slowly file in bare of the costumes I had
He saw a million wonders in her eyes, an abundance of stars on a cloudless night The promise of infinite possibilities As they slowly dimmed one by one, tears silently followed yearningly as he wept
My wonderful wife. Why do you not see your beauty? Maybe if you looked in the mirror a little while longer you could see what I see. Someone who is so beautiful no matter what they all said.
He ran freely around his backyard fighting the dragons and monsters with his imagination. Knowing if he uses the sword that Daddy made for him it will protect him from anyone and anything.
He started out young, strong, and invincible. Never wanting to stop until he reached perfection. The climb to success wasn't easy, but when he finally got there he still felt something missing.
Him His dark brown eyes Almost as bright as His wise smile His height and style The rejoice in His  eyes
I can think of many things I would consider exquisite. like the way the body bends cracks and creaks when you wake up.
Now this is a story all about how, My life switched up and turned upside down. I'll take less than a minute, you don't have to sit, I promise, I won't waste your time with this.   About this time last year,
  Another prick but not the last makes me think of surguries past I feel a burning surging threw my vains and salt in my mouth as my heart pumps the poision threw me
I never said goodbye, No one knew am gonna die, Ma journey ended in a tragedy, Ma life haulted enxpectedly, And everything happened so quickly,
Should I be more conscious of the rough brick pressing up against my back? Is my insignificance rooted solely in the pavement of downtown Corvallis? Warm hello's can't pierce such
  She walks  with her head held high, Without fear of the future,  Letting the insults and rude comments, Brush off her shoulder like a child going down a slide.    She glides, She waltzes,
Pop your collar, working class hippie, rainbow kid in work boots- scorch the earth with defined footprints.
I dreamed last night that you had died Why had I not tried harder to bring you from that brink?   I dreamed last night you burned in flames engulfing you in every way
It is dark down here. Down where there aren’t many people the shadows swirl into fearsome shapes and sinister forms; like the smoke rising from a extinguished candle.
We are all like Sunsets. Uniquely spectacular in our design, yet all made up of the same colors.    We are all like Records. Our microscopic grooves and notches are what produce our melody.   
Seldom do I hear the rushing rain in December.Yet here it is, pouring down the metal and siding, making a waterfall-like audible sensation.Thunder crackles in the distance and the
II looked up and saw a solemn darkness with muted stars that dotted the face of the sky like freckles (nary a constellation in sight!).
I am overwhelmed at times with a sudden wave of urgency.   A pressure builds up inside of me and leaves me with only the racing thump of my heartbeat and heaves of breath  from my crushed lungs.
Colorless Dream
  We Blame Them  for The  way  we Act   in   life and for  our  general   traits
Meadows with sunflowers, golden leaves, and trunks of history represent glory. Purple lollipops, green skittles, and pink starburst represent children. Brown tables, beige curtains, and blue light bulbs represent vision.
Why Why is the question that we always ask So why is the world turning  upside down
I just needed a friend  Dark and dim in the closet No room to breathe I was suffocating No one was able to see  
you know what the deal is I am the realest Never forget me , I am the Villan I be chillin' I got so mad when the world's weight was on my shoulders
I tried to tell you      When I was twelve years old     That I was experiencing something I couldn't nor wanted to explain    
“Reach for the stars,” they said. So, conforming obediently, I looked at the sky And was instantly filled with wonder.  Massive quantities of energy
they cannot breathebut they can seethe trees turn greenand the colorof the lake doesn’tmatter. they rememberthe color leaving their face, their body forgetting
Time goes byAnd I am still inside this crystal globeDaydreamingThinking about how life would beas if you were still here.  
A ray of light that veils the woeful night Is how I see this love I newly found. A running stream that filled my hollow bight, And beauty oh! Too subtle, too profound. Ah! Lips on which dost vibrant roses bloom,
A ray of light that veils the woeful night Is how I see this love I newly found. A running stream that filled my hollow bight, And beauty oh! Too subtle, too profound. Ah! Lips on which dost vibrant roses bloom,
I see you through the clear, curved, orange plastic over my eyes You taste like metal opium The spoon still stuck between my teeth Gnaw marks in the handle From when I tried to swallow it whole, swallow it dry
The room was quiet It was silent. The gown was worn and the tassel turned And the pictures began to fade by time.   The clock led me on, and the learning began ;   The road was rough
Cremation Song   The joy is gradually breaking apart,  and the sadness is gradually wearing away. Holding on to all the fantasies,
Moon's Curse   Moon’s Curse in this icy dream.... In a world with no words, I keep professing my love  until one day it reaches you. An intense wish fell from those lips 
Sprinter   After meeting you I had a splendid dream Even though it only lasted for seconds To me, it’s like an infinity I’m calling to protect you
A year ago I had been frozen. The frigid frost had seeped into my mind, Spread into my heart no matter the obstacle I had set before it And I could not stop all my senses from becoming numb to the world.   
There once was a boy who wanted to fly. He was an angel who fell from the sky. Tumbling, tumbling, finding his feet, He stood up, feeling the newfound heat. His wings had lost feathers, matted and torn,
I'm looking at you while holding my hand. Like the world is stopped, you can't see me even the wind is passing. My mind is still towards you, it hurts to love you. I can't empty my mind and it's sad.
"You need to eat more" "You are too thin" Man, if it was that easy,  then this disease I would win.   I am well aware of my eating disorder I am well aware my life is not in order However, 
I am recycled I am the same material I was when I was titled, yet I am now a stranger to that hollow shell. Only a small time ago I felt like I'd gone through hell, yet, then, I didn't even know how deep it was.
Just imagine being told you’re half of the person you thought you were Because your therapist told you who you are Cause you fit the requirements you're mental, you're a psycho, you're crazy
August 31st, 2016I was diagnosed with PTSD.Because my father drank a bit too muchAnd took his anger out on my sister and me. Most of my life I've had depression,And I don't think people realize what it actually feels like.It's a part weight weighi
When you turn on the news, what's the first thing you see? The Black man that got shot today or the White man on the murderous streak.
Im a ghost in a river of the living Their minds are corrupt with the need  To be perfect To fit in among the rest, to uphold their Social standings And to reach the highest rank of the 
Im a ghost in a river of the living Their minds are corrupt with the need  To be perfect To fit in among the rest, to uphold their Social standings And to reach the highest rank of the 
kaleidoscope shifting, spinning colors mesmerizing  spiraling  hypnotizing  I’m being drawn in
From one day to the next, The clock keeps ticking.  However I think I've been hexed
My life. At this point it seems as if everyone around me has raced ahead And I am left coughing in the clouds of dust left in their wake As I either slowly inch my way forward Dragging my body across the track
You avoid food all day long… Maybe just one slice of pizza. As you chew, the calories accumulate at the bottom of your throat. You’re in public...but it can’t wait.
Daddy told me when I was 8 "You'll make mistakes" Indeed he was right, I've learned mine in the 9th grade Although I don't regret my mistakes, as a matter in fact, I learned from it
Children of God in the youth psych ward walking like the dead lights in the windows too high to reach black pits in your stomach where you swear your Soul used to be
My name is Billy,I stand, I watch,They're at it againI feel the pain, Yet!I stand, I watch My name is Billy,I stand, I watch,Glad it's not me, I pretend not to see, Yet!I stand , I watch My name is Billy,I stand , I watchThey look in despairI pret
The feelings rushing inside of you Images of things you see that I can't. This "drug" gives me relieve. Blesses me with the knowledge to know things. You see this "drug"gives me relieve I guess.
Cam Newton, you piss me offyou're very existence makes my negro skin sizzle till it burns off, could never pick you to be a disgrace and sell yourself off.
This darkness of mine is not worthy of my home’s beauty And you care not, for in you there is no darkness at all. You know not of the rolling hills that I sat and longed for mutely.
Her prowess is unparalleled, Suppression never dissuaded all that she is-- An ephemeral incandescence-- ceasing relentlessly
I journeyed through the world, overland and overseas. I was born where the sun never sets and never rises. I was purged out into a place, where the heat became my second skin.I went through thick and thin, and I became an African prince.
I remember you was conflicted Misusing your influence Sometimes I did the same Abusing my power full of resentment Resentment that turned into a deep depression
I am Lost A roaming soul left among the trees A sapling learning to grow on its own This is fine though  I appreciate the silence left only for me I find comfort in the thought of loneliness  darkness
I cried out from my inner soul the darkest deepest hole I ever sowed. The smallest sparkel of hope that grows into a blinding light I once behold. Have you seen my faults? or my impressionable thoughts?
At times, I feel like a small speck in this world. A small miserable speck. Why? Because the galaxies of our universe swallow me up to the point I am digested into the
I stand against the branches of life in a world filled with clockwork. I am the engineer that bring all the gears together,and is in search for the last of its odds and ends.. My eyes are set upon the sun
I was stuck in this 3AM daydreamwhere the music was faded through water,and I couldn't hear my screams. I was caught in a cage with all borders closed. Tolerance was terrifying, but I already knew.
And today I wonder. With the faded sunshine Whisked away on the breeze. With the soggy sponge of earth Slurping at my feet. With the smell of warmth
Different, Yes, But just like you; Only I have a gift. I can make castles, So pure, So clean. Watch, I'll show you. This city, A city of glass,
Blue and silver stars twist together to create a flowing skirt behind her as he holds her closely by the waist, softly, gently, always so delicate. They dance, getting lost in the song.
I Am   Now if you were to find me You’d find me at the green house The one that has the giant tree That house on the street Where you’d hear the creaking of the screen door
The heart aches as if the skin has touched boiling water. The cries of the child pierce the ear of a struggling mother. The father has moved on with the daughter. Leaving his old love, and
Another morning comes, another day has started Your still not here, my heart is guarded   Gone so sudden yet so soon You didn’t deserve to go, my world feels so doomed Almost a year ago this happened
People around me Flock like locusts They whispering As if were rats on a putrid lake They say about me Things I had not done For I corpse at front of them
All of them asking about you Give birth to the sun the day asked about you When the evening Reflected the light of the moon from your window asked about you The birds, which you left them with thirsty
don't try My Darling The fruits of my tree doesn't fall Hasn’t aftertaste Wind and rain stripped distance Deadline to my passion Distance is did not saturate Remain in my memory only the eyes your lips...
Thirst Dried saliva Spirit returned to the former old self Cracks in the tongue I become like a corpse Heavy sweat Dug in the dirt to find water If this torment Not Changing, O God
You reach for the knife, slide it in deep enough to cut, and reveal the contents inside of a card. Those dreadful words, "Thank you for applying we are sorry...." You set the card aside along with the rest.
A pain Overlooking From under of the door sills Overlooking suffering Uniqueness of paddle in heart Closed of the doors
Just draw If you want to paint a panel This is not impossible Put two beaches And their mold Formation of the Palm Falling from leaves Like in a fight with the wind In other side
Frame To image painful sorrows planted Inside hearts Awake Seeds of the fear With hiding of horror fact Capped... wear of silence Dress Planted sorrows of the Day It was...
Surmise Tomorrow ... will be changed all cases More listening to birds Investigate What say? Perhaps to grouse Or was thrown insults to us What saying?
Things before our sight We did not realize true value Shadow when realized us Beam enters eye to continue
Oh my lady Passion now is very different You’re Condemnation of my heart trembling While hurt sadness tampering Between the lips of dreams And you are back and your heart Your heart is traveled
A Wonder without an Identity A poem by : Abdel latif Moubarak … Egypt Translate by : Fawzy Al-Shalabi A Wonder without an Identity And the secret remains in your eyes a pearl Expressing…everything which wasn't
I refer to it as a battle. The battle between order and chaos, light and dark, sane and insane. The battle that is within us all. I admit, it has never been easy for me.
Golden gleams glitter the salty floor Wet with tears that flow like a shore. When the suns first rising and you hear your daughters snore.
Manmade stars seen through ash shadows blanketing this city made numb, the unmaking of man, thread unwinding from its spool too quick to remember.
"Shut up, you nerd. Nobody cares."
When the sun goes down, the vast majority of people like to hide underneath their heavy, ivory comforters with a couple of coffee stains here and there and they fall into a slumber for
January and new beginnings Followed by intense wrestling in February Little old ladies in their gardens at the end of March Listening to a good record during an April shower
Phone at one-hundred percent, Music app opened, Headphones plugged in, Zoned out.  Brushes gathered,  Paints wet,  Cup filled with water,  Ready.  Image has been sketched.
Life can be overwhelming. (No, let me restate that) Life can be Condescendingly, Overbearing with its Unrelenting,
  Growing up, everyone said that what your family does Will reflect on what kind of person you will become when you grow up. After hearing this so many times
A pounding initiates inside the layers of my flesh. It moves like the feeling of the bass that accompanies that lyrical-catastrophe. My feelers tap on wood. My headlights become unfocused.
Are You happy? Honestly, are you?
Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light. (Genesis 1:3)   A single drop of water creates a ripple in the pond, And the ripple resonates through the waters
A journey to begin Many to love and enjoylife with For our time will end
Once again My heart has beaten into a fresh puddle of dawn The sun has licked my eyes awake  Chance sits on the other side of my front door. Outside, the grass waits for my toes
Leaves are falling everywhere Piles upon piles scattered on the ground The bright colors, which seem to glow Red, Orange, and Yellow appear That's why Autumn is my happy season
Exhuberance, legitimacy to the word that is what he is He is my lord it is you Brendon Urie who I adore your voice like a songbird Echoing through my mind as I imagine his perfectly chiseled features
My dreams turned into nightmares My nightmares turned into reality My sun into darkness My smile turned into tears My laughs turned into sobs My skin turned into scars
A falling tree cannot crash with a thud In the absence of my ears, A rising sun cannot illuminate my view In the absence of my sight My day cannot commence Without me, to bring its light  
☼ the sun peeks over the rooftops warming the sliver of horizon visible from my window city pigeons transform into morning doves silhouetted against soft yellow melting into blue  
One thing that effectuates me  is what she shows in her smile so convincingly Something that’s simple and common to most It’s the way she smiles laughs and boasts
I am lost and all alone But I feel it Once again I’m just a blown out candle But I feel it There are tears dripping down my face
Waking up to the crisp air I yawn as the day begins, a shower to put a pep in my step and start a new adventure called today, My morning playlist blasting away as I groove into my clothes, a mound of clothes form as my indecisive nature kicks in,
Wake up at dark and at school by six, Head to the field to learn something new. Practice and practice some more, Get in step and get in form.   Time with friends and family at the games.
Early mornings with Colombian coffee is how I start my day Early dog walks with Luna and Rocky is how I get energized Warm water over my body is how I get prepared for the day
Joy does not linger eternally When our desired reality becomes fantasy We get drained of energy and vitality What I turn to is my cherished memory My memory is not a melody or someone else's fancy
The pungent aroma of the coffee beans welcome me, the bitter, yet invitingly warm smell as I pass through the glass doors of my favorite place to rejuvenate.
Sometimes when it snows I think of dying. Not dying because I want to, but dying because it can be beautiful When it snows it’s almost as if there’s billions of angels falling right beneath and above you.
  20 years on earth I've made ton of sorry things like I've been soaked in the world of mistakes.   Not being an eye candy amazingly beautiful was a mistake
Thanksgiving Day   I slip in and out of dreams. I drift into darkness, lightness, and finally into the crisp glow of daylight.
Gaming with some friends Laughing and chilling with friends Stressing with my friends
  He was bad.  But In every way so beautiful. Beautifully bad.  Daring even. For every reason he was wrong for me, there was just as many reasons he was perfect.
Wake up! Rise above hatred and become unique! Make a difference by stopping the racism! Let me tell you about a young African-American girl stopping her fellow white classmates from being racist to her.  
Dust swirls around my face My shirt sticks, reluctant to release my back Hot sun covers everything, and brightens the area
My dad held my hand  and told me it would be okay. Looking so elegant and tan, the music starts to play.  On the top of a Mountain, my dress flowed with the wind. Your eyes met with the horizon 
Every Day The sun rises  I open my eyes Alive The greatest gift given Another chance  To improve my life or that of others Every minute Every second
Hope is a raindrop,That cuts through the air,With purpose and pride. Splash. Hope is the ground,That waits patiently,For the magic that lies beneath. Shh... Hope is a root,That silently reaches out,To help others grow. Swish. Hope is my motivation
Basketball is what gives me that lift          to me it's life pure gift  boucning the ball up and down the court  basektball is much more than a sport  lving in a world without is impossible 
Whenever it has been a long, hard day I come like to come home to something sweet, Water is boiling on the stove top Ready to be poured into a warm mug of tea.  
Here dead lie we because we did not choose To live and shame the land from which we sprung. Life, to be sure, is nothing much to lose; But young men think it is, and we were young.
Looking upon the white void before me An infinite field of endless possibility A blank slate to build any kind of world of my desire I run my hand over the blank sheet of paper that makes me feel free  
I’m emotional.  I cry a lot. But these teary eyes  brown pools of mud, drip only for a while before they flood into a heart broken pile.   Books, trees, paper.
Every morning was the same routine but this year I was certain it  would be different. Waking up to go to school is not the same as it was last year.
Knives thrust deep within the backs of others; Smiles that keep igorant minds at bay; Words that break barriers and bones alike; Deception and destruction and acts of strife.   In a world so empty of hope.
The tapping of her foot With soothed eyelidsSwaying back and forthFollowed by the sound
  The performer lived to do the world's oldest dance on his shrinking stage.
