Poems about Animals

OBSESSION Of DARK ANGEL   Dark Angel wings that will never fly,Dark Angel ripped and torn
What a difficult and destroying thingTo lose a dog.To lose your best friend,The one who protects,
The Foolish sage A sage once said that Human are cruel
Every cycle of 365 days, I have cause to celebrate  
I was hurrying, my mind tied up in lace, Saw the pale pink trace on the white.
But no, I never did shit anybody to make them feel like they weren’t shit to anybody
Roses are Red My shoes are blue you smell like pee your son do to your breathe hot like the sun you better run cause i got my gun and i a
She touches the cool surface, the reflection of her hand a shadow of herself
For the First Time   The first time I had ever heard of anorexia I was eight years old,
An everyday stroll out stops at the doorstep. Fur, bones and a sweet soul Calls for the attention of any bystander