Poems about Animals

His hands are cold and his feet are numb. He stands on the corner of dark lonely avenue and waits.
man- n. adult male person, as distinguished from a boy or a woman
Birds, do not sing so blatantly When one in cold lies secretly, When one lies dead upon some floor --
Little brown eyes staring in fear, I guess they've had another bad day. Some days are ok, some others aren't.
I've been here for 2 years so far, And I have the greatest owner. He’s kind, and he loves me.
Bears and turtles, struggling in the winter cold on the northeastern edge of the city. The darkness wet rain
Don't leave me alone like everything else has, Your departure is approaching While i drown in tears.
I love the sky I love the wind I love the sun warming my skin.
Platinum blonde hair. Rosy red cheeks. Bright blue eyes. Always playing with everyone's animals.
Here I sit, all alone, in my own little cell. I only know my neighbor by their barks.