A piano is not gray for a reason. The notes are either right, or they are wrong. Black and white are the only two places
A life of regret Feeling regret over even the smallest things It all builds up and makes the weight on one's chest heavier Closer to having the strength to overtake you
Crying Without holding back the tears Has become a habit for me. Almost everyday, I either watch something sad Or think about something that saddens me. But it always happens in the night,
To the boy who will one day Hold my newborn daughter, Hold her, gently. You’re probably still in high school Right now so I’ll break this down Into a form that you might understand.
Studyin' all day Gotta boost my GPA Get to work by five Concessions at the cinema dive Cleaned up the puke and condoms Found poop in a cup Reeking of popcorn when I hit the door
Life is like a puzzle Something that seems fun but causes trouble It could lead you to absolutely mystery   By living you are creating history   Rainy days may come and go But never stop you aren’t alone
Life is flying, flying day,King and crown pass away,Luck and fortune dont stayBut I never leave behindHow you walk and smiling talk.
The island I wasn't born on felt more like my home then my own house. The crisp island breeze against my hot sun kissed skin felt refreshing.
Deep in a random meadow, With willow trees and orange leaves, Fall is among us. The dandelions and tulip blow in the wind, With purple mushrooms, dancing all around. This is my happy place.
What makes me feel good?? A day with friends, and all the ends. The cheers , laughs, and little bends Without them I don't where I would end. A Good day with friends is everyone tends.
The Question By: Cydne DeTiege   The question is what makes me feel good. They want to know what makes me feel like everything in my world is really going the way it should
Window cracked, I wake up to a familiar breeze on my roof and I can once again breathe Coral, teal and lilac. You weren't my cup of tea.   I won't lie - it wasn't easy You tore me apart
“I will love myself despite the ease with which I lean to do the opposite.”                                                                                                   -Shane Koyczan  
The pure delight I am greeted with every time I come home The warm snuggles I am treated to every night The soft snores I hear just as we fall asleep together
  To make a boy a soldier Give him a uniform and gun. Tell him living is a sin, And to curse the wise who run.
The city lives there on the  sidewalks of West Rogers Park Chicago. I can hear its rhythm
[ Me writing a letter to death] October 10th.. Sending this letter from DeVonte, to.... to.., Im going to start off this letter saying i dont like you, I fear of you but I will fight you,
Cleat hitch release me Bowline do not slow me down Set the boom at 23 Hand on rudder bye to cape town The wind will show the way Sea spray on my face I am starting a very good day
The problems of life are nothing but a storm Gusts of wind swaying you back and forth Raindrops pelting you, your shivering form Flashes of light gleam, menace like a riot
walking through hallways of deceased childhoods and wet pillowcases where little boys and girls couldn’t find protection in their own homes their lips cold
When im feeling down or upset I go to my friends for help. There always by my side There like my own guide. Sometimes i go outside kick around a soccer ball and take my time i relieve all my stress
Sitting inside on a stormy day Listening to the beat of rain against the windows   A dog with floppy ears and soft fur that curls up in your lap and falls asleep   Firelight on a summer evening
Why do I never get bored, you ask? Why do I never get cold? Why is my mind a safe haven for me? Why does my youth never get old? Because I can daydream,
I love the beast hidden within me, sneakily behind these quiet eyes, only unleased when it is time to unwind with a good ol' game of air hockey.   The two shiny quarters in my palm
The stride in your feet When your hustle everyday of the week The exhaustion when you breathe yes it's true I'm proud to stand next to you. There is no one like you I must honestly say.
Sometimes, life gets me down. so down I begin to frown. Sometimes, I feel like no ones there. Plenty of feelings, bottled up in a square. I try to hide the feelings inside.
The starting sound of the motor.  That rumbling noise that lets me know it'll take me anywhere I'd like to go. The hard but exciting feel of the steering wheel. Those empty and curvy streets I take smoothly.
When I feel like I am six feet underground I look up at the sun and say, This too shall pass. Then I feel dirt as it hits my feet, legs, stomach, shoulders, arms and face. So I lie there.
In my heart I’ll remember the spring trees and the taste of fruit early in the morning before the sun rises, high in the sky, and paints the world with color.
There's no love like that of your mother Nothing compares, not even that of your brother They know when you're happy, sad, angry, glad tired, hungry, desired, hangry
Instagram,Twitter,Facedbook.. Snapchat,Ifunny,Youtube.. Always working smiles on my face, Like bees working toghether to make sweet honey. Oh!.. the giggles and smiles they create,sweet ole temporary happiness.
A dream A hallway, my heels softly clicking as I walk The polished table A clipboard Perched precariously on the edge
I felt something I haven’t felt, in a long time. The feeling so, powerful, so indescribable. Does music just seem, unremarkable?
Diamonds.   Cut Like Diamonds, The Earth, The sky. Cut Like Diamonds, The Mountains High.
A slight hum that esculates , transforms to a melody  . A rythem so sweet , it could wake  your taste buds  .
I like me but sometimes I don't I even hate me sometimes but that doesn't mean that I am any less beautiful I am deceptively strong in both mind and body I have red hair
This pain is simply pulling me apartCaught between you and the freedom of hopeThe simple irony of your oath"I promise to let you breathe," Yet your hands are around my neck."I promise to let you see," Still you are all I know."I promise to let you
How I greet my day:    Not with a smile spread across my lips Or an energetic laugh Making my two friends holler with joy As I spill out a witty remark.   But rather With downcast eyes
  Early hour calling—it’s a calming rush of ease Now sleep is over and I can now cease To lie in the dark, with her long tendrils falling
One thing leads to another. When it rains it pours, at least that’s how it seems to be when it comes to me and bad days. Or any bad thing in general.
Her smile glowed as she passed by with that yellow dress of hers. The ruffles that flowed down her body so sweet it captured the eyes of few but the hearts of many. She was a dancer. Ballet had been her life.
I woke up today hoping last night was a dream. Because last night I did not know. I didn't know that the next day would be different.  
A few can see the small faint beauty of the nature But I wake up to see the new beginnings of every passing day. Faint broken disk merging with the misty clouds in the west
I am not feelin’ good. Instead of staying in my sheets I will hit the streets It was a bad day But this will be a good run.  
Woods brushed in rich glows,Brisk fragrant breeze sweeps the air,Fall shouts its hello.
My Melaninated & Unapologetic Brotha
I slumber on and without aid Some say I'd sleep for 40 days (That's my mother's exaggeration)   I snore and snooze peacefully With no care, at complete ease  Til harrassed by Sound and Vibration
On midday, after school, a boy picked up a beautiful guitar the color of sunset; He tuned it and proceeded it play it, to play the music of his life, the sounds of his soul, he relieved all his stress.  
I have hair on my legs, under my arms, and on my crotch, But I do not consider it to be any different than the hair on my head.
I live inside of a voidAnd I stand directly in the middleCountless faces take shape in the darknessAnd circle me, ever-changingEvery time I lock eyes with a phantom faceThe features rearrange
I never been see like u another one I never been live Tommrow without u I never been sing a song not like for anyone Bady iam not dreaming and iam not lieing
I open up my weary eyes, A soft light do I see. Greeted by a bright sunrise Content just to be. On its way to give us warmth,
rain, whispers on my skin fat droplets of shimmering, glistening, liquid sunshine it’s peaceful as can be   mist,
When I'm feeling bad And not having fun I want to sleep And avoid everyone   My depression drifts Like dead leaves blowing Falling into darkness My anger glowing  
We are shot when we are compliant  We are shot when we are defiant  There are mothers crying There are children dying They want to keep us institutionalized I know what the Germans done 
I pick it up And turn it over It balances perfectly in my hand No chips No dents It's ready to use My feet on the line My arrows in the quiver Ready to shoot
She turns on the water And when steam steadily rises She steps into the shower As her walls wash away with erosion She sings with sanctity like a symphony,
She DEFILED herself!  Body pains, sunken eyes, flaky, sore, bleeding lips and her body as cold as ice. She chugged the water to silence the rumbling of her stomach as she walked out the door. She gave all the right answers and was
They use their fingers as rulers When they measure Squeezing tighly around my boney wrists They proudly and strongly tell me The width is neither accurate nor appropriate 
Is world peace Fought with a loaded piece Am I supposed to live at ease I’m asking the higher priest but he aint got the answers 
Our nation is based off of simply education. Children began as small as five years of age. Stuck in a classroom all our lives. Made fun of or excepted as who we are. Hurt or made whole.
    I cherish the idea of being sensitive in this world, of being soft, of being kind, so I write poetry.
When the Goddess of Love and Beauty erupted from the sea Carried by the west wind Naked when her feet touch land Saw by the mortals and fell in love with her
Stars/// eyes meet mine across the crowd, calling for migration,temptation, must be just a friendly salutation, I tell myself, butallow for a moment, the idea it could be more.Across the border
I hate mornings. My alarm insistent consistent I always wakeup late. I look almost dead. A bird has nested on the crown of my head I look in the mirror. God! Look at those bags!
Of course you couldn't hear the screams of a boy crying out in pain. The lonely voices asking you for help. To you the screams are just sweet laughter of the kids playing tag. Guned down,beaten because he's black.
My words are deafened by the sound of an unspoken tongue;A language more ancient than mankind itself.She uttered phrases that Shepard's used to heed their sheep
I need someone to hold me, To wrap their arms around me and  Squeeze the sorrow away   But I know I can't have that sometimes, And that's okay; It has to be    Release me from this anger,
I lay in bed, waiting for that bliss moment to be taken away from reality, and into my deepest desires 1, 2, 3... I'm gone. I enter my imagination. I'm in utopia; there are no laws,
I know a place of love, one that's just sublime I spend my time here daily in the summertime In this place I can be myself, not what others like I laugh and goof and smile on our many hikes
Roses are red Violets are blue Food makes me happy How about you Sunsets bright with their orange hue Sunrise pink, orange and blue Happiness is all around thee You just have to look and see
The Sunset is so magical , that it lights everything up ... It's powerful Orange beams so enthralling , It's like being served elixir in a cup .
the sky may be gray but once the heavens open  openings shall shine
Glancing outside the window, To the world shrouded in coal-black Clouds that in the wind billow, And my attention is brought back To the delicate lines
I place my hands in yours, for you to call it your own. When your fingers interlock with mine I am not alone. So I behold with you the feelings of togetherness, our hands holding tight;
I sit on my padded bench and examine the ivory keys I breathe in the smell of old wood and I stretch my hands with ease   The pedal creaks below my foot despite the gentleness of my press
I want a life.. without stress...... I know a place....... It's uterus.........
The world would be a better place if  we could just accept each other for who we  are…                            Everyone Is Different
The world would be a better place if  we could just accept each other for who we  are…                            Everyone Is Different
Family are blossoming flowers, so slow to floret and quick to decompose They are snug like the yellow sun and Impressing like the rows of colored green plants Familia
The act of ignoring someone is: refusing to take notice of or acknowledge them   When you're ignored, you learn to live in a world of silence.
The smoke from his cigarette slowly left the ember end into the air, disappearing and only leaving a lingering smell. That's when I realized it was like our relationship. We keep drifting apart from each other,
Here I am present, the tiny infats who die, from unfit "Parents".   Here I am the Light, the Savior for the abused, so many children.   Who am I, you ask?
Tea Day   Look at her in pretty dress cream bright drapery in her teeny waist with red flowers blending in the papery.   Look at her in pretty hat, red as her lips
The smell of week old grass And morning dew on the side Of the hill that I know well Where I do reside   The bubble of feeling That wells up in the chests Of people who hear me
Life sucks That's the way it is But what makes it count is what you choose to do with it Whether you change the world using paper and pen Or keep those words to yourself when your world is breaking
The fulgent naked stars pore over me; down they stare from beneath their nebulous blankets in the early hours of the morning when all the world is asleep-- all but them and me.
Final night  A beautiful day  And a great night Music notes dancing  Keeping our souls alive  Trying to get to know everyone outside  Not worrying about going home  Or worrying about being alone
She had a smile that would brighten your day. Not just one of those smiles that some old guy would say “nice smile sweetcheeks” Her smile made your soul bleed and the blood would
Upon a night with starry sky A spring-winter mist that flutters by Young crickets chirp a tune so deep Since the birds have now all gone to sleep   'Neath a tree so draped with vine
RAIN Rain you cover my tears. Emotions and fear. You provide clean water. For rich and needy people. You provide water. For good and evil people. Rain you provide water for plants and animals.
    Den don crazy like democracy, which is the government of the people by the people and for the people has failed to accomplish this goal because they refused to listen to the words of the gospel.
I miss the cloudy days When the sky was nice and grey, A sad smile upon my face. What happened to the rain?   The sky has been to bright, With the warm sunshine Glowing upon the smiling faces
When first shower of monsoon Touched the emotions Of my innocent heart Its strings began to ring Drops of rain began to open The windows of my heart And with its tender touch
I am a lost boy, From Neverland, Never growing up, And running from, Captain Hook.   Never wanna leave,  Wanna stay right here, Flying 'round the woods with, Peter Pan.  
to ponder, to wonderto sit quitely,in your too small roomwith soft bodysurrounded by pounds of cold booksto be trapped in a cagemade of broken pencilsand lifeless ink pens
What is that I smell? It fills my heart with great warmth, freshly baked cookies.
'Calm down.''You're fine.''What's wrong?''Will you please talk?''I want to understand what your anxiety is about.''How's it feel?'
This suicide wasn't easy Tried to... tear me down Break my walls Hush and appease me Thinking I would suckle on your lonely thumb and take what you offered
I feel electric walking through a park engulfed with happy princes, children skipping, people playing to their laughter. singing strings of guitars in this park the mirth of drooping spilling coins in their cases.
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I found a boy that was nice and cute Losing my mind over a half smile Obsessing over his bright blue eyes Such a great guy... I wanted to date him. Told him how I felt and he denied me
Who's warm bosom is arrowed by cupidShouldst hark now to honest counsels my minddiscourses; love's like to unexpectedWhom thou think of least, hearts’ like to c
Smooth, round and reflective droplets of water descend from wisps of dark dissipated cloud Clip clop, falling in rhythmic succesion upon the roof of a home Clip clop, they burst upon impact in splashing outward motion
  Although I was a virgin, my soul is pregnant. I am dressed dark the same as crows My eyes are weeping blood And they are pouring on the dried flowers.
Alone I lay in the dead of night Everything is calm though nothing is right There I lay awake in bed My mind fighting a feeling of dread.  
Looking up from the cold ground, Yellow tinted lighting shining brightly upon a pale face
Before I met her there was we a distant memory of the people we used to be, the bond that could never be broken because blood was thicker than water  and water was always too stubborn to come out of sad eyes 
  I greet the day begrudgingly. The sunlight pools in my eyes like tears. It streams down my face and no matter how much I rub it does not come off.
I sit here in the darkness and I write these rhymes Calmin’ down my sanity turn it to a clarity I don’t do it for the fame, I just wanna focus and survive
In the spring, the leaves are green And the flowers bloom while the blue birds sing The sunlight pours through the branches
Feeling like a pen with the ink in bubbles inside, Scribbled on a piece of paper in futile attempts to put ink to page Yet only creating ever-deeper runnels in the paper’s smooth surface As the ink refuses to flow.
Society can't heal to humanity we're just profanity everything is vanity and no one has sanity. But when my ink touches the paper crease, I am assured of some peace. 
A hundred-acre wide stretch of half-dead grass bisected by a slash of gravel a quarter-mile long   The drag strip where bales of hay and the occasional deer
glow india,glow youre-do,re-do,re-do
Through the long classes,  filled with intoxicating noise-pollution  and fading attention, we found mutual adoration, then love.  Remember, my crass stubbornness created us;
If literature is the memory of humanity, then poetry must be our dreams. Our ballads help us through the insanity called life by being like sleep,
The early morning sun rises on the south Texas skyline. Around me, I hear everything; voices, beeping, the soft croon of Her Voice. What a world I exist in! I eagerly look forward to life!
Long have I felt the allure of storm in all my earthen veins; longer, thrilled, I've begged the still and silent clouds to stay - to brush the skin of world below as rainy fingers press 
Words are like water. They flow from the mouth as if it were a waterfall. They cause rain in the form of teardrops to roll down the mountains
Poetry is the sweet sap that seeps from within the trees, exposing their true nature of how delicate and potent it feels against my fingers, spiritually connecting with me.  Poetry elicits a plethora of emotions 
This one object defines me, it's all that has ever defined me, but it is the ink that has made me. From the moment I first held you on that fateful eve, it was my destiny.
Maybe I was too innocent, maybe i was too stupid, maybe i was too excited, But who could have denied that i was in love.. Love which was beyond your cruelty
I get lost. Time stops When I write. I travel through the depths of my most secret undiscovered self And uncover mysteries.
There is total darkness I can't see I can't feel  I am in total despair I am scared,so afraid of the unknown I see a a light  A tiny bit of brightness It is approaching It is widening
One day, I will look into your eyes See the future, You, me and little strangers that come along.   One day, I will cry a river Our insecurities will build a boarder
Bestow upon me thy wings, So that I may fly, soar, crash, burn, rise covered in blood and feathers forever keeping in mind that I have left you behind, as I erupt into a tracne where there are no regret
When I was young, I heard the song of a caged blackbird singing, I heard happiness and vitality in his voice, like he was proud to have seen this year’s spring. What I didn’t realize at the time
You raped me.Blatantly. Unapologetically.Impetuously.You raped me.You deprived me of me.You have created the epitome-I am the embodiment of everything I despise.  
His body was a battlefield With an unconquerable soul Made of fire that burned With the same embers that fueled The flames in his eyes. His mind were the attackers Whose wicked deceptions
I see the tears cascading down your cheeks. I understand the pain oozing from your heart. I hear the words coming out of your mouth And I see that you are hurt. But I do not feel your pain.
