Poems about Bullying

Dear Bully, Oppressor, Intimidator,   Laughing and poking fun at
Dear Those in Doubt, Looking back on my childhood Soon to be ending,
High school it’s the best years of your life Being gay is a crime
A regular day filled with talking and laughing, joking and gossipingAlways done with a fake grin plastered onTeens argue, insult, bully,
Dear Bully, Proud, strong, independent young woman. Victim.
They are confined in canyons of chaoswriting crayon graffiti in the dark corners of restless minds
it's hard writing this part it's hard even thinking about this part in my life
Dear Hate, You are quite good at disguising yourself. You appear in many different forms,
Blood rushed down his arm  Just like tears rush down her face There's fire in his eyes
   New Home,New Faces