Poems about Animals

Don’t be fooled by piano player hands, Or fingernails like Mozart’s teeth- illumined pearls, at least in your head,
It all started with a rabbit. It’s soft snowy fur waving at me from a distance.
Got my heart on lockdown, No possibility of parole. This caffeinated affection Continuously takes its toll.
January...jam, damn so much to fit in. How am I supposed to keep up with school and make new friends?
I am from laughter, joyfulness, and a caring family, from my very first furry friend on Christmas morning,
By the time i'm finished reading                                                           
If I were a cat, how would others see me? If I was a cat with wings,
I am aware of the struggle, although I am a bystander. Life goes past me, no bumps or walls. No one stops to notice.