Once upon a dreaded dark night, While I thought and thought about the lady in white,
He grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me to the corner of the room. He pressed me against the wall and held my face. "You can't escape.  I will always find you." STOP.  PLEASE STOP.
There's a battle out there- this world's got a scheme To take the 'you' and replace it with 'me' That's what they call the Hollywood machine- It just starts with one flaw may never have seen
The air licks the iron Of soft crimson cotton.   The red that you bleed gushes With an ache of thunder rolling through your veins.  
You wish to hear a poem about the first poem I wrote? Or the juncture at which I pulled that pen from my coat? Typing hastily on a chair cushioned by purple pillows
If she had a nickel for evertime she'd scowl at her body She would be so wealthy her body would be covered in money. Clutching her hands around her thighs, cinching her waist with her fingers coiling herself around.
I watch them move  They move left and right , back and forth as the wind glides across it wings Its strong, it can stay put as long as no one or nothing tears it down
Not far into the forest of nature, Yet far from the noise of the highway, The lake sits silent, and calm, and still, Just as I am, silent, calm, and still, As I rest beside the lake.  
As I sat on the boat in the ocean of death  accompanied by dark unsmiling silence, The Lady in the Vellum swam swiftly to me. Her skin glistened in the fulgent moonlight
Look at this picture So lively and boisterous Feels like it was captured just yesterday Everyone was so happy Everyone was so healthy Enjoying the air that we shared
I looked at my mother as she puts her makeup on. Many words popped into my mind. Beauty Sadness Strength Would I one day wear the armor like she does?
Lovely rain, How simply magnificent you are, With your small droplets as clear as glass, That fall from the heavens to bring new life to the ground below.
The girl in the mirror She was not me She wore my face like I was happy The girl in the mirror She was a fake She was a mask Never meant to be torn off She made the world seem
That sounds pretty? No Mr.President, I don’t want it to sound pretty   I want it to rock you to your core make you feel things you have never felt before
One SmileOne laughOne lookOne soundOne touchOne memoryOne mindOne heartOne breathOne girl makes it allTake one away, the girl is goneWhy would someone do such a thing?
Sleep sweet my dear For sleep is just a dream Happiness shielded by darkness Life as a truth   For sleep is just a dream And time once a thought Life as a truth Heart a stopwatch  
Up on the hill by the mansion Beneath a loud luminous sky Clouds race in from the North- A rogue storm nears. Gusts of wind demolish fields and trees A blur of brown, orange, and green fly by.  
I Can Still Remember I can still remember the words you said to me. I Can Still Remember I can still remember how you covered my mouth with your hand. I Can Still Remember
The secret is hidden within the rose burried in the garden of thorns for if you try to rech me beware you wlle torn and in your dreams I shall awake a mist of golden rays
I can hear the unspoken sounds of words To the quiet whisper of Gaily, shuffled, and intimate To the distant rumble of Revoked, sanctify, and rebellion Each word is humming a lullaby
It felt like we were stepping out of a coming-of-age fantasy An assault on my senses, the sensation was too much to bear. We walked into the cracked pavement that was washed under the sun
Leaving you was the hardest thing to do but the right thing the best thing But you no longer existed The man consumed by his worst demons,  the shell of a once lively father with a great mind but also
I am poetry  My words fly with the birds and the bees  My definition of poetry is being free  My poetry is deeper than the ocean with explosive emotions  It can be more violent than the push and pull of waves
Gobbledegook from my math teacher's lips, An impending lab report due, The headaches they come; I internally grieve As my soul turns a sapphire blue.  
I fell asleep, completely alone And before me arose an ocean of riches And as I began to walk through them clutching my new found riches to my chest I looked up at the fiery sunrise
Klinks of empty bottles on concretelazy heat, blowing in my hair..yesand my dress "Don't you know i don't need you?"
 NOTE: The original looks like the image     Peach  Yawning, the light of a passing day dips the horizon in an apricot die  
The flames die out. Ghostly traces of red and orange and purple haunt the sky. The last moments of light cling to the clouds as the weight of the sun is dragged down. Resting place. Somberness rises with the moon.
My soul is overflowing. My brain is overwhelmed. My heart is bleeding. Filling my veins and pouring itself through my fingertips. Mixing with the ink on the page. My words staring back at me.
Its hard to decide but it's the life James lived Watching best friends kick in doors Putting guns to people ribs Hear three shots James panic and ran. James just realize he witness a murder
If you choose to love me here are some things you need to know:
My eyes snap open Why am I  strapped to a chair? My mind is groggy. Where am I? Most importantly, Who am I?   I don’t know much But I know that I am comfortable, I am at peace,
I wake up to armies marching and battling inside my head. It is all gunfire and dropping mortals, Men ducking for their lives, Commanding Officers yelling orders, And dying men screaming out for their mamas,
  A needle: a small, thin object with a sharp point that mends our open wounds.   Sewing needles are polished and used by seamstresses to keep our clothes stitched and tailored.
I have never truly been able to find myself. Confused and lost in a sea of thoughts. What is my purpose in life? Where will I see myself in the future? Wanting a special dream to call my own.  
Dear little black girl, You are not so much little but your heart is the same, broken.
Yo te quiero, Abuelita! The smell of freshly baked tortillas Drifts through the small home Old and well-worn chairs are scattered Throughout the living room
Yesterday, your eyes were green.   They were a subtle green, the color of a springtime meadow at dawn. They were the color of hope; the color of trying again.  
I have this sort of obsession. It’ll seem alarming, but hear me out.   I have these dreams, visions really, of blood. It’s fresh, dripping or pooling on hardwood floor.  
It's so dark in here. I can't even see the cage that confines me. I shout for help, but not even my echo can roam free. I am trapped. I am bound by these chains,  not made of metal,
She comes home from work sugar coated With heavy eyes deflated like a failed bread bakers experiment And I wait at the table For her to come home
What to say, what to write as I search my mind for any matching word                                                                             
Story of a Little Black Girl   I was three. Socks up to knees. Posed in front of trees. Mom saying cheese. School wasn't ready for me.
The early bird chirps at the rising sun. The street kid holds close his precious tin of glue. A student hurries to school eager to learn. The poet smiles at the beautiful sky so blue.  
The first time I caught a glimpse of your hair I couldn't stop watching I couldn't stop staring I followed The wavy golden hair The scent of innocence The look of innocence I saw this only within you hair
I write poems For truth for expression for love  For honestly For the breaks up and makes ups I write poems For the boy who will never love me
I hear piercing screams from the burning village. From scared women, adults and underage. Oh! The terror of this pillage! I am standing behind the muzzle of a smoking gun, And I can’t stop firing, “Bam! Bam!”
I miss the random trips, When girls came trashy and liquor came cheap. When it rained weed and laughter came easy. When dictionaries lacked words like “free” but had words like “crazy” in plenty.
Crossing the border, not being buried six feet below    Otherwise cover with dust is why I pick up the pencil & paper  who can't .  Dark night, dehydration, death at side of 
Cherry-picked exactness and I’m trying to tell you exactly what I mean. Will you listen? Because some days I hear beautiful things that I don’t like, and wonder why they are even here. I used to read all the time.
I Am The Bull, I'm North Carolina In a Nutshell, I Write These Stories Of My City And Let Them Tell Themselves I Place Them All On My Shoulders, I Am a Homemade Shelf I Am Made Of The Instruments In The Background, Of The Music That Bumps In My He
1976 My parents spent most of their time fighting in their bedroom because they didn't want my sister and I to see them struggling.
On the back porch looking out of the screen There is beauty that is before my eyes, with The green hills that span miles and miles. A Southern Delicacy
The Crow swallows the Swallow over the plantation of snow.A child and a brain battle royal under the crow in the pasture until the mind overpowers the immature being.
The end of the world fallsin silver shining dots on gray ground.The sky has sunlight in it somewhereover there, but here the shadows cupa low roof above our heads. Silence.A plastic bag drifts down. Lightning
Look past the outskirts of the town of stray men Where none think to trod A black wall caging in the livestock All together lost within an arbitrary boundary   Run blindly past the seam of shadow and light
[Freestyle Slam] 7/12/2016 Grave me with the words left unsaid; that drowsy night under the light pole I was waiting for a man who said had loved me.
Welcome to my Dark house.  We contained our self, full of surprises. Miss understood we all stand. The darkness that is all there is. Why am I so lonely? Am I under mind control? Am I out of control?
Sometimes I like to think in even numbers because Prime numbers tend to lend a connotative tone Sometimes when I close my eyes to slumber
Officially unofficial Temporary partner because for the moment it was beneficial Emotions intertwine and interchange and then it hit you Your perception of reality was a tragedy
I am from song, from stereo and carseat. I am from a cat on the street. Stray, found with amazing grace. I am from the flower garden, the gardenias, whose pungent perfume I recall
Ibleedin verses,my heart a rhythm;iambic, and constantblank meter, sporadic.Words fly like winds,words fall like rain,clacking uponkeys.  
Reality is whatever my words make it.   A long forgotten shack in the middle of a blizzard,
 No larger than a minuscule larva I knew I was unique As I grew larger with age My qualities were shamed I knew what they said was false
I look at the sky in all its heavenly expanse and wish for wings, and I would set out for the earth They would not be the thin wings of insects, glittering and clear of all doubt.
You think my life's a picture, but it’s really a masquerade. Paper masks covered in glitter have you thinking I got it made. Go ahead, tear away the curtain, I'll show you what lies behind.
Like little specs of happiness Fluttering around at night, I've never thought of them as pests, Their light gives me hope and might.   Their bioluminescence And their all around magic
Her whole life she's dreamt of love. She's dreamt of euphoria, All consumed euphoria. She's dreamt of optimism, Blind but sure optimism. She's dreamt of unending joy, Broken only by breakup.  
I’m just a kid Always have been, always will be.   From the creative spirit I display To the tests that life has to offer
The colors in the world slowly faded. Like an old picture that slowly loses its color, As the corners curl. The world becomes dim and seemingly hollow. At times it seems like the world is at a standstill;
Dear twelve-year-old me,Wearing an outcast’s scowlAnd bitterly drinking SpriteOn the bleachers at the middle school dance:Picture yourself on the floor.    
Let the waves take me under, let my tired lungs fill with tears. Like my mother's, who wept for years. I got it from her. Mother knew best.
There is no opinion quite like my own. It’s so well thought out; I wear it like a jacket. I grew it in my garden (I never missed a day of watering). It became a flower amongst tangled weeds of opposing ideas.  
that crawling feeling when you're feeling all alone that buzzes from the depths of your soul to the teeth in your skull to the tips of your fingers, bouncing on the keys,
to whom this may concern: i am now free i do not wish to sing thee barren praise nor have it fall on eyes that cannot see
To my selfless parents: Raised like a princess, Constant support, Late night talks, Just lots of love. The kindest parents Who give me inspiration
Walk with me, Lord! Walk with me!Walk with me, Lord! Walk with me!While I’m on my pilgrim journey,I need You, Jesus, to walk with me. Say it loud Im black and I’m proud 
  Wrinkled edges and dog-eared pages, Smudges from the swift stroke of a careless hand ― Crispy remnants of a poem spaghetti-stained
Excitement  This is what I feel   Takeoff I'm at ease Imagining the blue waters of the sea   I land Please, I just want to be in the sand The sun's light turns me blonde
Day scotching, calories burning, shirt unfitting Yes they were alarming "happy birthday boss"Happy birthday even my stomach began groaningAs its inner beings rejoiced for the yummy food scent;
Looking for a female beauty, that splash in my face on summer vacation Why wipe my opportunities away like sweat? Why! Oh! Why play hard to get? Well! Girls want what they cannot have
to say that i’m “distracted” would be an understatement   the way yonder shoulder radiates, the opaline flesh revealed; a testament to the raw fertility of the deltoid;
I started off small. As I grow and grow I feel that I am more recognizable to my surroundings as one. I combust into a light source so strong, that nobody dares glare at me for too long.
The last intoxicated drop of alcohol ran down his chin. He was told he could never win. The small bag with white powder stared back tempting his every move. Their were voices in his head that wantd him to loose.
Growing up is never easy, Constantly trying to understand my being. This person they constantly questioned Discriminated, and offended.  
Do you make wishes at 11:11Do you plan from 11:09 When your hope bubbles over andAll of your troubles and desires File into a line where the biggest dream races practicality for a spot in the frontAnd converts to words soon to be evaporated into a
Please, Young girl don't cry,  Pretty girl don't cry, But if you must, I am here. I am hear for your tears, For your dreams,  For your thoughts. I am here. Lay your head down,
Though blind of sight, but not of what’s right, comes the plight of night and light. Never able to see how their plea affects you and me brings forth deception, Which brings us to the loss of hope.
Dear uncle, I hope the cigars were worth it Just like your breathe was stolen from your chest, It's left us all choking on the emptiness And even though you're still in my heart, I wish that you were here.
Rain, Trickles down my window pane, Reminding me that it's okay, To cry sometimes. Your brave face cracks like thunder, Leaving you to wonder, If it's okay to let it melt away,
"Just Married" signs are so  wonderful to be seen  on the back of a car speeding down the highway to a destination  unknown by onlookers.  The direction only to be determined 
The hand of the friend of a sinners son They cried at night felt they were the only one Their happiness they lost in a world so cold To only live lonely and grow old
Barrier of who go banana As they have a face thunder, As they lead to the intolerable on my infatuations.
words spill from my lipslike a water fountain in crimson red there is so much i want to say, alwaysmy tongue like a reel of film ripped down the center;writing makes me feel unique
Life is touched in gold, and bathed in silver Touched in nirvana, bathed in desperation, by affliction, by mysterysome pain, never promised gainBathed in the blackness of the loud, engraved in the brightness of the nightsculpted in the shadows of
It's crazy. There's this thing: I possess, I implode, I am u t t e r l y surrounded by some Great-Gentle Sway. The Eternal One. Sustainer. Peace-Maker;
Jay was a woman: Elegant, and Porcelain in Her complexion. She Lit-up Rooms effortlessly, a mere smile was all it took. Unfortunately, She was fickle, which tainted this perfection.
Tall, skinny, man stand above me. Struck with horror by another man, Like thunder strikes a tree.
Beds   From deflated air mattresses to beds so big not even a pillow and a body could fill it   From lush green jungles
Life is full of wonder, fulfillment and love, kindness from above, your life starts as a blank page, but as you go on it turns to a book full of poems, pages and pages that tell you a story.  
Mirror, why do you hide what's inside? It's as if you judge people on how they look or their outside mask You glisten You shine But you hide You hide my beauty on the inside My emotions
  Into her torn shoes fell the rocks. She let them crumble, let herself bleed. Trudging towards her tryst with trees, under battered broken branches she
Self loathing for feeling like a king Inside a dream only meant for a kid Not only does your sharp tongue sting
Upon death the Spirit was born Not heralding a crown or extravagantly adorned The Spirit was free, and had a right to be
I was just another kid, bright eyed, the world was mine, till I found out, it was all a lie, not one person gives hand outs, no ones your friends, you work so hard, but you still pretend
    Hey it's that kid with the ashen skin Skinny white b♂y who you could snap like a twig Ask me again how that story went Because the first time around my voice cracked thin
The color of my face, the wind in my hair Are all symptoms of the life I bear.   Chilling bursts with the warmth of the sun, Are contradictions of the life I’ve won.  
Before the clock's tenth bell rung Just a slight tick tock after one, He embraced a child with love And that child loved back. Until The child was a child no more.   The clock's hand pulled away
Tiffany was my given name I have quite the history Medically so to speak My 7th year alive was unique My brain stroked out I collapsed on the floor, half aware The right side of my body
Strolling through the forest, Pushing through thorns, Slowly making progress, Stepped on a trap, Caught in a rope net, Dragged into the darkness, Not much can be seen.   Yet familiar.
‘Poetry? Did Mrs. Ring just say poetry? Roses are Red, Violets are blue, what’s new? That’s all the poetry I ever knew A haiku? What was that? Oh boy, I may want this lesson to go fast’
I suppose I would like You to know that I am sorry. That’s how all apologies and the like are supposed to begin, With that admission of guilt or regret or something that tastes like bile
She yells to remind  me of the love she has in her voice her own pain reflects  memories that I know  all to well  For I am not afraid of  the voice that reminds 
I walk down the street With a purse slung on my shoulder A book in one arm And a binder in the other I keep my head down Whenever someone passes Rushing to work Hurrying to be faster
Power can be relentless, as it is the fabricated illusion that we create to light  up the morning sky.It is the delicate string that determines the shape and size of the web that we call life.Bouts of self doubt and petty anger are the dark ominou
You whisper it in the pouring rain, one long smooth chant. With a circle in space you speak in true unity. Together as time slows the beauty above is framed in fire and ice. The mists bring vital peace to those 
A little quiet hill Sitting very still With a modest pride Slanted curve aside. Every tree's tappered stems Adorned starry diadems Glistening dew of morn The dawn of a day born.
You two really are magnets. But you both have the same polarity. And maybe you were both purple once But he's red, and you're blue. But me? I'm yellow. And he and I? We're orange.
You won't get married to him. Not yet, at least. I probably won't either, but that's only because you're both cheaters. But for now, I'm glad I ruined your chance with him. By the way, you're a terrible cook
There was a day before you and there'll be a day after you. And I know no one thought that day was soon,But it was.
The snow crunches beneath my feet. Each cold step can’t be repeated Even if I say a do over is needed. God says control is his to keep And asks that I take the famed leap. That in this snowy, shadowy scape
Being depressed as a kid is well, strange. Because you never can see a future. Instead you see the present, and everything that it holds. It holds promise and love and a future for everyone else, but not quite for you.
