Poems about Bullying

Teeth grind Heart is dust Soul shattered Tear stained face Barren inside Burden outside
They come and go too often Especially in these years So people far and wide should know
Anyone can see or feel when what seems like Luck makes it mark on your spiritYour spirit, open and often imp
Look into my eyes and  Tell me pretty lies    Wrap your warm hands around my heart 
  This is America where we are supposed to be free, This is America where we choose who we want to be.
I met you at the age of fourteen I was confused by your presence and being
She wishes she couldPunch them in the faceThey thought they wouldBeat her in that race
Is pain a tangible thing? Can you touch it? Can you grab it? If you could  Would it be slimy?
Jack and the Jellybean Stalk Tariq James