What I'm Thankful For Slam

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Constant, rapid, overwhelming thoughts running through my mind, I can't help but wonder if my life would've been different. Would I still have a family who loves me or cares, Or would I just be invisible to everyone?
  Eyes are powerful. Have you ever seen a pair of eyes Which do not hold a story?   To tell a story is to experience.
what if i had not compiled all my courage to tell you “hello?” and what if you had replied with a scowl instead of a smile? i sometimes wonder, late at night,
I wake up every morning and look to the bed one my side and find him sleeping calm, closed eyes.    I push out and walk  over by him and plant a soft kiss on his cheek
Dark chocolate eyes that hold bittersweet memories All leave a trap for my enemies Arms as strong as lions, but can still hold a fragile glass As intuitive as Einstein, as if she took his class
I am in love His very presence lights a fire in my soul The flames consume my heart and I bathe in the orange sparks the color of his hair I am in love
i love when your skin turns red after a hot shower and the blue veins that run across your chest i adore the little fuzz under your belly button,  and the loud laughter that fills my ears when you're happy
I am thankful for every breath I breathe, For my friends and family, Every chance to see, Beyond just me. I am thankful for the water I drink, For every connection or link,
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