With one last screech the Eagle soared through the sky This winged beast, flew overhead, blocking the sun The world seemed to slip right from underneath his feet Why the pain, there was no pain
Humans are Ignorant; Illiterate and Inexperienced. We live in a world Poisoned by Greed.
The love of the game can bring you all the fame, but it can tear you down and bring you shame. When that shame comes, you must learn to deal. If you cannot deal, then you will not heal.
The animal was suffering cruel conditionsYou may ask yourself whyThe answer lay on monetary commissions The reason thousands of animals die.  
I'm not a surgeon but, I can fix a heart using a couple stitches. I know she has been hurt I can tell by her pictures... She, Sticks your stomach in so boys can like her pictures... She,
the air is swept from your lungs . in one fleeting gasp. everything you clung to, everything you leaned upon. every dream from the deepest parts of your heart
Hello, Do You Love Me? I know the last time we spoke you made it plain That you didn't care about me, or my pain You shoved all the blame on me And now it's as obvious as can be
Gunman Gunman I feel so ashamed With negative emotions feeling your brain While gunshots and rage perform on the stage Dozens and dozens Lost in fright Left in the dark to bleed all night LGBT
It is easy to lose oneself gazing into the vastness of space.   The calm beating of the heart begins to mirror the gently pulsing twinkle of the stars. The consciousness is perfectly absorbed
Burying close family members, Has inscribed etchings of fatality. The Voice is locked up in chambers, For the negative voices of brutality Has left a lifeless Body silent.
White and full of bright lights. The old worn oven is replaced with a shiny modern oven Beige curtains with fruit patterns flutter as the wind softly blows
As I helplessly watched him walk away I felt the air around me crumble It collapsed on top of me And knocked me to the ground
Closed eyes Darkness They can see you Look left! They can hear you Look right!  Nothing there Cold breath crawls in your ear Tunr Around!  Did you see that? They heard you 
Have you never noticed how a sunflower always faces the sun throughout the entire day? How her petals frolic in the wind and play?
Words swirl on the page, the deep blue ink staining They transform from words into something more; a painting. The picture of my mind, written out--no, drawn. Like adding another brushstroke, adding another on.  
You’re the one who holded me through all these months Who always tend to be the one that counts You went through all of the fuss and huss. That time, too tough to touch.
I want to give you The most beautiful words in the world To hold in your heart And keep on a cold day When my voice is far too far away.
I awoke to the fusion of the heavenly scents of eggs, pancakes, waffles, and bacon. Sunlight engulfed my bedroom in a beautiful array of pale oranges and lemony yellows.  
Spirit of the wind, carry me home Spirit of the carry me Spirit of the wind carry me home to myself   Sankofa! Bird of the dark people
My eyes translate images into a new language outside the two edges of the globe. The striped shirt hanging loosely on a rack In the middle of a crowded Marshall's Has not the label of male or female.
There once was a man who chased the sun. He rode his bright red convertible between his hands at ten and two. The sweet breeze flapped around his blue hibiscus shirt and he smiled.
A little boy went to town to sell his little wooden wares, Throughout the town and by the path's old cobblestone stairs. The little boy cries out and sings his only warbled song,
May twenty-four, nineteen-ninety-one   a day of importance, a day of remembrance, a day of reverence marking the end of a thirty-year bloody, decimating struggle for independence.
You murdered me with whisperings of trusted secrets now in fling. Our trust you tore with rampant greed and flaunted my foolish empathy that marked you as my everything.  
I slowly closed my eyes. Awake in the forest. The background of blurred colors began to die. I still saw your silhouette staring back at mines. When I was younger. I weeped.
The man who trained fireto flit from his lipsfell in love with the womanwho sangwith water’s voice.  
Why is it That a ninth-grade Honors English teacher has to tell thirteen, fourteen and fifteen year-olds Not to look up ideas for a slam poem assignment Why is it
It is my unalienable right to not be here right now. I’m entitled to the pursuit of happiness and this isn’t it.Maybe stars get lonely too,Thousands of miles away from their closest friendMaybe they are sick
The water ripples silently Like all my thoughts combined, I listen for the creak of oars; Such sound I cannot find.   You’ve been away too long, My Love,
Let us all act like intellectuals and romanticists. Let us frolic in anguish and arrogance. Let the abyss absorb all piety and love. Have hope. No, desire hope, for the wish to have it is just as futile as hope itself. Don't fear my dear, Please d
You look outside of the houuse window to view the scenery in the neighborhood and find two officers flanking your farther sitting on the bench in front of the house.Nosily you go outside to get a better status. There he goes. There who goes?
Saturday morning again, and the bees are wanting to settle into our c-l-a-v-i-c-l-e-s.
You say I am a disgrace But you are not an ace I see you see my face misplaced Nor can I reach for a hug because I am a disgrace.
There were the stairs, just outside of the apartment complex. I sat there with the day, listening to the wind complain about the world.   There were palm trees with leang trunks
I see the world From up a tree What might this world Be waiting for me I wait to hear your wings Fly through the wind
  The relative I never understood you as a person your twisted personality is always taking sharp turns into dark corners
Spinning words slowly One by one They fall into place Using strands of words That come from your heart Beads of blood That cling daintily Reflected upon your face As a way to show
Why am I still standing here In this place where I was once happy Even though I close my eyes I still feel you staring down at me Why won't you leave me alone? How am I supposed to move on with this stare?
Driving home alone late at night is something of a religious experience. It’s not something you’ll want to do often— it’s like church that way— but you realize that sometimes we need loneliness
Pens are marvelous creatures, aren't they? They live and breathe and bleed. Oh, yes how they bleed All over pages, endlessly marking history,
she's only fifteen and she's already lying about her age to boys. she's only fifteen and already performing oral sex. she's only fifteen she's already trying to loose her virginity.
My pencil sets fire on blank planes Words spew out like bullets, Marking the white with black splatter and gritty lead. This goes on for what seems like hours but really it's been minutes
if you asked me to write down all my trivial thoughts i remember on a daily basis, there wouldn't be many. maybe a melody of laughter with friends or blurry faces brushing by in the hall or
I want to make a distinction Between “human” and Homo sapiens “Human” is my choice Homo sapiens is my species And I want to make a distinction Between “animal” and “Animalia”
I prayed for death, but it never came. No amount of tears could wash away my pain. Illegitimate by birth, scorned for living in my truth on this earth; I wanted nothing, so I stared into the abyss.
I want a million thousand bills couple masions in the hills.but my people.Dien soldiers in the field.but they babies it real.Go to war like navy they call it life bout a thrill.practice makes perfect.everyday you
Some dogs are faithful than Some Human dogs didn’t burn villages and homes It did not kill and murder Rather than protect and company
There is a quiet spirit in these woods, That dwells where'er the gentle south-wind blows; Where, underneath the white-thorn, in the glade, The wild flowers bloom, or, kissing the soft air,
What does it mean to be masterful in the contortion of words and phrases? To be able to twist the thoughts of what we feel and make it meanful to another, To be here, but with those words be transported into other places,
Being young and homeless having possesion But dont own shit the folks that put you out on the streets hide behind a good class I can see thru a good glass what lies behind and beneth the classification of help is help
Poetry. What is Poetry, they ask? Is it like the ocean, how it flows? How you can hear the waves crash? Or like the television, visualizing everything outside of your home?
There is a moment, when a spark thunders down, when all I need is a glass and no sound.The first moment like it, which no one could predict, was, for me, when everything clicked.
Look, Mommy! I grab the bleach blonde Fake ponytail extension From the Target shelf And place it, like a crown, atop my frizzy chestnut brown curls. Mommy, can I have it please?
I lost a piece of me, once upon a day Once upon everyday It seeps out of my pores The flames I once was praised for Is slowly smothered
            Where I’m from, people work day to day to sustain their families and the daily food is always there, my dad works it the same way struggling day to day to provide our needs and our likes.
And I remember being sick to my stomach Watching him rip each layer from my underdeveloped corpse   I felt more dead than alive
  A poem inspired by the militarization of the border as well as the Chicano Movement.     Las hierlas  
"you only pick the goods from her remains, because it's only a persistence 
Your light shone but once, sprouted my rose of ardor, the rose soon to wilt.   In plentiful bloom, is our chemical romance, beautiful yet beastly.   Bleeding our love:
I have cold, hard skin, but don't let it fool you. Even with it's hard texture it's still smooth. The color of my skin is the finest of black. Much like my brothers and sisters.
I want to travel the world, but I do so in my head. When people look at me do they see the distance in my eyes? The wanderlust in my countenance? I reside in my head living in the state of Nostalgia
I never realized how much I was missing out on life Never realized I was still in the night You found me smoking a cigarette and you reached out your hand Why me?
Why me? Empty, and alone Stripped of my skin with my core exposed. I thought it was a dream, when the screams wouldn’t stop When my skin felt too hot When my eyes got too wide
Why me? Empty, and alone Stripped of my skin with my core exposed. I thought it was a dream, when the screams wouldn’t stop When my skin felt too hot When my eyes got too wide
Glazed doughnuts from Krispy Kreme, fresh Grainy sand between my beached toes Golden wheat swaying in the soft winds Globs of paint being smoothed out across flat canvas plains
I am a Latina I'm here because my parents crossed walls they weren't suppose to They tell me their stories of struggle So those are things that i'll never have to go through
I toss words across an expanse filling it with sound and nonsense To push away silence and pain All the gunshot wounds bloody arms
During the blue twilight  While the mist is sleeping And there is barely a sound of breathing,  don't give up hope. There will be sun after the storm There will be a strong love after you're worn.
There was a time we were so close,Two chains linked together,Two rings made with each other,The yin and yang Cuz we were so different. Now?
you are the reason the ancients worshiped the sky.someone so beautiful could not have come from the dirt of the Earth,you were born in the aftermath of a supernova. you have galaxies blooming inside of you
Dear Grandma You always made the best tea. I even cried when I went other places and it didn’t taste like yours. Dear Grandma
A plate represents the world in a lot of diffrent ways .
Oh,    Ode to heels and the height they offer.   Ode to my four inch stilts underneath    me.    But, in my four inch stilts,    A struggle to create movement exists;    Even as they raise a giant in their       wake.     My four inches have becom
Within a forest draped with snow a tiny girl with freckles goes She runs and jumps and plays, alive without the worries held inside Of most adults, women or men but wait, I should begin again
Violets are blue, or purple, or so. Roses are red, or pink, or yellow. Blades and bullets tossed from us to them. Nothing compares in reality to film. It rains thick and dark contagious red
My Dearest Jennifer,I hope this letter finds you. I hope and pray that you'll treasure this; my words of truly profound and deep love for you always and forever!
I am not a surviver This is my note that says I failed My death didn't matter and neither have I All I needed was wanting to know "Why" I am no surviver   you've told me I'm strong
Humidity is a bitch to me. It’s alive. Sitting on cement, slapped fresh by Texas afternoon rain. Microscopic droplets carry home, lingering oils resting on cheeks. Clouds from above float through chambers of my lungs.
Scratch our story into skin flip my pages thin you’ll never forget me.   Justify my every move to conform to nothing in my naked mind.   You assure me I’m alive
My eyes are wildflowers Dirt roads. Weeds and Willow trees   Main stream is cement. Dead. My dreams must live and breathe   I won’t be anything but myself. Otherness.
Every time I look to my watch, on my wrist, I see the scars that remind me of my past, The cuts that haunt my dreams, The memories that will forever be there, Reminding me that all I was in life is an failure,
Over all of the pain and sorrow We will overcome We have to stay strong and believe that the world can be altered Once in a while things will get tough, but we have to stand tall and be judicious
When that one person tells me I can never be who I want to be, it's just like  liquid metal  through my veins. A fire lighting behind my eyes. And not to mention this
Need to know where to go Looking for the soul Looking for the flow Walking the back roads   Smell of pine Sweetens the dry air I have some thing to share That's if any one cares  
The waves are steady and still Bright is the sun like a daffodil but a storm is brewing up ahead Some stayed, but others fled Determined was I to sail hereafter no matter what, despite the disasters
Eyes close,Swoosh!Vehicle passing by,Beep! Beep!Passing by the road rage,Tweet! Tweet!Passing by a bird’s song,Sniff!Passing by a bakery,
On my way out of the darkness Running from their hatefull bliss Heart beating like a drum Slowly my body is going numb Trying to reach the light Willing to put up a fight
 They say im not suppose to know about you  because im to young speak of your presence to immature to understand your depth to innoscent to know how dangerous you really are and 
Leaf holding rain drops/as eyes have tears/never fall down
A number two pencil and a blank paper sat on my desk. My teacher, with gall, said, " My poems are the best" So I looked at her, deep in her brown eyes, and wondered, "Why is she telling us lies?"
Nine innings of emotions that can vary from absolute depression to elation with the swing of one 34 inch stick.  1st: Hope, excitement, nervous, anything can happen 
See through the eyes What falls in-between Touch with the tips And feel the breeze Taste with the lips And smell through the pits The tears I bleed And what nature relieves  
Vast, and far away, the mountains do suppose their own opinion Upon the landscape of heavy speculation. Their shadow is only proof that a sun exists behind, Quiet and unstoppable in its steady progress.  
Let The Caged Bird Free Assata Toney   As the free birds fly by The caged bird watches with envy She opens her wings
all these colors rushing up to greet me all these ups and downs adrenaline running all these beautiful voices surround me exceat for one thats in my head that's in my heart
    Home is safe Humid sizzling hot sun Home reminds me of my innocence self
There is a thing of all things that is posed My head is hurt in a bad ill way The brain I have is sure to stop and rot Doc can not help me how I need to be I am sure this may end good ole' me
Born and raised in a glory-hungry west, where a mad king now lays However, under the care of a beloved royal family, whom shall fight, love, and care for you; even up till the rapture
Growing up, out in the field, in the heat Is where I lived, filled with nothing but peace and love Out in the sights is where, from land to lake, grew the wheat And throughout the sky was filled with our famous doves
Together forever we though we may be, Until the day I was called in for service; But all was not lost, for our phones were the key Call, text, and stay in contact we shall be. Still I be nervous  
Bloody carnations, stamped down flat into sizzling concrete;The smell of their demise is sickly sweet.It's caught in my lungs, filling them up as thoughAll the air I now breathe is just tar--
A teacher sits in front of a class, spewing words of wisdom on how to construct flows and defining ourselves within the words we speak. The words we write. "Someone, someday, somewhere, will want to hear your story."
The trees--they quiver with life.Yes, all around me,They shake with strife.Their bones, bare of bark,They're stark white cast in dark.Sister stars shoot to earth,Little pricks of light plunging-
3,337   He saw the world in moving frames, one after another. A flickering shutter catching light in rapid sequence. 
Avoided me on purpose, back then didn't matter to you, you say you had changed, because we were before our time, and that may have been true, Avoided me on purpose, felt like i was making up lies,
all i need is love By Nashon kempI know it's been a week you've been on my mind for show. You just got off your feet you got some miles to go. I got a full tank I can let you ride for show. 
The chocolate that seduces you the sweet sound of the melodic choir that whispers in your ears the sways and curves that accompanies it let’s not forget the lion’s mane the lion’s mane that emphasizes her beauty
The blank page glares at me--smirks, more like,mischievy and taunts withinit's daunting nothingness.It stares with an invisible red heat,an invisible blackness,a sudden intense chill
Boom, Boom, Boom. The beat ensares me, blood pumping, my mind, my body breaks free from the cursed ropes of a binding society. In here, they can't know, In here, I go with the flow,
  If one isn’t ready for something Why prepare yourself for it? You began to follow your heart Forgot about your mind And fears
Wailing heard through an amplified tshauv queej, And constant beat of the drums. Through the quick bangs, Arrives the light rum. For all men to drink, To feel drunk to the brink.
The waking world I’ve realized Is limited And can’t surprise   The busy, buzzing Mind inside
If I could bring anything, I would bring my edgy socks They breathe between who I am now and the steps I am taking to become They smoothen the edges I have formed around my insides  
If I could bring anything, I would bring my edgy socks They breathe between who I am now and the steps I am taking to become They smoothen the edges I have formed around my insides  
I adored the beach, Which became my oasis when lonely thoughts plagued my mind.  Juice from the mangoes I’d pick dripped from my full lips as I bathed in the clear waters, and the afternoon sun.  Sweet sounds of Erykah Badu’s singing voice filled
We live in a world full of Facades, Empty hearts, with greedy intentions, This world is a black and white canvas, Full of people in masks... who’s behind the mask?
I cannot live without brilliance, Unconditional love or just emotional intelligence, Such a compromise that I will let arise, For the sake of seeds of progress. I need to breathe "it's possible"
All I need is my sunrise She is earthbound heaven Dawn, an eternal angel Heralding in the new day   Her first words were spoken
I’ll take you on this journey; across warm bars of sand, over regal mountains resting in the verdant pastures. Embrace the treasures of soil beneath your naked feet.   As your soul tremors
Without my Bible I become more fragile With no wisdom There is no system A child with no direction A man with no intentions
In the Right Upper Room, tinted cyan and splattered lavender and bittersweet, Lives a long man named Meraki. Growing wild white hair and shedding roses from his glassy eyes,
I stand to lift my hands in praise and elevate my eyes towards YOUR own. YOUR face reminds that I am never alone, that YOU hold me all my days.   YOU captivated me and set my heart ablaze.
Bony knobs on two tall trees, Faint white hairs and scabby knees. Calves like angles drawn in maths Glide lithe steps up rugged paths. Thighs of steel and hams like meat Help me beat a quick retreat.
