Poems about Bullying

Jack and the Jellybean Stalk Tariq James
The eyes do bully  But the heart sees what eyes can't  The worth of friendship
 I am hanging in the bathroomAt the biggest party of the fall
I lean against the locker, Hard and cold on my back Breathing in and out, Keeping it in track.  
Bully me and you'll see exactly how bullies don't last in my world. Bullies only exsist because of their insecurities.
Everyone can bully and that's the truth some families joke  but mine don't.
Bully and belittle Poke and prode That's fine 'n' dandy Mama ain't raise no swan  
Tinker, Tinker Bell, oh I know you so well You entice, you excite, but most importantly you're not very nice
“Why do you do this? Oh please tell me why!” I do this because it's my only way to survive.