Poems about Animals

I open my eyes to nothing.  I do not see anything because my face is against my pillow.  But I do feel something. 
What the Hell is going on?? Looking around and it looks like someone dropped a bomb.
I had a best friend, A friend that knew what time I came home, A friend that comfort me when I was sick,
Roses are red..
I cried today.. I cried yesterday... And I almost cried the day before yesterday....
I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I've caused you any sadness these past couple days. I'm sorry if I creeped you out.
There's a plague of insanity among us Is it blind ignorance or just the blatantly ignorant?
“Land of the free*” As if.   As if women do not scream for equality As if black people are not afraid
You weren’t and then you were A time ago so far away You were few and grew to many
The brightest rose in the ground The most majestic of flowers Stood taller than the tallest man