A zealous tempest from within It craves your triumph, this humorously tenacious emotion  When conquered by hatred, pain, and depression It'll arise evermore against all apprehension
In the night sky The star’s twinkle To the rhythm of my heart The man in the moon Sings me to sleep With the sweetest melody Made of light and convex beams   Colors dance in the daylight
What I Can't Live Without
Ambition, my drive   My mission is ride all of these waves until the day that I survive, with my mind, body, and soul.
I feel the eyes caressing me through the spine up to the thinly fibers above my head Here, feeling the rush of the gentle touch to the heart And hearing the many utterance exposing my guilt
Leaves crinkling with old age, People breathing, watching their lives pass by. People don’t know… They haven’t found their life. Their life…Their purpose.
I've spent a lifetime in this room.Certain sources of light.Various lamps have come and gone,all lasting different times.Wherever they have been placedin the dark box that is my room,
Nocturnal beauty flying through the night Indigo Gypsy hiding from the light. Close your eyes, make a wish  and send it up in a cloud. Lost you are, but soon to be found.   The stars can't be reached,
In the night it shines bright, With its blaze above, A crackle, a hiss, a big warm light, Why can’t this be loved.   We see its flare dancing in the air, I wonder why this is,
It seems we are doomed to watch the way mankind ravages itself, tearing and yanking blowing holes in itself until the Titanic could float better than it.   we see the kidnappings and rape
On an Island... My imagination, stretching itself infinately inwards. What is Life without Life? As I think to myself what I couldn't live without, I stay still. Instead of atoms, I am made of moments.
Things. Things. Things. So many things. Stuffed into the closet. Shoved under the bed. Scattered on the floor. More like caked onto the floor. Do I even have a floor?
I’ve always lived  as though the Lord can give  and can take away. I try not to cling to things of this world  not a person, place,  or possible possession is so important that my world would
There is someone in my life, I always know is there. He'll never ever leave me; He's the answer to my prayer.
Lying on the cement floor, alone and shaken, a dog that would soon be taken to her forever home, one who had been cast away to suffer but was given a second chance. Walking into the rescue shelter,
The dirty cream-colored tile felt cool against her back like the leather seats in a bus going back to school after a long winter break.
I'm like a cardboard box... My edges are creased,  I seem to be put together,  But I'm not.  If I'm left in the rain I fall apart,  That is what happens when I hold so much inside, 
Worn and torn, you have been through all, Happily by my side since I was small. Intricately woven and embroidered by hands that did care. To me you were the perfect gift.
Trudging his lifeless body out of the rusty gate of life, A bloodshot-eyed boy stumbles down a gloomy street Breathing in the purities and love of the world
All I need is myself For in me there is strength Hidden talents But as an open book I feed my flaws
Her mind lives in a beautiful oasis, A bright blue ocean, vast and lively. Filled with terror and past experiences. Roaming the halls for security.
      If you ask Google “what are the most essential resources to sustain human life?” Google will tell you that food, water, oxygen and a moderate temperature are the basic necessities for human survival. 
I once so feared the world that my palms would sweat. Everything beautiful that I could ever touch Slipped in between my fingers. I tightened my grip, just to find dirt under my nails
you have done so much for us taking care of everyone, providing for your children, even though they are adults, your support will always provide
Lyrically speaking, I am the metamorphisis you've been seeking for. I am the 24th gene, Bonded with a single male chromosome to produce living.
It's the time of the day, where kids can have a brief moment of peace. It's where they can abruptly stop their work, and fill up their empty bellies. In a comfortable sized room, 
She is his Diamond. With every gaze into her immaculately beautiful mosaic eyes, he sees truth in her words as she promised forever.
Perfect in its shape Sitting high upon a plate Its hills and summits circling A perfect mountain A chocolate mound Delicately drizzled delicacy A picture of tranquility Crafted and consummated
Joy  I. The noise of those late night, city street, movie theatres with firecracker popcorn machines: that high top sneaker beat. II.
Somebody once said No Man Is An Island, But I'm on this Island immersed in desolation without you,
Acclimating to the weather patterns of a Best friend whose Climate is so heated by the breath of polar bear Dogs, takes time,
Held between fingers On this forsaken bleached sand, To skin or paper Your markings will not desist. For you fulfill me, And allow my expressions To flow freely from your tip.
Typing inching Eyelids tiring Heroes crying Villains dying   Sleep depriving Caffeine failing Planets burning Magic learning   Resolve crumbling Block existing.
I do not seek power or glory. I seek freedom and justice for the victims. Those whose silence deafens our ears and harrows out our hearts. To turn around the heads of humanity and pull off the blindfold and earplugs out.
Once I was a child, and innocence was a close friend. We did everything together. It’s a shame we lost contact Once I was a stranger, and wanted nothing more than to change that when I saw her across the room
The desolation of one's existence is a challenge Thoughts are rampant with no expression On this facade of emptiness lives love one so powerful, one so nurturing. When there is nothing we must overcome to build something to live off of. She will b
Imagine. The sand beneath your feet is not sand, but the pores on a giant’s face. You walk on his cheeks and eyes and you reach an ear, a cove nestled beneath a bed of         seasick rocks.
Stranded on an island; isolated from society. I wonder why this would happen to me, what act has brought this misfortune upon me? Sounds of cities, people, and cars alike, become a distant memory in what would seem overnight.
I must chose only one thing to take with me But there is so much that I need  Food for hunger Colth for warmth Wepons for protection  More! I need so much more! I am materialistic 
My Black Rock Ethiopian Cross   When the yellow school bus rides the asphalt road to school without me, and I am left with disappointment on the curve, and morning winter weather
The Bible, tis the only Book I cannot live without within it's covers are the best of things that one can learn about It teaches excellent citizenship and good moral values Yet It gently corrects you without even a scowl
The freedom I feel knowing I can run,  and dance, and jump in any motion I so desire,  offers a grand contribution to the joy I feel inside; The bruised scarred, sturdy,
Beautiful face, but no emotion Smile so bright, but never shows it Blank expression, wouldn't I know it Never single, always floatin' Bipolar tendencies, emotions roller coastin'
Imagination As endless as an universe but as dark as a black hole It’s there in my dreams but gone when I’m awake There is a jubilant side but also a melancholy side
While stuck in this forced individuality, I concede and contemplate the whereabouts of my new found actuality.
My love for you is like no other love Never before have I felt as I feel When standing  with your lights shining above I feel my stage’s love, almost unreal The fact that you let me share completes me
02/16/1998, birth ofKèlynn Brooks,Born to be great,A crazy fate,Too much on her plate Infant years,I danced,Infant tears, Parents dear, both parents near,Both parents dry tears , from my face
I go in the coffee shop around 11:26, I stop before moving forward again, I have seen him for the past 3 month, oh god his smile always met me at the door, he always get the same thing small hot green tea amd a doughnut,
If I was stranded on an island never to return to society again The only way I would survive is if I had a never-ending supply of my antidepressant The waves would less choppy and the waters would be less frigid
I.  Am. A reader. A starry-eyed dreamer Who holds worlds in her hands on a daily basis Escaping from the hum-drum to a mythical oasis. I'm a devotee of words, a disciple.
One day I saw him on the couch  Tears falling down his face  Said that we didn't love him enough for him to stay Claiming to us that his life was on the other side 
There is no subtlety in eating this winter treat- a pomegranate a tempting violent ordeal red stickiness permeates   your hands become tools gripping its flesh in both palms
  Sing. Sing your note, That sonorous, twin-cam tune that makes all of my kind— That makes all of our hearts beat that much harder.   Let me fling you around.
The room is filled with happiness, love, and fear Both the woman and man in charge of catching you when you fall When you feel as if you are at your lowest point They will help you through the long walk of life
Dorado   Sentí desde el primer instante que te vi que eras tu, El caballito que siempre deseaba tener.   Algo en ti me alegro, tus pequeños pasos al trotar por las llanuras,
Oh Krishna! I cannot bear the agony in my heavy heart. Being all alone in this unknown place is enough for any gopi to suffer.   In this materialistic world, I am undernourished
Stranded on an island would be an adventure The tropical smells to entice the senses Roaring waves to calm the ears Exotic flowers to appease sight Canopy shelter from dangers Knowledge to braid rope
Without touch I wouldn't be able to feel the rough skin on his sharp jawline. My fingers leaving a path of goosebumps as they trail down his bare shoulders. His soft chest rising faintly, Falling faintly,
The Thing By: Gabriel Greenhalge   What is it that we NEED? A slice of cake Some jewelry Fast cars Big houses   A Mind A Brain Something to think about
The one thing that is needed on a Deserted Island is Love Not only for me but for everyone who can foresee the joys that come along it  That Love is a need not only for health but also to not be lonely 
Please let me lead you.                       his voice shaken, trembling with strength. I know karate. She squeezes her eyes                             shut
HIS presence is heaven to me oh, how HE fills me up with love, only pure love that comes from above, because nothing in this world can satisfy this thirst that I have inside me,  I say to you, brethern, 
Do you remember when wewent and laid on top of your car, justso we could get drunk onthe stars? Remember how we drove forhours, took four wrong turnsand saw the same small piece of Earth thatwe have called home forEighteen years,then, finally saw
 they say God shaped us out of clay, His breath rippling through abandoned parking lots, empty churches, only to strike a chord, ring a bell, sing a song
Melodies fill my ears and float through my head. Singing  the most beautiful harmonies until my worries disappear.   Rhythms course through my veins and 
Without me knowing Jesus is my lord, I am lost in this world with my sins sharp as a sword. Without me knowing Jesus is my lord, I am not only weak, but my mind becomes weaker and my life becomes bored.
She led the mortal lifestyle trying to know what's cool  Carrying feelings of littleness she learned from school  She packed her bags and mapped out all her goals and moves  Now she's living in the bath house; her whole soul consumed  
The skies are crying once again Tears splash violently on the pavement Tears gather at the curb, creating a small stream Leaves on trees try to stay strong to lift the rain drops
Have they changed their color?Has the odious gray fog seeped and sweat across his eyes silently concealing resentment for you?Has his eyebrows quirked and scorned at your words, has his mouth flexed against the fiery brush?
i woke up eyes watery clear,sheets damp with chills of fear,darkness tip toed around my bed,confusion swept 'n smothered my head,yet a warm flower bloomed in me chest,
I look through the telescopeonce more into the wide abyss,i see two things,a sun,a black hole inside it,ever present,keeping me warmwith gentle sunburn.I also see a star,white and shining
why must you set the barso high?I get caught in the rip currentin your eyes,they drag me far awayto that beautiful placewhere my worries don't exist.I want to meet someone else
Mellow sand sliding between my toes Gentle wind brushing past my ears How I will survive only my God knows He is there to take away my tears.   Summer nights are now all I know
Before Her, I struggled everyday. My mind was filled with hordes of demons to slay. Before Her, I started my day numb. I had pills to swallow, life to shy away from.   Now when I feel I can't move out of bed,
We've all been through trying times in our lives, and if we haven't yet, then it is almost inevitably coming. ITS JUST HUMAN NATURE TO HURT, INS'T IT? Most of us experience our suffering at the hands of other people.
She weeps. Not for her own destruction, Not for her own suffocation, Not for her own eroding. She weeps. Because children are dying in the streets.
What does one say that hasn't already been said, When you sit down and cry at the end of your bed? Your heart is heavy, wrenched, and torn. Your face streaked with tears,     eyes forlorn.
There are days in which my forearm remembers stories that I made up, That haunt me and forebode potential illusions. I remember days in which there were many of these days within a day.
I met a boy 
He saw purple and red stripes
  He told me a story
  About how his fist
  Was always kissing bricks
  And as romantic as it was  
He had to quit
  So instead
  He spread a story about himself
  In magenta, black and elf felt green
To lose myself within one of God's many gifts Alone I would beseech the land and sea to walk with me To remind me what I am blessed with and because Of how far I've come.
I’ve been living on this island for as long as I can remember. My arms span out like anchor, untethered My body this boat to swing across the sandy sea. He, a prophecy, projected in the miles of spillage
She was always a mess Scabs on her face Dried blood under her fingernails Her heart throbbed until It crumbled And pieces of it cluttered the floor Like words in my mind that I wanted to say to her
What would I do without her?! I am what I am because of her I do what I can to be her Independent, positive, a walking heart She's too admirable to be true. Day by day
No hopefulness within, The silver and the skin, It kisses like fire, My veins become drier, Relief, kiss my forehead, A break from the torment.
You say bring what you must, We all name items and nod heads.
A Book of Dreams A dance of happiness With a foot of magic in the air Make sure the mind is erect Honest words must flow With self belief their is will Allow forgivness to wollow in your vains
My biggest fear has always been to lose my mind To wake up one morning and find That I no longer recognize the people around me That I will no longer know my own identity
From dressup with mom’s clothes, Dancing around like popstars, To now doing one another's makeup for prom We are FOREVER SISTERS,
It starts with swollen clouds Blue and grey Bleeding into the summer sky The air is dead Warm and moist A rumble is heard Distant yet strong Then the wind comes Light at first
love is a language i learned in my sleep,picked up fragments the first time i dreamt her face
What is control? This two syllable word that seems to hold all the power, A six letter word that drives people to do the unthinkable,
For every time in my life That I have been Knocked down  Called out Rejected Made fun of  Hurt  Hurt  Hurt I’d feel the burn of my ego And the sting of my flesh 
All my pain race on her pages like a lion chasing his pray She seen all my thunderstorms but also my sunshine She has never open up to the eyes that is laying around 
Everybody has a strength and a weakness in their life that they have to deal with as a blessing or a challenge. But the one thing that I think is important and absolutely need is shelter.
My hands pulsate with blistering burns, pain blotting out the colors from  the fiery landscape around me. Inhale smoke,  exhale regret - is this  fragile breath what
i often wonder why when i was a child i would surround myself with peace signs drawn on all my papers and plastered to my walls   now years later
So many days. Too many to count. I've sat here alone, quiet, no sounds... Silence and sadness were my only two friends. Stealing and eating my life from within.   So many days.
I was from broken doors, walls and floors. I was from brown, brittle grass, crunching beneath my feet. I was the few, almost grey leaves,
We may be stuck, lost on this island but I have loved you for a thousand years, and I will love you a thousand more This will always be our little hide away from the world thats been changing all around us When I have you everything always seems t
Should looks be the only master piece that reflects our soul? Is it so hard not to judge people by the inside, but the outside? Why is it that people think that looks reflect what we are?
Louis Armstrong originated the phrase “What a wonderful world”, but can that still be applied to this generation’s teenage boys and girls? Where many try to reach the American Dream,
Snow, cherry blossoms Make beautiful cruel world through My broken window
It brings us all together Under a sun we all share Housing us forever Under its loving care With sand on our toes  And snow on our nose
On an Island that no one know  The seeds of sorrow a shipwreck sowed  To nip these off at the bud Let me tell you what I love The books of old would do just fine  To help me pass the spacious time 
Her Name Was Kate 
I see clouds rising from the ground I see lights hovering above I have this trick that will astound I have it here, you will fall in love  
Swirling thought caught my hair through my ears they thought to share my synapse still fired without a care my body was numb I  Didn't care   I
What a year. What a year it has been  At the start it looked promising, but then and only then  4 letters flipped the world upside down  I-S-I-S, what a horrible sound 
Captivated in the beauty of my surroundings. My eyes scanned the bold text before me. My dark body parts the wind - the Red Sea? I lay lost within the pages of my book No grief is found here;
I fall on my knees picking up my papers, not wanting to lose another in case it’s important. I am shoved back down this time hitting my head against the fountain. Pitying myself and wondering what offense I made
You're 14 and anxiously waiting with your peers at 10:30 in the dark, cold night. You look up to see the empty gray stage becoming only a memory. They fill row upon row As you sit doubting yourself,
Get close and get comfortable we are about to depart. - Anywhere is just fine, name a time and place. There are no boundaries. - Everywhere and at any given moment... -
Ask me what, or who, I need to survive. Go ahead. I cant remember the first time she held me, I cant count how many times she has told me she loved me.
gone we've lost purpose  /  darkness, confusion, hopeless.  /  Religious Freedom
Oh my gosh, what happened to me, where am  I now, I cannot see, It looks like paradise, tropical breeze, tastes like salt and smells like the sea! Could I be on vacation and forgot to call home?
Aunties are alternating Chef Shifts grandmothers are setting grandkids’ portions The is house drowning in the amazing smells and tastes of High Blood pressure, diabetes
The sky is at peace just as my mind All around is the sound and noise of the wind The touch of the sun on my skin with the feeling of hope inside
Black sand, burning my feet On this island of pestilence I stand Each step, a searing heat But only my heart will it brand.   Around me, I am surrounded by dead foliate
                                                  Teary eyed and  wandering  down  some  old  dirt road    a million  thoughts  run through my head, an awful heavy load  
Eyes red, dried tears on her cheeks; On the roof she sits with pen and paper Describing the beauty of the street lights The sound of the rustling trees
                                  //Colours// The touch of a lover The brilliance of colour Oh, tell me how it feels To know that she calls You hers?   You said to me, “She’s only trying
The happiest absolute of life to live, would be to start the work, unnamed, in death, But confused above this harsh world, I'd died a worker with the riches. That everything you wouldn't lose,
Wisdom in each droplet like a sea of broken roads with each forgotten memory to lighten the weight of loads . For every breath forsaken and every tear forgiven
A cloud so unreliableto provide such decent shadethough many stop to watch themthey're perfect, they're God made..They're made of wispy waterso white up in the skycollections of lovely ice
The air currents swirled like water in the ocean, swift and calming. . The air reminded me of fall, though life blossomed like spring, new and refreshing. . A garden green,
fuck that cat with two fists covered in molten lead If I had a nickel for every day I spent in hell,                 It would be the last three years with my ex-girlfriend. I don’t know what that equates to,
I end the journey of reading this book the lines printed on the aged paper “Whatever we had missed, we possessed together the precious, the incommunicable past.”
poison tears Rain, rain, go away,Because of you the pain will stay.Slit my throat, cut out my heart,Leave me here, tear it apart.
