Poems for Pizza Slam


Wanna win a pizza party for you and your friends? Thought so. Keep reading to find out how.


Let's be real — life is serious. Love is serious. And sometimes you just need a break from it all. Seriously. That's why for this slam we're asking you to write about something less hardcore and more lighthearted for a change.

Write an entertaining poem — something to make people laugh out loud.

They say laughter is the best medicine and we'd like to argue that pizza is a close second. Think about it: Is there anything more fun than a pizza party with your friends? Nah. So here's the deal: You write us a poem that makes us ROFL (literally) and we'll treat you to pizza. That's right. Your next pizza party is on us. Just 'cause you brightened up our day! Maybe tell us an embarrassing story, write a poetic parody, or show off your biting sarcasm and sick burns. We'll choose 5 winners to each receive a $25 Pizza Hut gift card — because there's no such thing as too much laughter (or pizza). Poems for pizza. It's that simple.

Psst. Need some inspo.? Check out our 5 Tips for Writing a Funny Poem.

Note: This is not a scholarship — there is no monetary reward. But tbh being crowned "The Pizza Poet" is just as cool.


  1.  You are 25 years of age or younger
  2. Add an original poem to Power Poetry by April 10, 2018. You'll need to register as a member of our community first.


PowerPoetry's Tip Guides can help you learn more about different poetic forms and styles. Words have power, so our Action Guides are meant to inspire and empower you to use poetry as a way to change your life -- and the world! Our Glossary lists tons of poetry terms and techniques to help you out even more. And check out this blog post for info. about how we choose slam winners.

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WARNING! Some poems contain explicit language.
"Cream-faced loon", "fleshmonger", much more where that came from, William Shakespeare wrote many sick burns;
13 hours 55 sec ago
Their pedals burst the color of rejoicement And lighten any room. Anyone would be excited
1 day 7 hours ago
The art of being naive Some say it's not such a bad thing But when you ask if they eat pandas at panda express
1 day 15 hours ago
.  Oh the impulsiveness of youth. 7 years old, the three of us By the road when one idea began to brew
2 days 14 hours ago
I woke up to the late alarm Another bad day I thought
2 days 22 hours ago