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Poems about Animals

Though your voice may be small And even though the world looks as though it's fallen on deaf ear, 
Pasts can be difficult ones to overcome I hear talking about them can help
Keep going. I dare you. But I can't fool you. My children will starve And be excited to see trees
With the spirit of the wolf in you You protect and provide for your pack,
31,536,000 seconds. The time I had to change. 86,400 seconds. The amount of time it took.  
death you see it you feel it you deal with it ones life lost is anothes gain
hot pink stripes falling from the sky. deep brown waves and pale fingers falling from my head.
Being an adolescent isn't always particularly easy Boxed up in cages like an animal, we're forced to mature fast and articulate the adult
Walking home on a bad day? An animal will comfort you, maybe even a stray. We don't deserve these furry friends,