Marilyn Monroe once said, "To love someone is madness, to be loved by someone is a gift, loving someone who loves you is a duty,
Words can be filled with biting electricity and shocks of lightning They can entwine themselves in between beautiful notes and sentences of agonizing silence
Morning mist envelopes shivering grass. Awoken amongst emerald spheres, a universe brightens. A sunrise beckoning change. Dew transforms, sunrise quarts emerging to sashay in awakened glory.
It’s not the underground railroad or the abandoned post office downtown Not the candycane flip flops or the hand-crafted gondola paddles It’s something else
It's like sitting in your room late at night-- a comfortable, accepting, gentle place but there's no one there but you. Only you sitting alone in the dark. It's not frightening, there aren't any nightmares; 
I remember that night, those minutes, Walking steadily on the path As the clouds began to weep And tears from the skies of color came down,
Today was different, I didn’t feel like I was drowning In a sea of my own tears.   The cold grip of shackles That encompassed me No longer bound me To regret or remorse.  
I need music to pour into my ears and relax my brain; Need the kick drum to beat to hear my heartbeat, And I need the exhale of a note to inhale life into my lungs.  
Humans are unreliable companions. You cannot judge what they will do. People venture on journeys to complete their own agendas. Selfless acts still
His name is Father, He puts the breath of life in me All the strife in my life he calms I adore all his wisdom and knowledge His glory is what I seek to explore   Like a multi-tool kit he’s resourceful
And then, I just knew. I had awoken. My soul opened its eyes And saw depths beyond imagining. Every color was vibrant, every taste was sweet, Every touch felt like home. I was on fire but not burning.
You cast your light like candles in the darkness, You love like a flame, Darkness cannot conquer you, No shadow can overcome you lighten rays.   You insert your ignited incandescence into my icy heart,
Sanity Keeps me from going insane Thankfully allowing me to live Allowing my brain to function properly and bring out the goodness in the world;
Rock with the racquet in my hand On the court, I move with rhythm Get to the ball! Coach exclaims Eagerly, I swing with my forehand
I can smell you from a distance I know who you are I know where you come from you energize my batteries and you make my mornings a brighter sunshine you first taste bitter
All I need is love Love is the source to how we are as people. Love is unpredictable Love is kind. All Love knows how to do is Love.  If it wasn't for Love We simply wouldn't be here because
Constructed of understanding. Emotions and ideas from head to toe, from left to right I see and know more and more. Seeing eye to eye,
To the strickening, ignorant, and far led generation of today, To the money driven and bigoted minds coming my way, Take heed to my lively desire,
Knots tied tightly forever, In love we'll walk together Merrily ever after. My one and only life partner:
I fell into his eyes...
In the name of the Father All I wondered who would procter My life to become better and he looked at my sorrowing eyes In the name of the Father, The son And looked over the past 18 years
Her eyes are dark and mysterious as endless space, Her hair is as sweet and soft bed of flowers. Her angelic softness is beyond belief, imperfect to perfection.
Winters dead tree, gloomy to life below,It wants to come back,So it reaches up to a black sky and with slender fingers.
The rain has stopped, yet the ground stays wet here,No longer able to absorb the storm,The collection of it sits there, heavy and thick as mud,In time, the ground begins to rot and decay,
It was a great time, But wait WHAT? You are leaving me right?  No, my mind cannot handle this I am falling into pieces and cannot resist The departure made me mad Each part of my brain is bursting
On top of my drawer is a brown Converse shoe box, A box full of good and happy memories, both new and old. There is a heart- shaped jewelry case made of porcelain,
if i ain't rocking my curls and waves well i ain't bein' me and if "ain't" ain't used in every sentence well it oughta be
Of the nails on the cross through the hands, All I need is the blood of the Lamb. Of the Light piercing the Darkness, All I need is the grace of the One True King. Of the penetrating power of his might,
The waves form giant crushing fingers The boat bows and dips with the swells The rain and the winds seem to say "Give up"
Slowly, you're fading... I can't see your face anymore. You speak but I hear no sound. You touch me and my heart starts racing only to drop like a stone You are an illusion
Oceans of reasons to aspire visit each daybreak, with each sundown leaving only cracks in dry earth.   Wiser but not older, only the inheritors truly see drought where there were chances.  
No longer will you see him Hiding in the shadows Lying in the back of the classroom Nor living in my shoes   No longer will you see him Running through my pages Zooming around my pencil
Do you remember me? I'm still standing here With every word I hear My heart keeps breaking   I saw a giant wall That's meant to keep me out And I don't mean to shout
I have a motto I live by I'll trust you Until given a reason Not to This is a difficult way to live I often find myself Jumping off cliffs To see who will catch me
All I need is an open door. Two paths that lead to two cities with no crowns. All I need is an empty notebook with a pen waiting to be used.   I need a room to dance to my own song.
I despise the people, Who with relaxed faces, Let "It's just a passing feeling" Spill out their mouths. They obviously don't understand What it's like to be terminally ill -
Many are still in the land of dreamsWhen a daily miracle occurs-Cobalt blueto neon pink yet another daily miracle has unfolded with no witnesses And so another day begins The day ends
In a desert, once, on a hunt did I find,With a radiant smile, a flower so fair;Sadly, I approached and sighed, “Ah! Of my kindAre you too – a hapless flower from a beloved’s hair.
A Red and Blue birdIntermingle in front of A gray scale sky.The same molten sky thatPreviously owned my mindsetYet this new introductionOf color shocks my system.And a stream of clarity Courses through my veins.Although the backdropStill haunts my
When you’re around the world seems simple, the world seems to stand still. Your way to enjoying the little things is comforting and relaxing.
Here comes a hurricane of emotion, Occupying my crimson bloodstream. My natural response to a Venus, Eclipsing all thought and reason.  Capillaries blushing a bright candy red,
A heart can be corrupted, Suffocating under the malicious hand of darkness, Its armor chipped away piece by piece By the thoughts that torment our souls,
    Stranded all alone Sanity is all you need With nowhere to go.
Dr.  King said “I have a dream”, but his dream suffered homicide in the streets of our nightmares.Murdered by the people who were supposed to protect us.
                   A Little piece of wood   A little piece of wood that will create an chemical reaction holds my life in it's stem when lit. With it I can renew my body, mind and soul.
In a land of boisterous blue shades and emerald hues Was where I found thee, you plucking at a morsel of lead Or perusing through that hardback you read Or neglecting the bosom you fed
The open road is beckoningAnd your minutes tick awayDon’t leave me here to rust in peaceCarpe Diem!
Imagine a ten-year old you sitting in front of you. Tell that kid that they are: Worthless, Nothing, Stupid. Tell them that they're fat, That aren't good enough, That they should kill themself,
I suppose that all a person could ever really need on a deserted island is food, water, shelter, books. But what I need is something ordinary yet overlooked. The one thing I'd drag with me on a deserted island, the one thing I can't live without.
Brain: I’m stranded on this giant place, Sanity: a tiny island in the sea. Brain: Beautiful and full of light,
Reflections in the mirror come and go like the perfect kiss under the mistletoe. Different scenarios replay in my head of every evil, hurtful thing ever said. The pain i have felt
The rhythm.  The vibration.  The sweet sense of passion.  The ability to interpret emotion.  All the minor falls and the major lifts have a direct connection. For with it comes peace, encouragement,
You stand in the middle of the road, to the left of you, down a little ways the road veers right, off into the great unknown. To the right of you, there's a hill
I stand in front of you feeling Vulnerable, Hopeless, and ugly She doesnt want to see, The truth, Her body, Her reality. No, I am not perfect, Tanned, Skinny, 
I wallow in the warmth. Your heat and that of the lazy summer sun Streaming through the open window Sultry silence interrupted By the faint flutter of curtains flaring and Falling away with the wind,
A city of hate A city of love A city to die for colors A city to do only wrongs to others A city whom is infamous for murder A city where one can get killed for no reason
We enter with love We leave with love We know only the word Not the feeling We love with our words Not our heart You ask, "What can I not live without" I can't live without "Love." Agápi
My home is the sky where I fly freely. Where Mother pulls the aba off my back and Father leads the way while we soar. Where Sister’s wings are soft and vibrant and we chitter and chatter and twitter
When I close my eyes, the millions of glowing white spots on the back of my eyelids become her freckles.  
I smell it I see it I feel it  I taste it I love it Food, it keeps me alive I can't live without it because My body would collapse if I didn't eat it Calories Texture Taste
Wilson is brave Wilson is round Wilson will be there, and even roll around. Wilson can't walk He can't even talk Sometimes you'll need to set him on a rock. But Wilson will listen
Summer sounds, float down suburban streets.The noisy hum of cicadas,the squeaky whir of portable fans,the hearty crunch of watermelon seeds,the hollow clink of ice cubes, suspended in sticky lemonade.
  Do I need water and food Do I need shelter and a roof I will die for sure without these to consume if i merely have these is that all to Living for we've been given minds to expand on whats given
It was to be said by everyone, “She could live without anything.” My heart aches, my voice reaches out. “That isn’t true!” I cry,
The little you who would stare out the window at night,  Protect that little you. The little you who'd want to go outside to ride on that bike, Protect that little you.
Since I was four years old, my gift was playing piano My grandma forced me into. I hated it but I soon became great at it. She pushed me in my music and in my grades Now when I visit her, I have to go to her grave.
She wept As the fire danced and the smoke filled her lungs The crackles of the embers  sang her a song As her essence left her body and she closed her eyes And dreamed of all the good 
Every day is a struggle For most it's a routine Motions like the clock Any thing out of place Causing a ripple That eventually becomes a new habit A new routine. But for him It wasn't just a routine It was a paradox Nothing ever made sense He neve
  City of grunge City of decay                             City of aspiration   Maybe just the start forget the past            likewise look to the future  
In life we are given many tokens of worldly greatness,Staring us in the eyes through a mist,A dark fog with nowhere to see anything in front of us,Except for those objects that are inanimate.
Graveyard memories hurt to dig up The shovel sounds like imminent doom Sounds and shadows Stillness and woe Acheron cries for you my darling And crows are silent as the ravens
The ocean screams out alone, aghast, and lonely, lollingly rolls - in empty dreams of the past, in remembering evil souls. If one can hold onto their love, as the sea begs upon the shore,
"I wish you to know that you have been the last dream of my soul...A dream, all a dream, that ends in nothing,and leaves the sleeper where he lay down,but I wish you to know that you inspired it."
  I want to leave a well-worn staircase, memories of my trips dented on the corners Rusty pipes instead of polished brass.
If you ask the typical American what they cannot live without they might tell you their electronics, the latest fashion trend, air conditioner, microwave, or cabel. If you ask a child what they cannot live without they might tell you their toys.
Imperfection is all a person really needs to be able to understand the foundation of Where they're going and where they need to be.  
Every night i come home to the dreams of my very own hope. Drip Drop. Drip Drop. What is it... that i feel rolling off these... cold, hardened stones Lying under these two microscopes that intake the pop
My room, A cage for those who runaway A mirror for those who seek it anyway   My room, Cold feet stand where no one stood before
She wasn't broken, she was just disoriented, Her emotions, Her heart, Her feelings, everthing's had broken up, just like a Jigsaw Puzzle, scattered all over the place. Everything that had ever been spoken to her,
is even more fun than seeing the World of Coke in a bustling downtown Atlanta and burping up bubbles of carbon for the entirety of the day or getting caught in downpour on the banks of the Mississippi and riding home in
The lemon grass scent belonged to her pecan tinted skin.   Her stare soft but filled with a pinch of fear.   When the breeze roared and fell on us heavy like a brick.  
The stillness in the midnight air, rushes to your skin. Raising each and every hair, where do I begin?  
My world My own chaos Surrounds in ways that  nobody can feel but I. My thoughts My own ideas provokes me in ways that nobody can harness but I My breath Life we all need to be
There are many people Each holding many things dear However, among them all, There is always one thing, recognized or not, That no one lives without   What does everyone have
Some say your life is the reflection of your Thoughts it sounds strange but this you will never be taught having a blank memory will only render you nought be careful of what you think of good or not
Dont get me wrong i didnt enter this place in a haste i was still too young and all she did was to advice me to wait but like a fingerling in a pond i never wanted to be used as a bait  
Envy: a dark-purple monster who hides in the shadows of your subconscious and only slithers its way out of its lair when it knows it'll potentially be disturbed.
early morning eyes coated with late night dreams dust a mind far from the worries a mind far from the worlds lust these minds need not protection from the diffusion of monotony
I have had a love affair with the idea of you You are like a tiptoe and then a hurricane Dancing so softly on the edges of my mind
Sitting on the porch ,just watching the sunset thinking how our lifes could just change in one step But in that second it took me to think how our lifes could just change in a blink
A Night With Her Mind
It’s the sound of rain. It’s the taste of metal. It’s the voice pressing on your temples chanting, “go home.” But you don’t. You never do.
    Nobody ever protected me ,so I built a fence. Couldn’t look at no man after what he did to me. Laying in my bed trying to put a fence between me and that horrible man.
Nights like these are what I cherish the most  The unmade bed, the lull of the outdoors  Light seeping trough the blinds  An ambient glow casts over you face  A face so peaceful and content 
When midnight dream, in love each-other, walking, romance,one day head on arm to hold head to make relax,
In Out In Out           The breath escapes my lungs r u   s     h       i
Vast was soil that bore no bite Famished was the folk who ate none Never wanting to leave the land Showed that the unwell would pass on   Generations of afflictions Never restored health to the land
And in the end, when the stars have all collapsed and blackholes rule the skies, when the sun dies and the moon can no longer reflect its vibrant light, when the seas take over the shores
Wind blow me across the world By dark eyes who are dying now The eve of twilight ascended   The dark is not always the worst place to be I believe, that I don't believe The water had to clear  
Its her the one I love the one I care about with all my heart, Her. She adds the light to my eyes and the beat to my heart on this blank and empy island.
Living.   Is is breathing? Is it moving? Is it being able  To walk To talk To speak   Is living getting up everyday?   Living isn’t simple. Just because
At that moment, where she was yawning and I took it upon myself to take a peek at those wonderful set of teeth Was the moment I was swept up off my feet
These Halls shroud our day to day I discover your eyes in a snatch Maybe we give an enriching smile  Or not  
All my "friends" are gone and I'm left here alone. L o n e l y.  They took every piece of me with them. I am nothing without them.   I can't breathe. My chest is getting tighter and
Look into her eyes You will see infinite love Beautiful brown eyes
Imagine: Opening your eyes from a long, thoughtless sleep to see darkness Imagine: Rising from the soft, dream-filled sheets to meet nothingness No golden rays threading through tree limbs
A tunnel shrouded in darkness A train of fear speeding through A tear slipping from closed eyes Not a single light in view.   The tunnel stretches onward The feet stumble and slip
Little Black Girl your future was chosen for you ; school,family,kids.Little Black Girl the world will challenge your strength because man has put some forth to be better than you.
Do Floridians ever feel anything Beyond the barren lawnscapes Begging for an illustrious drink From the flinging whirlpools Staked in the desiccant earth   Or the splintered docks
A beautiful catastrophe My life a beautiful catastrophe This world was meant to protect me This world was meant to care This world betrayed me Solid white frosty landscapes turn blue
On this earth we are wondrous creatures we hold so much beauty and promise. It’s our only instinct to change the world to be remembered in one way or another
I close my eyes and my demons comeOpening them I see stone walls and a hall way leading fowardI try to walk but cant I look down, am in chains that  linke my feet and handsThe chains have words on them
              It was late. The sun had just begun to hang her head; her shame turned the sky into her canvas and saturated the clouds with brilliant color.             The sky is all that I have.
All I need is a firm spine, uncreased by rough hands. I need that aroma of hazelnut, noticeable only when soft fingers leaf through What once could have grown leaves.
Without pen and paper, My mind would not even try. But without my dear nephew, My heart and complete essence would surely die.   If I did not have this little boy, My mind would turn dark
It started with a big boom Matter, thought, a spark, she forms She emerges from this She has nothing to show   She begins to grow
For all our days are passed away I will sing of the mercies in the very heavens The heaven’s are thine, The earth also is thine Thou hast founded them Where stars intertwine
When I stare into the mirror, I cant see….When I stare on forward into the mirror my mind , my soul, all go into their own journey……a revelation maybe… as Adam was to God I to the minds of a vacant sea …in other words…. lacking….?
I would take her with me The one who faintly whispers into the pit of my ear never to give up and have no fear I would take her with me The one who so warmly embrasses me for who I am, and not who everyone feels I am
Along the island’s shore lay the remnants of the ships debris. The salty air from the ocean breeze fills my lungs and burns deep. My eyes squint at the dominant sun, and my skin sizzles from the blistering heat.
The sun is peeking once more On its twelfeth level. I lay behind the cold mirror, staring at the sun, hoping it wins. White waters cover him and darkness falls, My heart sinks and the world is cold now.
