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Poems about Bullying

Be true, be real, just be you. I mean sure there’ll be fakes who bully you, I’m myself and next thing I know
One word. One action. One voice. One decision.
You accepted me when i needed you the most. you let me hold you when i needed you close. nothing but you crossed my mind
Could you hear me if I shout, Or have you forgotten my words?
Even though she was in pain she always kept a smile on her face But it didn’t matter because
Under my skin is hurt and pain its been abused and battered full of shame
The boy who always yell, He bullies, He fights, He cries.   At home, Abused, Alone,
Acid Rain  Pitter-patter, like a beating heart, Drops streak the sky
Technology, what is it? Some people would argue its our friend. I mean it talks to us, it helps us in difficult situations.
It is everyday, that I get shoved into a locker, or called a horrendous name.