All I need is world peace realizing people are fighting but dont know the worth everybody is the same but then it's digging in to the earth. knowing that we only
They say that blood is thicker than water,  it's what binds us together,  yet its many other things.  Laughing, traveling, secrets; the times when we just need somebody to talk to, 
Beneath the midnight sleep: seasons come flooding like the touch of a first love, in vibrant black, blue, and indigo hues, that every unholy eye can see. Sit here in silence:
All I need is family  The people that lift me up loving me no matter their struggle  Instilling in me my worth  All I need is to see their smiles To fill my heart with joy 
Since a young age, I've experienced all these wrongdoings.  At the age of 5, I was 15. At the age of 15, I was 20. 
I start on the mound, With my toe to the ground, My glove on the side, With a ball inside, I bring my hands together, As I rock my body back.
A spark to ignite a great flame The oxygen to a fire Even stronger than all my fears Hope... All I need to light my path.
 “Reach for the moon, Even if you miss…. You’ll end up among stars.” The idea I hold dear. The last whisper from my mother that went into my ear. Her mama once told her, as she reached for the moon,
Upon a set of creeking planks, With an aperture sealed under the ceiling, Dust bunnies abscond within a blink of an eye As a man scans the attic for items worth selling.   Shoveling bags and covers away,
And so i gave him a dollarBy nashon kemp
March 3, 2005 and 2012 have been the most devastating days of my life. The death of my parents has done so much more than make me open my eyes and think a lot about my future. It changed my life, my dignity, and my happiness.
An image in motion, an illusion. Brought forth a century of eclectic art. The imagination of a book, in front of your eyes. Something with which I cannot part.   I am a dynamic story teller.
A girl      Meets a boy.             They talk after class.                      They go to college together.                             They live 20 minutes apart.
Here the date in March 10, 2015. I am looking forward to the grass turning green. All the white melting away, And hearing the sound of child’s play.
What lies beyond the secret door? Is it a garden, full of sweet blossoms? Or perhaps, a deep dungeon full of bones?  
Look to the sunrise early one morning and picture a magnificent paint brush, dipping it's tip in hues of unimaginable colors, creating patterns and texturesseemingly impossible to design,sweeping across the sky's expanse.We lose sight of innate be
My skeleton rages with confusion and anger My mind and soul are lost in their thoughts Why? Why are we here What have we done to ear this eternity with nothing but eachother We are lost in oblivion   
Undress Me! My lips are thick and full; although smaller than the alluring marshmallows that sit on Asabea’s and Ama’s faces.
It is a bird on the silent wind A flower in the dying grass Water in a lonely desert Music in an empty room It keeps you calmly going on Wandering through life  Never looking back
Practicing identity for the last time while blind, Reality has a fine that collects from the mind, Intending to capture ones flawed thought,
     Red. The rose, whose sharp teeth bite into the palm, Seeing the thick tears brings a strange sense of calm. Blue.
Never tell me there is no such thing as magic. Magic is smiling,           loving,           hugging. Magic is in a child's eyes Magic is a beautiful song,            a beautiful dance,
Twitching and twirling Gliding and stumbling the lines just drop like rain. Watching people walk hearing all their talk it turns into scripts insane. Sun shines brightly my soul wound tightly
People will ask you: "Why are you so sad all the time?" People will stare at your wrists and wonder how you did that. How did you get those cuts? "The cat," you will say, "the cat did it."
When it rains I look up. But the droplets stick to my glasses, so I look down.  
Heard it in the hallway, None knew it floated my way. They seem to stage whisper, In tones that are crisper. What they say is quite alarming And very much disarming.    Why keep pretending?
I've been feeling quite reminiscent as of late All of these old feelings keep coming to me But new ones come, too There's a place that's been calling to me Calling
Like lightning rips through the sky and pieces itself back together thus the communication was.   Being severed and patched over and over. Each time the sound of  thunder roaring 
Like the leaves blowing in the wind. Your source of happiness flows away with it. Hello, Depression. 
Looking past the landscapes there stands one dream. One final goal that you know deeper than the cliff you're standing on you want one dream you know. The trees are greener the grass is taller
How do you run from something that surrounds you entirely, while trying not to drown inside your own mind? Is there a way to run, or do you just accept that insanity is just a breath away?
The shadows of our past The shadows of out future We follow what we will With hopelessness in futility.
Where am I? Who am I? I have just awakened here. Where do I go? Is this fear? I listen to silence and wonder.
How it starts, I do not know. It cannot be stopped or weeded; It cannot be helped or treated;
Damp, dreary darkness deplores, Carnal, creepy crawly carnivores; Intense, insane ink implores,
My eyelashes divided, for the very first time the first crease in these lids, created to be mine the first photo taken, with my baby blue eyes like a canon with a cap, a photographer’s surprise
When I see your face again I'll stop and just smile. Smiling as I run to give you a giant hug.
Heart of stone The girl had Not a tear shed from her eyes Infuriation and hatred was left Nothing but lies escaped her chapped lips   Once upon a time She was good
I’d lie if I said I think about you all the time, But when I do think of you it’s spontaneous. Touching my neck and imagining you kissing it,
Day in and day out you abuse me, beat me, tear into me, I do all I can to defend myself, thus I am helpless. Some days it is just you, other days it is your friends, Kicking me in my ribs, busting my lip,
It’s hard to act like missing you isn’t killing me. It’s hard to act like I sleep at night when I have somber bags under my eyes and tear stained cheeks. Have you ever felt like crying, but all you can do is smile? I’ve never understood that.
“Don’t push me to make decisions that I may regret later.” I heard you say this while on the phone with your sisters right before your dad died. I laughed. I fucking laughed out loud. Now what do you think that says about you?
Go to your room and turn up your music. You sit alone and you turn up your music until you can’t hear shit. Your stereo will be on full volume, but you can still hear the sound of their teeth shattering on vodka bottles.
the world is full of color its flashing all around one right after another always and never found   some are friendly and warm
I have this passion I have this passion as if it's frozen It doesn't budge It's so cold andstill Never escalates Never deflates Slowly I can feel it slipping away
The pitter patter outside my window, Is a steady time managing tool. Tiny tornadoes doth make the wind blow, Thus the clouds overhead keep the wind cool.
Ah high school, You never truely miss it until its gone. The friends who last lifetimes, The crowded football games, Every teacher who knew you by name.   Though I will leave those walls forever,
I plod along pristine sidewalks in this utopian town, craving the crisp crunch  of leaves under my sneakers, but they’ve all been swept away
Smiles are flighty creatures they come and go in an instant like your train of thought when you lose it or that shooting star you wish would stay forever
If I had the money, I’d buy a telescope, so I could look deep into the galaxies hidden in your eyes, your dark, dark eyes,
Like cold sheets, the night air wraps around us, your voice hangs in the sky with the stars, and the moon reflects it back to me, and I lay there,
From the very first moment, That I knew, From that moment, That I could feel you, You were my truest love.   From that first sign, Of your pure light within, From that joy,
A jungle environment With fists clenched tight. Clinging onto fig branches Like a baby koala. Fingers sharp and tightened, Like ET,Calling phone to home.   Eye sockets widened,
  His skin is a rounded tan feather on an eagle's spread wings His hair dark, damp pavement that glistens in the sun. His eyes a chocolate bar that melts in your mouth while devoured.  
i’m beautifulbecause i demolish my poltergeistswith syllables that pulse under my skin,a crescendo of the ivory keyswhen the tempo is accelerando;because i can and willopen your cranium
I am hopelessly high drinking clouds through this cut up mouth of mine I let the cold slide down down my tangled spine and it turns my useless legs to golden lead
I am the slitting words I am the broken plate I am the bitter sweet  I am thorned estate  I am the forceful fire I am the roaring sea I am the lasting liar I am the only me
i was the nobody in the hall, the loaner on the wall, i’ve walked in those same off brand running shoes that’s why this new poem  that i wrote right here is dedicated to you.
The fire was crackling, burning my eyes with fear, I'm engulfed in the heat and my heart speeds as fast as the bullet that was shot into my mother's chest when she went to war.
With my scarred arms, And bruised legs. My cold fingers, My dying heart. Have you noticed? Do you care? Do I matter? Dying. I'm falling, Falling, Dying. I'm affraid.
I am not a realist. I am not necessitous. I am not hazardous. I am a hopeless romantic. It is a curse, to expect the fairytale ending after the first date. It is a spell cast upon from the wicked witch of the west called heart ache.
As the golden crisp sun began to fall The moon rose up to the beckoning call Night covered the sky like a curtain If the golden sun died is uncertain The whispering wind heard the moon's wish
Tick, Tick, Tick. The noise echoes from the lonely clock which hangs from the unfurnished wall. The clock ticks away, and, like a time bomb, it reverberates in my head. The bare wall is gray. Not white, gray.
Everyday I worry that he won't make it home. That he won't make it home for another cooked meal. That he won't make it home to another good night sleep. That he won't make it home to his family.
Sighs Droopy eyes Falling into broken sleep Still applies Click Send Music ends Click, click, click, Next Fingers crossed Lost Search Silent perch
Run, stiflingWhere can you go?Insincere, sniveling Trying to keep your head low Doubt, humiliation made you a cowardWell, the hope could this be your final hour? Before Below, behindThe mask you put on that person's faceOnce as exquisite and frail
When type 1 diabetes don't stop you When asthma, anxiety, and anorexia don't stop you
Beaten, abused, harmed, killed Hear my yelping, see my tears Please don't let me die 
I take leave of my fortress, crossing that curious threshold. I find myself enveloped by a dazzling palette of crimson and saffron: a glorious manifestation of Divine artistry.
I walk to the crestfallen edge Of the beaten trail, Laced with solemn departed branches And perishing flaxen spades.   A single sparrow flits among The trees that twist like veins,
an unkown hero drifting in the wind of justice steady in the world of dread plauge, despair, and eternal damnation She Shines her light upon thee the one's they forgotten, ignored
Opening the balcony door The wind gushes, whipping thru my hair My ball grown beautifully swaying My heart pounding, what are you saying? Looking out over the terrace Down at the lights of Paris
It's stupid to pretend that we don't know That the time and the pain and the heartache don't show When the future is uncertain and the getting won't go It's stupid to pretend that we don't know how to make ourselves happy
If you're who I think you are you'll get the reference and I can move on with my thought   If not, stop reading now and go learn to use the internet   Please come in and have a seat at the table I've set
I sometimes imagine what it must be like to stand in such big shoes A size 10 1/2, they say, reaches halfway across the world   Behind my eyes dance the swirls of a life I wish will come to me
shove a mirror down my throat so I can focus on what's really important. I promise I won't choke. my esophagus has been conditioned with two digits.
Little bundles of sharp ice scrape my face Falling from the pitch dark night sky Becoming illuminated in a yellow cones under the street lights
The American Dream...   Dreams are images, emotions , sensations created in one's mind. The American dream is where everyone has the opportunity to achieve success,
When it comes to struggling we know nothing. we are dumb. Some are silent.  Some are screamed, but it is rarely what it seems. While a child starves at home another starves alone, A victim of the numbers.
After leaving a normal life I started living a new life Seeing new people was exciting I thought my travel would be interesting I began to be an outsider
Dear sweet and putrid Flower I find myself riveted by your solitude. And there is no better method for passing the day In this jail-cell we call freedom
In haunted houses, There are old things, Creaky and broken floors, Walls, Ceilings, And broken windows  
When it snowed on March twenty- first, I shoveled the snow with a big, metal shovel that is as tall as me
One year ago, I met Miss Love   She was a lovely girl With short blonde hair, Blue eyes, And pale skin With nice clothes on
I am a hazelnut latte every Sunday morning. I am greasy hair and a basket of dirty laundry at 2 PM some Saturdays. I am a piano and the tapping of my pencil in class.
                                               As the road was dark.                                        Rain dripping in every part.                               Cars from all places intense their start.
What I would give to be in Wyoming. Where mountains hug the sky and the wind whispers stories of yesterday. Where lakes mirror dusty pine trees and Father Sun is close enough to burn sunflowers
In China, hospitals skip the fourth and the fourteenth floor because four in Mandarin Chinese is shi, the same pronunciation as the word for death.  
In China, hospitals skip the fourth and the fourteenth floor because four in Mandarin Chinese iss hi, the same pronunciation as the word for death.  
Being raised in a society  full of judgment, full of war and crime, full of nothing but yet full of everything our founding fathers never could have imagined.
Many say i'm faking it  But would a faker hate the life that was given to them  Would i cut if i were happy as sunshine  Why won't you believe me  I have a sadness of a broken soul  I dont see color
There was a month where I smelled like cigarettes.     You were the month that I tasted like misplaced jokes,                                        who's punch-line snaked around my jaw;
I never thought I'd slip this hard.  
Hey Just writing to tell you I miss you.I miss you so much. Everything about you From the way you used to laugh all the way down to the way you used to cry.Whether they were alligator tears or the tears shed after you lost the things that meant th
A vast, endless green field Overwhelms me with its beauty The soft, billowing breeze won't yield How I wish you were here with me Flowers of ev'ry hue Dance so slowly to the wind's beat
I am a cutter, I am savior of it and it was addiction and it is was hard I am cutter but that dosent diffne me it makes me who I am  I am cutter but that is old me not the new me 
"All my love is in you your Word unshaken" Daily we step out to the world Daily our mind travels with words Renewed with Mercy life narrating life "Mercy re-wrote mine life" "It was grace that saved my life"
Space can be defined as a room A Room empty with four walls A door and window its space Space is wide or narrow
its time to get up i open my eyes am in a blue room its time for court i clean my self up they are here to pick me up the body handcuffs on me its heavey on my body i feel nothing but sham inside of me
I've been shot. As I lay here, I always wondered the feeling of death. Scary thing is, I wasn't afraid....hmm funny; I live right up the block. And the trigger man,
It’s always fun when something totally consumes you. When your mind goes blank and feeling lost becomes fun.
Screaming, crying Yet no one can hear it Hurting, dieing Though no one can see it Heart broken to pieces And no one can heal it Wanting to stop But continuing to run
Drip, Drip The sound of blood from my wrists Drip, Drip The tears falling from my chin No, No The thoughts that course through my mind No, No There is a family that loves me No, No
I am more than your regulations I am more than your standards I am more than your stereotypes I am more than your judgements. I am more than a check in a box I am more than a statistic
As he approach me with a grim on his face he lay his fist upon my innocent face. Lord knows I can't escape because he is all that I have It's true that I love him but I'm sick of being treated so wrongly 
You and I are impossible to understand, far from tangible sight and inconceivable to ancient astronomers.  
Once upon a time there was this little girl that was brought into this world   She was like no other One of a kind   Had eyes so innocent
It starts at a young age. no one is too young for heartbreaks, maybe a loss of some sort or their mom and dad stays in court So they try and find a conclusion,A race in the mind of delusion
My smile is broken The teeth shatter across my lips Blood spills on the paper letting out my inner most thoughts with pictures Some depicting a soul with no smile, music without a rhythm And quiet laughter
I am the girl who never seemed to be alone in the halls I am the stranger with the goofy smile that you remember in your freshman class
I am. I am black radiance, a reflection of the sun, It feeds on luminosity; I am the chosen one. I am peaceful fire, percieved to destroy, Instead I present to you, joy; I aspire.
Literature is My Cover Up
by: Mia Derrera I am a Tall Tree I am a tall tree. A strong, rugged, natural provider is me. Something that will continue faithfully standing strong.
Lambency, The Gentle Glow: Notes On Rebirth Before An English Channel Crossing   I remember mostly- The raw horizon pounding with a glowing fever.
What am I? I am a Ruin, Crumbled by yesterday's wear, Fortified by tomorrow's prospect, I am more than the rubble, I am a shelter, I house those who enter with solidity and warmth,
I am not my qualities My mental illness My scars I am not my hair or my fat or my tears   I am not a feeling The bliss of a first love I am not a favorite song
Every individual from the moment I was born was my teacher and asked me for the answer. There was no question, but surely, there is an answer.  (Somewhere...)  
I sat by my window Looking out at the calm night sky I looked out to the ocean The waves calm and still as they crashed on the shore
I look up and see, Eyes peering down at me, My analyzing gaze captures their compliant affection. A helping hand at the age of five, An excess reward. The silver coin measured with a relative greatness,
The wind whispers a lullaby, a sweet soft melody, one of happy days gone by, A chorus of ancient fidelity. The ageless voices sing to me, their gentle soothing song.
(U)sually people wouldn't know who they are (N)ever thought I would be this far (I)n my life I went through a lot of pain (Q)uite but inspired by the person I became (U)ntil one day I knew I wasn't the same
I fight writer’s block, Shakespeare and Steinbeck taunt me from inside musty books. My retinas burn watching the candle flame dance exotically, flooding my room with lavender fragrance.  
March 19 The day an angel was born The day all dreams were stored The day love left like more The day of a loving soul
Life feels like a song Lyrics start to flow through my brain with a feeling Thinking about my life and who I chosed to be The song brings memories and imagery Why me I say crying a river of shame
I am sick and tired and tired of being sick You... who are you everyday I sit and get angry and upset LOVE L.O.V.E. you say what is love Help me understand because apparently I don't even know if love is real
I'm as pure as gold I have a gift of pride I am strong and ambitious With dreams all across my mind I am a soldier I am a legend I am the greatest I am powerful
Awake. We're awake onto a new journey; onto a new generation; onto a new century.
Thinking back when times were throwed, Momma didn't have no soap, Couldn't even wash our clothes, If water worked, Water ain't heated, Our asses were cold, Barely got to eat,
Cold.My hands clenched, gently,hoping that yours were still holding mine.But I knew you were gone once my own fingertipsp
  Another story on the news just broke A father just died from being choked Just like an innocent boy with a toy got killed And a teen with his hands up was shot against his will
Atoms. Swirling together in cluttered cosmos. My bones are made of milk past its prime. My blood is made of cheap strawberry wine.   A bragging pulse. I am still alive. Only to verify
The strong yet gentle scent of you is left in my mind. The sweet but bitter taste of your lips is still on mine. The warmth from  your body when its pressed against mine
Why is this so difficult?All I want to do is write.That should be the most important thing.Yet I focus on two things;Paper…Or keyboard? Do I want to writeWith a smooth blue gel ink pen,Or do I want to quickly typeWhat I thinkAs it pops in my head?
In life I have been asked a lot of questions. "What are you?" It wasnt until recent years found my answer now when I get asked the question I answer: I am an anomaly, an abnormal illusion to the human eye.
Somewhere beyond the rainbow Beyond where streets are paved in gold Beyond where freedom’s gospel is quoted in stone
Part 1: The Beginning  I hate when the pen touches the page at first stroke Feeling like that first stroke of first time lovers Vulnerably awkward
I thought no one loved me,  grew up silently crying,  screaming, for help in the endless void of desperation. "Save me"  Covered everything,  with smiles and sleeves
Teach me, O God, your joyful ways as you showed to David the king, with a harp and a lyre and great jubilee all praise and honor I bring.   Teach me, O God, your peaceful ways
I'm not your average girl I stand alone in a big world determined to succeed but always being pressured by the world... I am determined to succeed but always put down by everything...
Who am I? If I were a shoe I would be a tennis shoe, Because I am comfortable and understanding, If I were an activity I would be swimming, Easy flowing but will finish a race strong,
I am a leader, it may sound cliche but I am a leader. I am me. Simple and as complicated as that may sound; I live life like any other teenage girl would but I am a leader. When asked "Can you...?" my answer is always yes.
By George Trudeau   Might I incline to messages of a mortifying nature, Taking hold of a perditious soul, Damning me to walk alone, Walking past words of love, That say "I am love and loved"?  
Kakoo-Native American, Comanche word for Grandmother. Khone-Native American, Kiowa word for Grandfather.   The Family Drums Made Her Stand.   The unforgiven body works with time,
A hole in every other pocketInconspicuous within the foldsOf history embroidered in each stitch Worn with lost indifferenceThe world makes no promises Of glass slippers or magic lamps
She was born a poet and didn't know it,A girl with a story insides her soul a girl who takes thought and put it on paper, adding some dips and rifts and curves, sprinkling some of her heart into this poetic pot, mixing in metaphors and some simile
The dog lays cuddled in the corner of the lit house enjoying the warmth from the comforting fire. Occasionally a hand reaches, scratching behind
I am modern art. People love to tell me what I am, What I stand for, And what I can never be. Like they have a clue Like they have the right to rape me with their Wikipedia-based art degrees.
what are we ,but small fragments of a working machine turning and twisting into making profits hurting our spines and our spleens  for what  a bit of peace ,a calm after the storm we call our lives 
I always wondered who you were I always wondered why  Lost and confused  I was more than Hurt nearly abused, dark and veiny scars through my shirt Aching in my bones and shattering of my heart
I am the scars my parents put on me as a child. From the abuse mentally and physically. Little did they know they scarred me sociologically too.  
A bar The travelers Drooping shoulders of men Hazy clouds of secondhand smoke Homebound  
Poetry is a paradise not visited by many Poetry is like a lost island that opens up with your imagination The waves moving ever so lightly swish swish swish
What are you waiting for? There's your target. Your arrow, I see it's glint in the fog. They're whispering. It's all set, you've chosen your direction. I'll wait.
I am wanting to live in a world where grades don't matter. I am wanting to live my life undefined by a letter in a gradebook. We, as students, are judged based on numbers. 
If I don't know where I'm from, you ask, how will I know where I'm going? Fair enough. Here's my best answer: I am from a little boy crying because I turned his amoeba of green paint into a t-rex.
The single pane of the kitchen window  Frames my mouther outside, kneeling into Her vegetable garden. Worms turn under the practiced calloused fingers Of her hands, drilling into the earth,
I was lost , I felt alone I felt broken and I had no confidence , to me I was not beauitful , I knew not what beauty was, Then I realize what you think 
I am who I've become through my pain, my sorrows my struggles When I was younger, the only emotion I felt was hunger Hunger in the literal  maternal sense  So cold was her heart to her own child 
You stare becasue I am not showing my hair You think I am oppressed by the males in my life when really I am not
Some may think its just a simple sport, they think its quality is short. I think its my pain reliever, I will enjoy it even on my worst fever. Many injuries and blood are cuased by this game.
Where I’m From By Rebecca Cantrell I am from Mother Nature, From the sturdy trees that were my jungle gym and the rich earth smelling dirt.
I am those long nights of studying and hard work  working to achieve my goals  I am the blood, sweat, and tears at practice that drip constantly while I'm at the gym
Growing up,I thought I'd be A superhero with flying capabilities I would travel through time at warp speed Fighting to death, and still not bleed   Soaring the skies with my cape
To struggle and to learn People despised life as hatred Yet lonely  Coming home scared and terrified Wanting to run away from life  The road up ahead is scary With no shoes to want
Here I am, a sailor from Italy I ask to sail for my home country They reject me and I begin to leave the country angrily I believe the world is round
I am different I am nervous with sweaty hands Scared to get in front of the class and share my knowledge I am the quiet one, but then I realize, I am me I realize everyone is different with struggles
  The other day, while looking at the girl in the mirror, I asked           "What is a feral child to do?" that scruffy thing just smiled faintly in response, if you can believe it
Water from the sky Falling like tears from an infant’s eye Multitude of tiny drops Watering many farmers’ crops   Rain is destruction
I am an Alternate At first I was a rock I went nowhere and yet Everywhere at once If Picasso hadn't told me
"Hopeless" is the thing with fangs- That stalks one in the night- And hums a heavy tune- Waiting for the chance to strike-  
There is a place away from the city. Not like anything, a commoner could imagine. In this place at the end of the day when the noise has silenced and the sky has fallen.
The earth it quakes with ever blow of hand. Resounding strikes they ripple through her core. The inner frame it crumbles through the land.
Cavern. Plic. An endless cavern. Plic. Plic. Upon first glance, there is only darkness. Plic. Plic. But to those who wait... To those who listen Plic.
  There once was a beautiful girl who always tried to do right with the help of her mother she was surely bright   Over the years
Tiny tutu-clad twirler Starry-eyed gazer at the “big girls” across the floor Sticky fingers clutching a tattered stuffed rabbit Dizzily spinning to Raffi singable songs   Awkward middle schooler
I am the child that has gone through trials of devastation and hate Witnessing drugs consume my relatives body and minds;  I am drug free
Good vs Evil Light Vs Dark Daily Doses of Sin Always trying to tear my soul apart This world is too cold hearted For my warm kinded heart If death will be my ending Then why should my life even start
Snow as white as the thickest creamLike living in the clouds of a dreamSlowly coming out from my denSnuggled at home, that's where I've beenSnowflakes falling from the skyRiding the wind, they float and fly Snow as white as a coconut's insideMany
It's a little misery from a place my mother's stomach to my abusive sibling and dad I am born to be infuriated born to not be able to change it to be shocked condemned into a religious
Who am I A flower in the wind, Bending and blooming in every second. The sunlight beats down on the petals, My frail stem was weak but now grows strong. The world of hate and dark grown to no end,
No blade, song, pencil or form of art Could ever relieve my stress and pain Uplift my soul and elevate my mind Gently caress my ever-delicate heart   The way I’ve found she does  
  You stare because I am not showing my hair You think I am oppressed by the males in my life when really I am not
 Silver overcast shadows reflect across dancing grey ocean waves a lone bird's solemn cry, the only sound against a symphony of silence Storm clouds gather within the recesses of the mind.
My entire life is a survey. Being asked everyday why I choose to walk this life and what its like. Little do you realize its never a choice, my gender is not a lifestyle.
The wind runs through the meadow, While the leaves danced, Unaware of what's going on. There I stood, Watching the beauty around me.   The brook Was talking excitedly
Don't tell me you love me.   Don't tell me you love me because I am a galaxy and you've only seen the stars.   You haven't seen the parts of me that aren't shining yet.  
Blood drips from murderous assaults Onto the rich soil of the earth Its crimson essence cries to all That Life will no longer give birth
And she dances away with a smile on her face  So candid, full of joy and life  But only to the naked eye, will she appear to be this way 
The dark of the night Was darker than any other. Quiet, too quiet. A little girl Shifted and turned in her bed. She felt a chill Run down her spine. She shut her eyes tight and tighter.
I saw you there. It was late and dark but I knew you still felt my stare.It was quiet there. Glitter everywhere from the signs of Tinkerbell. And I felt no bad vibes here. I felt so alive here. I enjoyed the ride here.
The ding of a bell, or the ring of a cell. The chirp of a bird, or the quiet word.
You want smile But cry You to laugh But weep Life throws curves But it's your choice to catch them You fall But get up You crawl But roll Life ain't easy But who said it was
I am a caged bird anxious to fly I am a free bird stretched to the sky I am a homless bird looking for a tree I am a broken bird longing to be free I am a scared bird afraid to fall
Can you see them? Are they out in the open? Can you tell that they are even there? Are they hidden that well?  
I Am My Future   The past a dark place, The future bright, I am the one who used to be lost, wandering with every one else through broken society,
I have dedicated my life to what is humble,
I am lost in my head with novels of unspoken thought
You said you'd always be right there, said you'd always stay. The anguish that resides in me says otherwise to that promise left unkept.
I am... A Nomad.   I long for the soles of my feet
It smelled like old graham crackers, Soggy cinnamon bread crumbs years stale.   It smelled like too hot plastic, When jungle gyms were pirate ships, Sharp teeth lurked below.  
your misunderstood 
  I'm forced to be somewhere I'm unaware of I'm in a cage I'm being pointed out
My heart feels cold,  like a dirty piece of ice,
When you look at me, you see woman. You see wide hips, large chest, hourglass waist, curvy backside. You automatically see what I hold between my thighs.
A whirlwind of emotions, A heap of broken pieces Like a porcelain doll Crushed by the weight of rejection. That's all I am.  I'll pick up the pieces on more time,
Watching you struggle hurts.
I see beauty beyond the pains of this world,  the thoughts of our young boys and the heartbreaks of our girls. I am a beholder.
A black cloud  drapes the moon
He feels like fire and rage. He feels like ice and a turning page.
I am an insignificant bug Not relevant enough to be classified I will stay this way Or so I thought
I was born a child 
I don't believe in undying friendship Because I have seen it dying brutally I don't believe in fairy tales Because I have seen the harsh cruelty of life I dont believe in beautiful valleys
I am from North Carolina. I am from small towns and tailgates. I am from holiday festivies, Sunday church, and being together as a pact. I am from big families, close friends, and better relationships. 
Yes, I am the nerd! I am the young lady in the front of the class, the overachiever, the goody two shoes, I am the smart one! I talk with grammatical effectiveness! I have the answers! I work!
Soothing salve…   The glistening sea…surrounding me…. Pebbles smashing on the millpond rocks Relieve my anguish, soothe my torture The calm blue sky a parody of my mind…
Quietly you swim about. Afaid to say anyting, let alone shout. There she was, so beautiful and mysterious You tried swimming close but stopped in an instant. Her hair was as golden as the sun,
Lonely sleepless quiet,Hoping for tomorrow.New day means new chance,Friends to keep, to lose.Family, responsibilities,Computer, escape.Never quite lost,But longing for a way.
I’m from a family of hard workers and always giving it my all from doing what it takes while never quitting I’m from Great Gramps coming from Italy to America to start a new life
I never looked back  For that's what over thinkers do My page was full   Full of happy memories to adore I loved life   And I thought life loved me back  But that was a mistake  She threw problems in my face
I am the quiet girl that sits in the back of the class, Dreading to be called. Seeing the new face, Seeing them all. Seeing the back stabbers trying to make me fall.
It seems my time has come. Never have I seen the moonlight with such eyes. The rays of pure white light strike me with eye opening edge. Magnificent. I watch the breeze play with the leaves.
There are 43 muscles in the human face,  and 7 billion people on this beautiful rock. I want to be the person who changed everyone's face, But just a little.   Show me your teeth, 
I am from books from laptop and table
The day I almost died was as hot as the hinges on Death’s Door. I can remember the sound of the wood to this very day: cackling while cracking, being forced to magnify its friend’s need.  
Once Upon a time… Oh no, this isn’t a fairy tale! It’s the true life we live day in, day out We are created pure and clean With a knot bound by hard, warm hands and mighty rope. It isn’t mythology
The hardwoods cry in color this time of year As the sun sets an owls call from within the deep hollow can be heard clear There is no path to follow, not one less traveled by, no direction to steer
I Am Poem I am an innocent sentenced for life.I wonder if breakfast will come today.
I am an outcast i am a freak i am hated   Nobody understands Walking around with a secret hard enough Telling helps but no one will know how it feels
We decided to build a house It was that part of time before school the leaves had started turning and the reeds in the swamp had died But there was still time so my brothers
the quietness surrounds me
I have learned, the only true person you can save is your self. You are the only one in control of Whether you want to be happy in the light or to be happy in the dark.
we are so human. 
How I wish I could respond when an interviewer, casting director, or person in general asks if I could express alittle bit about myself. Consider this a proper introduction to who I am, to the best of my ability.  
I look in the mirror I see just me  My brokenness, My flaws.  Where I look And I see the cracks,
They are a race who deserves nothing less Then Hell's fire on hands and breast Slaves can be misled to believe That freedon is something they can conceive A woven web of lies and deceit
Green eyes
             Hate    Only passionate revenge I seek  I must only show extreme hostility to the enemy I shall not show nor extend any mercy- For it is derived from  FEAR. ANGER.
I am a child in a grown man’s world, yet I am a king/ I am the light in the midst of darkness/ I am a brilliant mind among ignorance/ You may ask, “Why then are you not in the public schools?”/
I am a million things, nothing will define me
Ever since i realized there was a such thing as a colored girl, an evil woman, a bitch or a nag  ive been trying not to be that and leave bitterness in someone else's cup.
There is no fall When you aren’t here I tried to call But shed a tear   There is no winter Without your love I feel like a splinter Upon a dove   There is no spring
I am no longer the faint voice in the distant; I am no longer the shame that lives because I am a woman, because I am from Hispanic descent, because I am the child of field workers.
I am... The girl who saw the truth too early,  when I should not have glimpsed.  Like the tempted Eve I cast aside my Eden,  and have been expelled from the garden of roses. 
Deeply rooted in a bent back Strongly affirmed in a broken limb Vigorous strength in a hollow trunk Enthralled amongst heavy blasts of tempest winds Violent collision infiltrated the intricate tendons of my frame
mountain high  valley low orange leaves earthy scent sheer beauty mother nature wondrous creation foggy sunrises slanting sunlight the edge of forever gentle slope
Lashed by
I look in the mirror and see short dark hair, light complexion and small brown eyes.  I am classified as Asian. I am suppose to be very intellectual, focused only on studies and have strict parents.  But that is not me.
MY NAME MEANS WATER. There is no exact definition; some say “flowing water,” others
The precious face Doused in make up and covered by black locks 36 years in the making Your internal wounds are not so easily hidden His words  have never even made you smitten   Oh what have you done?
The precious face Doused in make up and covered by black locks 36 years in the making Your internal wounds are not so easily hidden His words  have never even made you smitten   Oh what have you done?
                             Love                   An emblem of eternity              A purely enchanting potion                  For thyself 
I am the idea of everyone, but accomplished by no one. I am in everyones head, the most important thing anyone has said. I am what countries strive for, what soliders die for. I am what leaders seek,
Underneath the high blooming tree It is only my friend and me Gloomy and grave times fill the air My soft flute makes the world fair   A dog sniffing beneath our feet Perhaps looking for food to eat
What I am   I am a collection of pastel colors, a wrapper hugging tight to a plastic bottle. I am the fabric on your jeans, the maroon on your nails. The sweet on your tongue.
Heart beats Sound of drums Cannon fires Blood runs   A child screams In the dead of night A baby taken Out of sight   Tip toes tower Above the street
Where I Am FromI am from snow falling outside my house.From the fresh breeze on a Sunday morning.I am from looking at bird’s eggs in the backyard.From love and happiness in family.
She feels the rivers flow down south With the glaze of the stars intact in her eyes She stares into the darkness around her At the hope of ever seeing a light  
When a molecule has too many contradictory forces within it, it will pull itself apart. And that's who I am, most days,  I am a myriad of thoughts and emotions and needs and wanting, wanting, wanting
When water no longer suits your taste, will you die out on me 
writing about myself isn't easy, you see i'm a shy girl, it takes a lot for me to reveal to you the imagery i create in my head, every second, every minute, every hour, every day.
My skin is paper Thin and weak I look for shields Over the weeks. My skin is a canvas Nice and strong Ready for painting All night long. But my time is nearing
Do not become in darkness what you would in a fire for something that is built to withstand fire is not meant to live in darkness. For when it is cold,  you cannot be built for heat.
I've got 20/20 vision and eyes as clear as anything, but your thick-lensed love makes me set my own sights on the bend of light as it bounces off your multicolored irises, and the way the curve of your cheekbone
I AM... I am the child that dreamed,  the child that believed, the child who saw wide open doors.
Why are there strangers over my head?
I sit here cold All alone 
He clutches our hands desperately, begging us not to leave him. With bloodshot eyes and gritting teeth